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"Breath of Joy! Winter Whispers" byKathy Joy Book Tour and Give Away

Winter whispers FB BannerAbout the Book

Book: Breath of Joy! Winter Whispers
Author: Kathy Joy
Genre: Non-fiction, Gift Book, Picture Book
Release Date: October 1, 2019
Winter whispersThe final book in the series, Breath of Joy, Winter Whispers speaks of the deep quiet earth movements that echo human proving grounds and transitions during rest. Photo Art and Prose. Three everyday celebrations on every page spread are not commercially Christmas but rather interrelational and spiritually poised. This is simply, because in Winter when the earth’s axis is the farthest away from the sun, people warm themselves and grow in the wonder of darkness, where God still sees us, breathing life.

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The "Breath of Joy" series celebrates each season, and "Winter Whispers" is the first I’ve read. I am really considering getting the other three books. I am not a fan of poetry unless it is a certain author and then I collect her poems, since this is a review of a certain book I will not mention that author's name. I am really surprised that I did enjoyed this book. 

This would be a great book to start a journal with throughout the winter. I say this because each page has a thought such as these two that I am going to share " Catching a scent that carries a memory.....intelligent conversion......." and my favorite one in the book " Being God's child, chosen and dearly loved, redeemed and disciplined for a royal purpose." I think these and others would really be great things to journal about. The author writes on the first page "To my growing tribe of widows" and I was thinking ok, here is another book that I am not really going too like because I am not a widow, but as I have already written I was completely surprised because we all have memories and this book is a reminder that God is with us through even the most difficult of times, working in our lives.

About the Author
Kathy Joy's Publicity Photo E (Winter)Kathy Joy enjoyed being a popular Christian radio D.J. in Colorado for many years. When her husband wanted to move to Pennsylvania to take over the family farm, Kathy Joy accompanied him with their two young daughters. Four years later, Kathy Joy found herself a widow raising two teenagers. To stave off despair, she began writing three every day celebrations in a journal. Friends on Facebook began prompting her to write a book, and so the beginning of the Breath of Joy series began. Kathy Joy now works in human services, speaking wonder on the weekends to grief therapy groups, motivational corporate meetings, and women’s retreats. Some of her topics include Vision Board workshops, Being a Harbor Pilot, Mirroring the Savior, The Fifth Season, and A Christmas Tea.

More from Kathy

I’m so excited to join Celebrate Lit for this first real blog tour of my Breath of Joy series!
As a collector of celebrations, curating pithy delights and sharing them with my readers, I do hope you enjoy the visual experience and personal comfort offered in my Winter Whispers book.
Wintertime, especially Christmas and Valentine’s day, can be some of the toughest times of the year for people who have experienced trauma, or significant loss and grief. I’m one of those people.  Collecting three everyday celebrations for me was a means of refocusing on common joys in my life. They were a means of turning my despair into faith. Now, by publishing four books in less than two years, I have encountered another ladder of faith and I continue to face fear in order to live the adventure that God has for me.
Don’t you know, the Lord gives us many different kinds of gifts, and some of those gifts we would rather return to Him?  However, my seasonal “Breath of Joy!” books helped me not only to be thankful for the phase of life in which I found myself, but writing these books also built depth into my relationship with my real self, not my public persona, and specifically with the real God of the Bible.
It brings joy to my heart to collect snapshots of life and give my readers an opportunity to experience simple blessings in fresh, new ways. My books were borne out of sudden loss and grief when my husband of 23 years died of a massive heart attack. Gathering up my will to go forward, I remembered he always encouraged me to collect “beautiful moments” and write them down.
Now, when people connect with me, they say things like, “I couldn’t sleep, and so I picked up your book, and it gave me a new perspective that has helped me go on. If you can do it, so can I.” / “I went to one of Kathy Joy’s vision board making workshops. When I posted my board on the refrigerator, I had no idea how much I would rely on it to get me through the next year.  I am writing this to thank you for helping me stay out of the hospital for a full year.” /
“Just downloaded your file/book. Absolutely beautiful. I thought you wrote prose/poetry. Forgive me for putting you off. I loved perusing the pages. I went through it too fast. I need to sip it. I will peruse it again tomorrow. Totally different from what I thought it’d be. Hmmm. It’s more than a coffee table book. Gift book. Calming book. Nice, very nice.  Let me sit with it and ponder it. Lovely creation.
These kinds of receptions make my day. They let me know that God still has adventures for me to take and purposes for me to speak wonder into other people’s lives.


