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"Mary and Joseph's Untold Story: An Amazing Love Story" by R. Marshall Wright.

Book Info: 

Real-life isn’t always cute, cuddly, and comfortable. The first Christmas was anything but, and yet the love story that surrounds it defies imagination.

The author narrates the story of what might have happened through a combination of humor, speculation, and contemporary application to our lives. The book is written to show us God’s love and how hard it is for us to sometimes accept God’s plan for our lives. It will cause us to reflect and consider all our preconceived notions of the first Christmas. 

Mary and Joseph’s story is a love story, pure and simple. It's the story of a young couple that overcame obstacles you never dreamed of. We have a hero every girl dreams of meeting. We have a heroine every girl admires. And we have every trope, emotion, and roadblock to wedded bliss you could ever fathom. Matthew and Luke wrote the outline that R. Marshall Wright has turned it into the greatest love story God ever told.

Just imagine? What if your name is Mary, and an angel appeared and told you that you are going to have God’s baby? What if you are only fourteen years old? What if you weren’t married? What if your name is Joseph, and you are engaged to Mary? You haven’t been intimate and one day you find out she’s pregnant? What do you do with a girl you thought you loved who is having a baby by another man? What do you do when the angel tells you to marry her? How do you tell your very pregnant wife she’s going to stay in a barn? How do you tell a young mother, at two in the morning, to pack her things to leave for Egypt? How does your conscience handle 65 babies dying so yours can live? How do you return home to the family who rejected you and start over? Let's look at some possible answers to tough these questions and find love along the way. 

To purchase: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07Y24TJ3W/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i0

About The Author: 

Richard Marshall Wright writes under the pen name of R. Marshall Wright. He graduated from the University of Maine in Orono, Maine in 1969 and Drew Theological School in Madison, New Jersey in 1972. He is a retired evangelical pastor, and a retired U.S. Army Chaplain with 23 years Active and Reserve service to our country. 

He has been married to his wife, Lynn, for fifty years. They are blessed to be able to spend summers on a lake in Michigan and winters in Sebring, Florida. They have two children and five grandchildren. Marnie is married to Arick and is the eldest and has been a stay at home mom rearing three active boys...Luke, Levi, and Loden. She holds a Masters degree from Northwestern in communications and is a writer. Trevor is married to Lori and is a successful pastor in Findlay, Ohio. And he too writes. His two are Emma, who is the oldest grandchild, only girl, and her brother Cole. They are extremely proud of everyone in the family.

"Mary and Joseph's Untold Story: An Amazing Love Story" by R. Marshall Wright is a story that is mostly Biblical and partly the author's thoughts on what happened that isn't recorded in the Bible.  I really enjoyed reading this book.  It is really quite different than I have read before. It does contain actual scriptures and it even has personal info from the author's life that makes his thoughts in the story more believable.

I really recommend reading this book every Christmas to really appreciate the hardships that Mary and Joseph and even Jesus had to endured. This story is considered fiction but it made me rethink the stories that we also heard about the manger and etc.

"Mary and Joseph's Untold Story: An Amazing Love Story" by R. Marshall Wright is a Christmas story but it is more than that, is a story of amazing love between Joseph and Mary and even God's love for people.

I am going to include a passage that really stood out to me the most in the book, I read it and thought, Wow, that is so true, because it is happening in my life.  Here is the quote. " When God sets you free from the law to grace, you become what God wants you to be. You may do things that cause you to scratch your head in wonder because the old you would never do that." ..... "When you are obedient to God, there is a new boldness in your life. And while you might be surprised at the change in you, God never is. When He chooses you, it's because you have a heart he can use. He knows it even you don't. Let Him use your heart. When you are free inChrist, you can follow your passion, and it takes you "home".

I think this is a good book to have in my personal library and I plan on reading it every  Christmas.

There a few words, they are used in the right content, I don't like to read but this is a story about an girl who gets pregnant without being married.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and these opinions are my own.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

"The Barn Quilt" by Patti Michels Book Tour and GiveAway

Barn Quilt FB Cover

About the Book

Book: The Barn Quilt
Author: Patti Michels
Genre:  Children’s Book
Release Date: November 19, 2019
TheBarnQuilt_cover1Farmer Max and Miz Patti have a big red barn on their Maple Shade Farm, but one thing is missing—they need a barn quilt. But what pattern should they hang on the side of their barn? The pineapple quilt, or the corn and beans quilt, or what about a quilt with animals on it? None of them are quite right though. Since it’s Christmas, they wonder what barn quilt would have been just right for the stable where Jesus was born. Work along with their neighbor boy, Dennis, as he helps Farmer Max and Miz Patti decide on and make the perfect barn quilt.  

