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The Parent’s Battle Plan Epic Book Launch

 The Parents Battle Plan Epic Book Launch


About the Book

Book: The Parent’s Battle Plan: Warfare Strategies to Win Back Your Prodigal

Author: Laine Lawson Craft

Genre: Non-fiction

Release date: March 14, 2023

You are not alone–there is hope and healing for every hurting heart.

Today’s technology has made sinful experiences and deadly choices accessible to our teenagers and young adults with just a click. And parents are left with the disappointments–and devastating fallout–of their children’s choices.

Through sharing her own story of praying three very wayward prodigals home, Laine Lawson Craft offers not only hope and insight, but also a practical, tried-and-true battle plan for parents walking this heartbreaking season of life. You’ll discover how to

• handle the emotional roller coaster of trust
• deal with your children’s self-destructive choices
• pray emboldened by God’s promises
• fight for your child’s destiny
• and more

You can win the war of darkness over your children–even when you don’t get the miracle you asked for.


The Parents Battle Plan Excerpt 5

We fail to imagine our children being arrested or fighting a depression that is so deeply 

engrained that suicidal thoughts are a daily occurrence. We simply do not see any of it coming. 

Perhaps you have a child, like mine, who had begun living in the way you had hoped, but who 

has now made bad choices.

Our story begins with me sitting in my recliner on Mother’s Day sobbing hysterically. 

My dreams and aspirations for all my children lay in tattered pieces. Truly awful thoughts were 

circling over and over in my mind. Are my children going to survive? Will they live to be 25 years 

old? Will my sons end up dead, addicted or in prison? Will my daughter find true happiness and 

worth? My heart was shattered into a million pieces. I did not know how I could go on, but I 

knew that I somehow had to keep moving.

I know from experience that there is nothing worse than watching our children fall 

backward unexpectedly from the path we prayed for daily. The disappointment can be 

paralyzing. The children we once knew seem to have all but disappeared. Gone are the joy, 

laughter, trust and hopeful future we spent so much time daydreaming about.





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Laine Lawson Craft (www.lainelawsoncraft.com) is a best-selling and award-winning author, popular media host, and in-demand speaker. The founder and publisher of WHOAwomenmagazine (2010-2018), she regularly hosts online challenges and masterclasses as well as Facebook and Instagram Live events that reach thousands. Her Warfare Parenting podcast encourages parents of adult children. Laine and her husband, Steve, have three children and live in Florida.



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