Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"A Plain Scandal" by Amanda Flower

"A Plain  Scandal" by Amanda Flower is another five star novel. It is the second book in the (An Appleseed Creek Mystery series.

This story picks up where " A Plain Death" ends.

This book starts out with  four Amish girls getting attacked and getting their hair cut off.  Then  Chloe finds an amish man killed with a pair of shears in his back and his beard is cut off.  Is it the work of one man or are two men cutting hair!

This book has laugh out moments even though it is a murder mystery.

The town doesn't like the rules Bishop Hooley and Deacon Sutter are enforcing. Becky and Timothy's family are in danger of being shunned if they don't quit visiting with them and Chloe.

I was surprised in the end by the real killer and the reason for the killing and the real motive behind the haircutting! 
 The twists and turns kept me intrigued! I don't believe you have to be a fan of  the Amish genre to enjoy this series of books!

This book was based on a real case that took place in the fall of 2011, in Ohio.

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