I really liked "The Barn Quilt" by Patti Michels. I think most younger children would like it. I don't agreed with the  subtitle, A Christmas Story because even though the story talks about the stable and Jesus being born and what items would be on the quilt for that barn it didn't give me that Christmasy feeling! The end page does say "Merry Christmas" which is a nice ending.

This book is a story that has much information that younger children would like learning. I think this book could be used to have a conversation between parents and children what they could use for there barn quilt if they made one. The book does mention that not all barn quilts are on barns. 

I think this book would be a nice addition to any child's library! My grandsons lives on a farm so I will be giving them my copy of this book.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

About the Author

Patti MichelsPatti Michels has lived in the same rural midwestern county her entire life, thirty-nine of those with her husband. She loves designing her family’s Christmas card and working with senior citizens. At the end of a long day, she enjoys returning to the farm and looking out her kitchen window at her own barn quilt. 

More from Patti

Believe it or not, the idea for this children’s book started out as a Christmas card.  Each year the Michels family produces their own original Christmas card.  This tradition started out simple, in the early 1980’s, as the Michels’ two small daughters helped with the coloring, cutting, and gluing!
Patti Michels and Max, her farmer husband of 39 years, live on a small farm in Southern Illinois.  The girls have grown and moved on, and the empty-nesters have joined others in their small farm community, in creating a barn quilt to hang on their barn.
While Max was preparing the 36″ X 36″ wood panel for Patti to paint, Patti was drawing and designing and dreaming up the best barn quilt pattern to display on the barn at Maple Shade Farm. As Patti painted their special barn quilt, a Christmas card idea popped into her head. “What if the stable where Jesus was born had a barn quilt?”
Patti feels like ideas are a gift from God, as is her husband, who helps her pull off one after another completed “project”.  Whether it’s feeding cows, baling hay, making Christmas cards, or creating a barn quilt, they continue to work side by side. This book, based on the real life story of creating the barn quilt, gives kids a glimpse into a small farm family life, while also enjoying and celebrating those things that make Christmas so special, like hot chocolate, cookies and God’s love.

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"Letter from Paul "by Mary Weins Book Tour and GiveAway

Letter from Paul FB banner

About the Book

Book: Letter from Paul
Author: Mary Weins
Genre:  Christian Non-Fiction, Bible study
Release Date: April 5, 2019
Letters from PaulA devotional workbook on Galatians that gives enough substance for the interactive part of the workbook. It is worthwhile for small groups or individuals.” Dr. Dennis Beatty
Draw closer to God. Revel in the knowledge that you are saved by grace, not works. Discover how Paul addressed the Galatian people when they veered from the truth back into bondage to the rules and customs of their time.
This Bible study takes you verse by verse through the book of Galatians, with insights into what occurred so many years ago yet is still relevant today. Bringing home the truth that we don’t have to perform a certain way to be accepted as heirs to Christ, Letter from Paul offers relief to those who feel pressured to live by the world’s standards.
You will be refreshed and renewed as you lean into the fact that God loves you just as you are. Yes, He has given us the commandments, but He doesn’t pile additional rules on us that we can’t possibly follow. Instead, He gives us grace. And mercy. And love.
“Galatians is about the difference between salvation by works and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. It is not about obeying all the rules versus having a good time. It is about a personal relationship with our Creator and Savior.” – Mary Weins

Click here to get your copy!

"Letter from Paul "by Mary Weins is a Bible study that is only 113 pages and is only 6 chapters. The six chapters are a study of Galatians.  Each chapter starts with a story that brings out the main points to be study in that chapter.  After the story is the devotional followed by questions and answers, then there are personal application questions, then there  is something to ponder and then a prayer.

 This study is a good way to study the Bible, it is really easy to understand, you do need  your Bible while using this book  because the actual Scripture isn't written in the book which I think is a good because you have to read the actual Bible for yourself which is obeying the verse in Timothy which says to study to show yourself approved unto God, 2 Timothy;15.  I would like to study every book of the Bible this way.

