Monday, January 13, 2014

"Murder, Plain and Simple: An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery" by Isabella Alan

"Murder, Plain and Simple: An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery" by Isabella Alan is another five book!

Again this story is an Amish book but anyone thats like a good clean murder story, will like this book! These stories keep to the Amish theme but I don't feel they are overly Amish in the storyline. 

Angela Braddock inherits her late aunt’s beautiful Amish quilt shop,  and leaves behind her career and broken engagement for a fresh start in Holmes County, Ohio. But when she gets ready for the reopening of the shop, An Amish man claims to own the shop. 

The deed is missing and then the man is found murder in the shop and Angela thinks she is the main suspect and she is attracted to the sheriff. This story is as good as "Plainly Murder: A Penguin Special from Obsidian". The twists and turns in this book kept me guessing as to the murderer was.

The only reason I read these two books was because "Murder, Plain and Simple was the book for online book discussion in one of the book club I am in and I have to say I am not disappointed, and I am now a fan of Isabella Alan aka Amanda Flower, and will be reading more of her books.

There is a little hit of romance between the sheriff and Angela too, not really developed in this book, but I'm hoping maybe in the next book coming.

I still loved the dog Oliver in this story. The author's makes his antics so funny! 

As in the other book I really really (yes really ) I didn't see who the murderer was till the story told me!  I was engrossed in this story from the beginning!

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