To celebrate her tour, Kathy is giving away the grand prize of a copy of the book in reader’s choice of format!!
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"An Amish Christmas Bakery" by Various Authors Book Tour

an amish christmas bakery FB bannerAbout the Book

Book:  An Amish Christmas Bakery
Author: Various Authors
Genre: Amish Fiction, Romance
Release Date: October 2, 2019
Amish Christmas BakeryFrom bestselling authors in the Amish genre come four delicious novellas perfect for celebrating love, joy, and the holiday season.
Cookies and Cheer by Amy Clipston
As Christmas draws near, Alyssa Byler dreams of a window display for the bakery where she works. When she decides to design and build a sugar cookie nativity scene, all she needs is the right cookie cutters-and handsome blacksmith Kyle Smoker is the one she asks for help. Using Kyle’s handmade cutters, Alyssa creates a striking display that brings more tourists to the bakery than she can handle.
And when shoppers request handmade cookie cutters of their own, Kyle finds himself overwhelmed by the demand. As Christmas approaches, Alyssa realizes she’s been too caught up in work to focus on the true meaning of Christmas-and too distracted to explore the feelings she has for Kyle. Together, they put aside the holiday rush and spend their time celebrating the season that has brought them together.
Loaves of Love by Beth Wiseman
As the only girl in a family of eight, Katie Swartzentruber has been left in charge of her family’s bakery while her mother recuperates from surgery. At first, Katie doesn’t think tending to the bakery alone will be difficult. She’s worked alongside her mother for years. But Christmas is coming, and with the holiday comes a flood of patrons, both regulars and tourists. When Katie becomes overwhelmed with the orders she is receiving, she is tempted to move her Old Order family into the modern world by purchasing propane ovens to help with the workload. She finds help from an unexpected source-childhood friend Henry Hershberger, who has harbored a secret crush on Katie for years. He’s been afraid to tell her how he feels, but he’s sure that this Christmas is his moment. As the demands of the bakery only get more intense, both Katie and Henry have to decide what really matters . . . and find the courage within themselves to go after it.
Melting Hearts by Kathleen Fuller
Mattie Shetler is an expert baker, so when her aunt Carolyn begs for help during the busy Christmas rush, Mattie eagerly packs her bags and heads to Birch Creek. What she doesn’t know is that her uncle has also asked for help with the bakery’s new expansion, and he’s asked none other than Peter Kaufman, Mattie’s sworn enemy. As the two work side by side, though, Mattie discovers not all is as it seems. With Christmas just around the corner, Mattie and Peter open their hearts for the greatest gifts of the season: forgiveness and maybe even love.
Cakes and Kisses by Kelly Irvin
Martha Ropp works hard at her family’s bakery, making cakes and pies in preparation not only for Christmas but the many community weddings, including her sister’s. To help during this busy season, Martha’s mother hires Ambrose Hershberger to make deliveries. Martha remembers Ambrose as a gentle giant from her school days, but soon discovers that still waters run deep. The more they work together, the more they want to spend time together outside of the bakery, but both Martha and Ambrose are too timid to make the first move. That’s when the town matchmakers step in.

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 "An Amish Christmas Bakery"  is four story that any reader who likes Amish stories and Christmas stories will really enjoy. There are all stories that shows love is really alive and can help you overcome troubles.

All four stories are about bakeries that need help.

I think my favorite of the four is the one by Kelly Irvin, titled " Cakes and Kisses"  because  it features a man that has mental handicaps and the story shows that everyone is capable of receiving and giving love. I did  like all four stories.

This is a great book to read at Christmas or anytime.

I recommend a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

Read an Excerpt
Read an excerpt of An Amish Christmas Bakery here.

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"In the Cradle Lies" by Olivia Newport Booktour and GiveAway

In the Craddle Lies

About the Book

Book:  In the Cradle Lies
Author: Olivia Newport
Genre: Christian Fiction
Release Date: November, 2019
In the Craddel LiesBook 2 in the Tree of Life Series: A Father-Daughter Genealogy Team Link Faith Journeys on Family Trees
On a solo ski vacation in Canyon Mines, Colorado, Tucker has a love-hate relationship with his wealth, spending indiscriminately while skiing fearlessly and preparing to conquer the overgrown slope of Hidden Run, a dangerous run not attempted in decades. As genealogist Jillian tries to uncover enough of Tucker’s family tree to understand his charming nature but reckless resolve, Jillian’s equally charming father, Nolan, cajoles Tucker into giving him ski lessons to get him talking about the suspicious circumstances surrounding his grandfather’s life in St. Louis in the 1930s.
On the surface, Tucker’s family’s history seems too perfect. The secret may lie in the sealed envelope Tucker carries with him at all times—even on the ski slope. When no one can find Tucker to tell him the fiancĂ©e he never mentioned turned up in Canyon Mines, they realize he must be off attempting to ski Hidden Run alone in a snowstorm. And they may be too late.
In the Cradle Lies is the second book in the Tree of Life series by Olivia Newport. You’ll want to return to the lovely Colorado mountain town of Canyon Mines again and again to explore and celebrate unforgettable family stories that will inspire you to connect with your own family histories and unique faith journeys.

