Thursday, May 2, 2013

"Plain Fame" by Sarah Price

Once Again Sarah Price does not disappoint. I have enjoyed every book that I have read by Her.  "Plain Fame" by Sarah Price is another 5 star book. It is a little difference than your normal "Amish" novel. I think readers that don't normally read Amish novels would like this one, as it in my opinion, this book is more about how fame affects someone more than being just an Amish novel. I haven't read the other two books in the trilogy, (but I do have the second one waiting one the third to be released) so my opinion might change. I realized my opinion is somehow different than someone reading this book just to be reading it because I read it for a book discussion for an online book club that I am in and after reading and discussing a book with the author you understand and sometimes get a different persecutive  then you normally would have.
    Amanda (an Amish girl) is crossing the street in New York City and an accident occurs that causes her and Alejandro( an famous Cuban Hip Hop singer) to met. This meeting changes both of their lives. Alejandro decides to take Amanda back home to Pennsylvania himself not thinking of the damage it can do to the small Amish community. At the end of this book Amanda must make a choice! I won't tell you want the choice is because I want you to read this book and find out yourself and if you do, maybe you can tell me if you think she made the right choice! Now on to the next book!
Happy Reading!

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