Thursday, November 3, 2016

"The Secret Santa Romance" (Love and Marriage Book 1) by George McVey.

Jolene is in love with her best friend, Randall. He's taken care of her and they've pretended to be a couple since high school. She want's their relationship to progress to a real love and even marriage, but Randall only sees her as a friend. Then Jolene starts getting gifts from a Secret Santa who claims to be her one true love. She wants it to be Randall but he wants to hire a detective to figure out who is sending her these gifts. When her Secret Santa is revealed will Jolene agree he is her ONE TRUE LOVE? Will she marry her Secret Santa or will a misunderstanding ruin her chance at TRUE LOVE? Find out in this Sweet Christian Christmas Romance.

George McVey is a pastor with twenty years experience in leading people to a closer walk with Jesus Christ. He lives in Charleston, West Virginia with his wife. End of last year they moved on up to the east side, yes to a deluxe apartment in the sky.
From an early age George, PG to those that know him, has been a storyteller. He never considered writing until people in his life kept telling him the stories he told and made up should be written down. Still he resisted the idea. Then in 2010 during a conversation with a fellow pastor, he was asked to send the pastor notes on prayer walking. As Pastor George put those notes together, he realized what he had was the making of a good book. That, as they say, was that and Pastor George took those notes and turned them into his first book. 
Since then PG hasn't stopped writing. He now has 17 published works and has several more in development.

My Review : 
I really enjoyed the  "The Secret Santa Romance" (Love and Marriage Book 1) by George McVey.  I am looking forward to the next two stories in this series. 

 I like that the characters were real and the romance scenes were written without graphic details but shows that temptation is real.  This story shows that communication is important in any relationship. 

I like the theme of the 12 days of Christmas, and was thinking wow I wish I had a secret Santa like Jolene does.   I like stories that starts with the couple being childhood friends and fall in love.

This was an easy read and that it was a Christmas story makes it that much better. "The Secret Santa Romance" is a story that makes you want to meet Jolene and Randell and include them in your circle of friends.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this book because I think of George McVey as a writer of westerns, which before I read his books I didn't like but I certainly like his.  I really shouldn't be surprised that I liked  "The Secret Santa Romance" because George Mcvey's westerns are romances as well. 

The storyline is fun and is full of surprises. 

I say this book is five stars. 

I was given a complementary copy from the author. These opinions  are mine own. 

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