Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Orchard Of Hope" by Ann H. Gabhart

"Orchard Of Hope" by Ann H. Gabhart gets 5 stars from me. I wanted to read this book because it is the second book in the Hollyhill Series and I was given the first book "The Scent Of Lilacs" for a review and when I start a series I need to read the whole series, it is like an obsession with me. I looked for this book till I finally found a library i could borrow it from and have to say it was worth the looking.

  Orchard Of Hope starts right where "The Scent Of Lilacs" leaves off. This book has more sadness for Jocie and the citizens of Hollyhill but it has greater joys.  This book touches on racism and the KKK. I found myself rejoicing with Jocie and I also felt the town's pain when a beloved member of the town dies. When a family's orchard of hope is destroyed just because of the color of their skin I wanted to shout at the guilty party "You are so wrong".
The ending scene in the book to me is the best of the whole book. I will not tell much about it but to say if that scene happened in towns all over the world, we will live in a much better world.

Now I need to read "Summer of Joy" the third book in the series and I know I will love it just as much as the other two.  I have it in my kindle library wanting on me.


  1. We can always use revival of hope and faith and spirit, Debbie. Thanks for your review. :)Orchard of Hope will be re-released with a new cover in October of this year. I'm naturally enough hoping it will find new readers then.


  2. Great review Debbie! I will definitely put this book and the other ones in this series on my list!

    Judy B