Monday, July 29, 2013

'Whoopie Pie Pam's Kitchen Collection - Volume 4 - Sizzling Summer Fun " by Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell

"Whoopie Pie Pam's Kitchen Collection - Volume 4 - Sizzling Summer Fun'' by Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell is a 5 star book.  Like the title says it is the fourth volume in her collection.  I think what makes these books so special is that they are a collection of stories and recipes from a special group of people that even through most of have never meet we are "family" . We are the Whoopie Pie Book Club.  This book is full of celebrations and the stories are ones that makes you cry,not out of sadness but because of the love shared. My favorite stories in this book  is "My Birthday Surprise" and "The Picnic". And then I have to say that I have a story in this book also titled "Memories: The Library Of Our Lives" It is a memoir of my brother -in-law who died in Feburary of 2013. At the end of the book there are three excerpts from other novels but I didn't read them as I don't like to read excerpts because I am greedy, (I want the whole book lol). Yes I like reading  reviews and the real reason I didn't read the excerpts is because I am getting these books or I have them on my kindle already. The recipes sound so good, I cannot wait to try some of them.  I have all four of these books and love them and I have shared them with my family and friends. These books will be passed on to my grandchildren when they are older. I think I need to write my reviews on volumes two and three , but It will just say I love them as much as volume one and four. 


  1. I still need to get the paperbacks of Volumes 1 through 3. I'm sure this 4th one will be in paperback too. (I hope anyway!)


  2. Yes Judy there will be a paperback. Just don't know when