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"In the Cradle Lies" by Olivia Newport is the second book in the series and I really liked it much better than the first one. I liked the first book also. "In the Cradle Lies" by Olivia Newport was easy to follow and I liked how the story went from the present to the past.

The subject of the book is sad. But baby snatching for profit does happen.

This book is full of surprises, but the ending is just perfect. It makes a reader believed that love does win in the end. This book might make a few tears to fall.

I recommend reading the "Inn At Hidden Run" first before reading this book but if you don't I think you would still enjoy this book. This book isn't a continuation of the first book, but it has the same main characters as the first as well as new characters.

If you have ever thought about doing a family tree, I think this might might just inspired you to do it.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

About the Author

Olivia NewportOlivia Newport’s novels twist through time to find where faith and passions meet. Her husband and twenty something children provide welcome distraction from the people stomping through her head on their way into her books. She chases joy in stunning Colorado at the foot of Pikes Peak.

More from Olivia

True confession. I live in Colorado and don’t ski.
In the Cradle Lies includes several references to “How can you live in the Colorado mountains and not ski?” Jillian, a main character in the Tree of Life series, has lived in the mountain town of Canyon Mines since she was two, and by the time she was eight she knew she didn’t want to ski.
I grew up in Illinois, and while my high school had a ski club and somehow found places to ski (I’m not sure where; um, not exactly mountain territory), I was sure I would break something. Arriving in Colorado in my forties did not persuade me to take up skiing at that age. I live at the base of Pikes Peak, not inthe mountains like Jillian. I do love the views!
But one of the fun things about being a writer is learning a lot about things you know little about. Enter Google and YouTube. And more YouTube. And … you get the drift.
Some quick facts about Colorado skiing to help get you in the mood for In the Cradle Lies:
  • Colorado typically leads the country in “skier days”—days of skiing purchased in ski areas.
  • Actually, most people in the state don’t ski. By a large margin. Like 90 percent. (So I feel better and so does Jillian.)
  • People visiting the state to ski or snowboard are important to our economy. (So thank you!)
  • Colorado has hosted about 175 ski areas since it became a state in 1876. Today, we have only about 30 operating resorts—so there are lots of dormant, lost, and hidden runs like the one in my story.
I hope you’ll check out In the Cradle Lies—and find out why Tucker came from St. Louis to Canyon Mines to ski an abandoned run that put his life at risk.

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To celebrate her tour, Olivia is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Amazon Gift Card and a free copy of In the Cradle Lies!!
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"Mary and Joseph's Untold Story: An Amazing Love Story" by R. Marshall Wright.

Book Info: 

Real-life isn’t always cute, cuddly, and comfortable. The first Christmas was anything but, and yet the love story that surrounds it defies imagination.

The author narrates the story of what might have happened through a combination of humor, speculation, and contemporary application to our lives. The book is written to show us God’s love and how hard it is for us to sometimes accept God’s plan for our lives. It will cause us to reflect and consider all our preconceived notions of the first Christmas. 

Mary and Joseph’s story is a love story, pure and simple. It's the story of a young couple that overcame obstacles you never dreamed of. We have a hero every girl dreams of meeting. We have a heroine every girl admires. And we have every trope, emotion, and roadblock to wedded bliss you could ever fathom. Matthew and Luke wrote the outline that R. Marshall Wright has turned it into the greatest love story God ever told.

Just imagine? What if your name is Mary, and an angel appeared and told you that you are going to have God’s baby? What if you are only fourteen years old? What if you weren’t married? What if your name is Joseph, and you are engaged to Mary? You haven’t been intimate and one day you find out she’s pregnant? What do you do with a girl you thought you loved who is having a baby by another man? What do you do when the angel tells you to marry her? How do you tell your very pregnant wife she’s going to stay in a barn? How do you tell a young mother, at two in the morning, to pack her things to leave for Egypt? How does your conscience handle 65 babies dying so yours can live? How do you return home to the family who rejected you and start over? Let's look at some possible answers to tough these questions and find love along the way. 

To purchase:

About The Author: 

Richard Marshall Wright writes under the pen name of R. Marshall Wright. He graduated from the University of Maine in Orono, Maine in 1969 and Drew Theological School in Madison, New Jersey in 1972. He is a retired evangelical pastor, and a retired U.S. Army Chaplain with 23 years Active and Reserve service to our country. 

