Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Amish Treasures of the Heart": Amish Romance Fiction (Amish Dynasty Book 2)by Sophia Grace

Book Description:
BONUS MATERIAL: From the Cherry Orchard (in the back of the book) 
Being brought up as an Englisher, Jake Fisher knows nothing about Amish farming. So when he goes to work for Ellie on her farm, he makes one mistake after another. It doesn't help that Jackson, one of the farmhands, bullies him and teaches him all the wrong things just to cause trouble between him and Ellie.  
Will Jackson take his antics too far, or will Ellie find out the truth before it's too late.

Author Info: Sophia Grace is proud to be a stay-at-home mom. Home-schooling her four daughters on their small farm, she is able to incorporate some of the same values as the Amish in her every-day lessons. 
Sophia and her husband have cultivated a considerable-sized "kitchen garden" on their land, where she also enjoys riding her horse, Whinny.
Going only by her first and middle name, Sophia Grace leaves off her last name to maintain her private home-life. 
Having always loved to write, Sophia decided to develop some of her stories into books. Her personal knowledge of the Amish has inspired her to write about them, and all her English teachers always told her to write about what she knows. She hopes you will enjoy her stories as much as she enjoys writing them.

My Review:
"Amish Treasures of the Heart" by Sophia Grace is the second novella in the "Amish Dynasty series".
It was a fun read and it is Jake and Ellie's story, whom we met in book 1. 

Jake is not Amish but he is determined to do everything he can to help Ellie. Can he learn to milk cows and gather eggs and muck stalls and ignore the bullying from Ellie's farmhand Jackson.   

Jake makes plans to learn how to do the chores, but does his plans backfire and he is trapped into doing something he cannot undo because he doesn't know the Amish ways?

This is a short read but it is a complete story and there are several laugh aloud moments in this book. If you want to laugh out loud and have a hour or two to just relax and forget your worries, then I recommend this book. Even though "Amish Treasures Of the Heart " is part of a series, I believe it can be a stand alone, as it is a complete story, but I encourage you to get "Amish Dynasty" book one to get the background on Jake and Ellie.

There are recipes in the back of the book as a bonus. I am eagerly awaiting book 3.
I am giving "Amish Treasures of the Heart" by Sophia Grace four stars.

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