Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Losing Lincoln" by Stephenia McGee

Book Info" :The time has come when I must change my plan...."  

She thought she'd saved them all, but now a more nefarious plot emerges, increasing the stakes and threatening to bring a nation to its knees. 

Displaced, rejected, forsaken… 
Annabelle finds herself pulled farther from home and ever closer to the malicious repercussions of war. Elmira prison is filled beyond its capacity, and starving men are left shivering in threadbare clothing beneath paltry shelters. Among the thousands of captured and hopeless Confederates, she searches to find the one man who could be the key to saving her inheritance. 

Wounded, desperate, defeated… 
Matthew yearns for peace away from Washington. Yet, he can never seem to escape his ties to a frantic madman seeking vengeance. Lurking in the shadows at every turn, the cycle of retribution continually brings yet another danger, and Matthew will do everything in his power to protect the woman he loves – even if it means keeping her from the truth. 

In the final dark day days of war, Matthew sets his hopes on Annabelle. She could be the lighthouse that guides him out of the ever encroaching sea of chaos – if only they can allow love and trust to overcome their prideful hearts. 

Part two of The Liberator Series, a trilogy following the adventures and romance of Annabelle Ross and Matthew Daniels as they play a part in the dramatic conclusion of Abraham Lincoln's life. 
Book One - November 2015 
Book Two - April 2016 
Book Three – Summer/Fall 2016 

Author Info: Author Stephenia McGee is a wife, mother of two very active little boys, author, and lover of all things historical. Stephenia currently lives in Mississippi with her husband and sons where she writes stories of faith, redemption and life steeped in southern culture.

My Review: "Losing Lincoln" by Stephenia McGee is book 2 of (The Liberator Series) and just as exciting as the first book " Leveraging Lincoln" and the (Ironwood Plantation Series). I am anxiously waiting the next book in this series.

"Losing Lincoln" picks up where "Leveraging Lincoln" ends. I really recommend reading "Leveraging Lincoln" first to get the full impact of this series.

"Losing Lincoln" is based on history with a little fiction involved. The reader is reintroduced to old favorites from "Leveraging Lincoln" and introduced to new favorites. 

Not only is a new plot planned to kidnap Lincoln but the plot involves others and not only is kidnapping in the works but something much more dangerous.

I really like the way Stephenia McGee tells the story of the Civil War and involves the romance between Matthew and Annabelle and in "Losing Lincoln" we are introduced to maybe a new romance, at least this reader hopes so, maybe in the next book it will be continued. 

If you like Civil War stories and romances then you will like "The Liberator Series". 

I am so glad that Stephenia McGee gave me an arc copy of "Losing Lincoln" for my honest review and these opinions are my own.

I am giving "Losing Lincoln" 5 stars.

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