Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Spotlight Tuesday with Ruthie Madison and GiveAway!

                                                Introducing Ruthie Madison
Ruthie Madison is known for her unique writing styles. When she is not writing, she takes care of her widowed mother, along with her older sister. Ruthie grows and learns as an author from other authors in writers groups such as Christian Indie Authors. She had come a long way from her first book "Marge" which was republished and renamed as A Second Chance at Love. Ruthie sees her books as a little foreshadowing of her own life and are mostly based on her faith. 

Book Spotlight 
Julie found it hard to find contentment as rancher's wife and longed to have a baby of her own to help fill the space that only God could fill. Yet she prayed and after reading a promise from God in the Bible, it gave her new hope and faith that maybe God would help her to conceive.
Eric fears for his wife's life after he had learned that his half brother had escaped from prison. Worst yet, his wife could find his out his secret he had kept from her since they had dated years ago. Could Eric protect Julie from his half brother's evil intentions or is he too late?

Can they both learn to trust God in darkest circumstances?

(Note to readers: My series is not on set on a ranch. It is book about a woman dealing with infertility and rape. It also offers hope to any who may need it. Although Baby Blues is set on a ranch, there is no guarantee, you will experience a full ranching life.


When did you realize you wanted to be an author?
Probably when I was a young girl. I  have dream of having my books published under publisher's name. Hadn't been realized yet but I am published.

 Why did you write this? What do you hope your readers will say about it? How did you pick your character's name and does it mean something to the plot?
Why did I write Baby Blues?  I never thought about writing a series and one day out of curiosity I asked my fans (If they were really were fans) if they would like it to be series. I got a Yes. Granted that not everyone saw my post or responded. I realized Baby Blues had to have a second chance in it because I was writing it like a sequel. I hope the readers leave blessed or touch. I hope that it may help some who may have been raped and give them hope. I want them to walk away with a new sense of hope that nothing is impossible.  I try to find names that would fit in my story. One is reoccurring character.  The others like the ones living on the ranch had to have names that sounded western. Baby Blues isn't a western but it is set on a ranch in Montana. Many of the characters lives on a ranch. Baby Blues is the second book in the series so I had to stick to the names 

What, according to you, is the hardest thing about writing?
Trying to show my readers instead of telling. It takes a lot of work to go into their minds and think and feel and react. I have to ask myself "How would I feel if this happen to me?" Also because I am not a man, I have to try to think like one.

What is your favorite book that you have read and why?

I have read. Let me think.  A Cowboy's Touch by Denise Hunter. I love the story line. I love stories with modern day cowboys and women who wins their heart or cowboys who wins the women's heart. Another one I like is Wrangling  the Cowboys Heart  by Carolyne Aarsen. I can semi relate to the main character

Do you have a favorite author that inspires you?
YES! Carmen DeSousa!

 You can find me : 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Madison_books
Websites (This one has my cover designs)  http://www.ruthiemadison.com


To enter for a ebook copy of Baby Blues, comment below and tell us what grabs your interest when looking at the cover for Baby Blues. Winner will be chosen on Monday the 18th by Random.org. Please leave a email so if you are the winner we can contact you!


  1. I haven't entered any of these spotlight giveaway but I think might this one. I love the horse on this cover and I have book 1 of this series on my kindle apt but haven't read it yet!

  2. Ahhh... Thank you so much, Ruthie! I'm honored that I've been an inspiration to you.

    Best wishes for your success and, more importantly, your happiness in doing what you love to do. :)

  3. The horse grabs my attention right away. I love animals and the horse on the cover is very eye catching.