He has been married to his wife, Lynn, for fifty years. They are blessed to be able to spend summers on a lake in Michigan and winters in Sebring, Florida. They have two children and five grandchildren. Marnie is married to Arick and is the eldest and has been a stay at home mom rearing three active boys...Luke, Levi, and Loden. She holds a Masters degree from Northwestern in communications and is a writer. Trevor is married to Lori and is a successful pastor in Findlay, Ohio. And he too writes. His two are Emma, who is the oldest grandchild, only girl, and her brother Cole. They are extremely proud of everyone in the family.

"Mary and Joseph's Untold Story: An Amazing Love Story" by R. Marshall Wright is a story that is mostly Biblical and partly the author's thoughts on what happened that isn't recorded in the Bible.  I really enjoyed reading this book.  It is really quite different than I have read before. It does contain actual scriptures and it even has personal info from the author's life that makes his thoughts in the story more believable.

I really recommend reading this book every Christmas to really appreciate the hardships that Mary and Joseph and even Jesus had to endured. This story is considered fiction but it made me rethink the stories that we also heard about the manger and etc.

"Mary and Joseph's Untold Story: An Amazing Love Story" by R. Marshall Wright is a Christmas story but it is more than that, is a story of amazing love between Joseph and Mary and even God's love for people.

I am going to include a passage that really stood out to me the most in the book, I read it and thought, Wow, that is so true, because it is happening in my life.  Here is the quote. " When God sets you free from the law to grace, you become what God wants you to be. You may do things that cause you to scratch your head in wonder because the old you would never do that." ..... "When you are obedient to God, there is a new boldness in your life. And while you might be surprised at the change in you, God never is. When He chooses you, it's because you have a heart he can use. He knows it even you don't. Let Him use your heart. When you are free inChrist, you can follow your passion, and it takes you "home".

I think this is a good book to have in my personal library and I plan on reading it every  Christmas.

There a few words, they are used in the right content, I don't like to read but this is a story about an girl who gets pregnant without being married.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and these opinions are my own.

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"The Barn Quilt" by Patti Michels Book Tour and GiveAway

Barn Quilt FB Cover

About the Book

Book: The Barn Quilt
Author: Patti Michels
Genre:  Children’s Book
Release Date: November 19, 2019
TheBarnQuilt_cover1Farmer Max and Miz Patti have a big red barn on their Maple Shade Farm, but one thing is missing—they need a barn quilt. But what pattern should they hang on the side of their barn? The pineapple quilt, or the corn and beans quilt, or what about a quilt with animals on it? None of them are quite right though. Since it’s Christmas, they wonder what barn quilt would have been just right for the stable where Jesus was born. Work along with their neighbor boy, Dennis, as he helps Farmer Max and Miz Patti decide on and make the perfect barn quilt.  

I really liked "The Barn Quilt" by Patti Michels. I think most younger children would like it. I don't agreed with the  subtitle, A Christmas Story because even though the story talks about the stable and Jesus being born and what items would be on the quilt for that barn it didn't give me that Christmasy feeling! The end page does say "Merry Christmas" which is a nice ending.

This book is a story that has much information that younger children would like learning. I think this book could be used to have a conversation between parents and children what they could use for there barn quilt if they made one. The book does mention that not all barn quilts are on barns. 

I think this book would be a nice addition to any child's library! My grandsons lives on a farm so I will be giving them my copy of this book.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

About the Author

Patti MichelsPatti Michels has lived in the same rural midwestern county her entire life, thirty-nine of those with her husband. She loves designing her family’s Christmas card and working with senior citizens. At the end of a long day, she enjoys returning to the farm and looking out her kitchen window at her own barn quilt. 

More from Patti

Believe it or not, the idea for this children’s book started out as a Christmas card.  Each year the Michels family produces their own original Christmas card.  This tradition started out simple, in the early 1980’s, as the Michels’ two small daughters helped with the coloring, cutting, and gluing!
Patti Michels and Max, her farmer husband of 39 years, live on a small farm in Southern Illinois.  The girls have grown and moved on, and the empty-nesters have joined others in their small farm community, in creating a barn quilt to hang on their barn.
While Max was preparing the 36″ X 36″ wood panel for Patti to paint, Patti was drawing and designing and dreaming up the best barn quilt pattern to display on the barn at Maple Shade Farm. As Patti painted their special barn quilt, a Christmas card idea popped into her head. “What if the stable where Jesus was born had a barn quilt?”
Patti feels like ideas are a gift from God, as is her husband, who helps her pull off one after another completed “project”.  Whether it’s feeding cows, baling hay, making Christmas cards, or creating a barn quilt, they continue to work side by side. This book, based on the real life story of creating the barn quilt, gives kids a glimpse into a small farm family life, while also enjoying and celebrating those things that make Christmas so special, like hot chocolate, cookies and God’s love.

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To celebrate her tour Patti is giving away the grand prize of a signed copy of The Barn Quilt, and a $25 gift card from Amazon!!
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