Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"A Father's Prayer: An Autistic Child, A Father's Love, a Woman's Heartbreak " by Linda Wood Rondeau

"A Father's Prayer: An Autistic Child, A Father's Love, a Woman's Heartbreak " by Linda Wood Rondeau is really a five star story, I wish I could give it more!

This story is a love story and a story of second chances. I really was drawn into the story from the first sentence! I loved the ending.

Alexis Jennings was doing the best she could to keep her adopted brother, Gib, safe and out of trouble with the law. This was not an easy thing to do because Gib was Autistic. Her parents had died. Alexis is a reporter who is sent to interview country music star, Ethan Jacobs. Ethan Jacobs is going to do a benefit concert but why is he so interested in Guilford, a place that helped children who got in trouble with the law and drug and alcohol abusers?  Alexis is wary of his actions from the first meeting!

Ethan Jacobs is a recovering alcoholic who is in Jasper falls to do a benefit concert and he has a big secret concerning Gib. He is really there to claim custody of Gib because he is Gib's father, but he didn't know until recently. When he found out he wrote a song entitled  "A Christmas Prayer".  Ethan is Gib's idol even though he doesn't know that he is his father.

Alexis and Ethan are attracted to each other almost from the first meeting! But can their love survive Ethan's secret?

Ethan's manager and Alexis best friend get married on Christmas Eve and Alexis is happy for her friend but sad for her because Gib finally learns the truth and wants her and him to move in with Ethan, but how can Alexis move in to Ethan's house and not be married to him!  She really wants to marry him.

This story takes the reader into the struggles of a caregiver and gives them insight to what they deal with daily! This story isn't necessarily a Christmas story, though it is about Christmas. I recommend all readers read this!

I was given a ebook copy by  Linda Wood Rondeau for an honest review.


  1. This book sounds so good! Need to add this to my wish list. Great review of it Debbie!

    Judy B