I think my favorite of the six lessons is chapter six just because it really shows how a Christian's life  should be like!  I am going to include one of the questions from this study that really have caused me to ponder and really think,  " Should we compare ourselves to others? Why or why not?"

I recommend this study wholeheartedly.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are mine own.

About the Author
Author Mary WeinAs a Pastor’s kid, Mary has been involved in the church most of her life. She has led many Bible study groups in homes, in the church environment, and in jails; Mary has worked in various women’s ministries, and is a writer, speaker and Bible Teacher.
Currently, Mary and her husband are retired and live in Northern California. They have 3 sons, and 5 grandchildren who live nearby. When not writing, speaking, leading Bible study groups, or studying God’s Word on her own, Mary enjoys entertaining friends, cooking, and playing with her grandchildren…not necessarily in that order.

More from Mary

Letter from Paul: to the Church in Galatia…and Us!
As a preacher’s kid, I was brought up in a strict, structured home environment. This upbringing created a harsh view of Christianity and an overwhelming fear of hell, fire, and damnation for me.
It was not until years later that I found a church emphasizing God’s love. I read the Word and prayed daily and began to develop a close, personal relationship with God. But fear kept haunting me until I really got into Galatians and broke it down, verse by verse. The book of Galatians is a crucial book of the Bible for me because it emphasizes God’s love and forgiveness and provides assurance that, even though I mess up at times, God still loves me!
It is my hope and prayer that you, too, can embrace the beautiful message of love and acceptance contained in Galatians and apply it to your life. When we fully submit and trust God for our lives, an overwhelming peace envelops us. We no longer need to fear Him. He is a loving God who provides all our needs and protects, encourages, comforts, and directs us. He is our heavenly Father, our constant companion, and a friend who really does have all the right answers.
Living in a right relationship with God dramatically changes the way we view ourselves and the world. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” (2 Cor. 5:17 KJV).
Written in a down-to-earth, easy-to-read approach, the Bible studies contained in Letter from Paul highlight the main points covered in each chapter of Galatians.
It is my hope and prayer that this book will erase the doubts and fears of Christians who question their salvation or fear that they are not good enough to maintain it and to point the way for the unsaved to realize how easy it is to become a child of God.

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"An Unexpected Family" by June Foster

Grant Elliot leaves his father's veterinarian dynasty and overambitious twin brother to practice in the small town of Homedale, California. When local baker Kate Klein brings her ailing dog into the office, Grants's intrigued by the lab's gorgeous owner. He wants to get to know her but can't reveal his origins. What would she think if she knew his father's clinics cater only to the wealthy who spoil and pamper their pets instead of practicing genuine medicine? 

Kate Kline inherits Aunt Ella's Bake Shop when her aunt passes away and must make a success of the failing business or lose her father's respect. Now California Plastics, her major account, has moved their plant to Sacramento. She's faced with the possibility of closure and won't accept Grant's offer to bail her out. She doesn't need a man's help.

Only God can mend broken families and create unexpected new ones. 

*Hometown romance
*Dog plays matchmaker
*Small town romance
*Twins at odds
*Secret Past
*Estranged Families 

"An Unexpected Family" by June Foster is a love story about a vet and a bakery owner. Both have thoughts aren't true about how their fathers really feel about them.

Grant wants to be free from his father's way of using his practice to make money and Kate wants to prove to her father that she can keep her aunt's bakery running.

This story is a short read but leaves the reader believing that love is possible at first sight and that God really does love people and truly wants us to have the best.  It is also a story of forgiveness.
I really recommend this book and all the others that June Foster's has written as they are really inspirational and heart warming and leaves the reader feeling hopefully that life is worth the struggles that we endured.

I received a complimentary copy from the author. These opinions are my own.

About June Foster

An award-winning author, June Foster is also a retired teacher with a BA in Education and a MA in counseling. She is the mother of two and grandmother of ten. June began writing Christian romance in 2010. She penned her first novel on her Toshiba laptop as she and her husband traveled the US in their RV. Her adventures provide a rich source of information for her novels. She brags about visiting a location before it becomes the setting in her next book.

To date, June has written twenty-one contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels and novellas. She loves to compose stories about characters who overcome the circumstances in their lives by the power of God and His Word. June uses her training in counseling and her Christian beliefs in creating characters who find freedom to live godly lives. She's published with Winged Publications. Visit June at www.junefoster.com to see a complete list of her books.

"Heart Of A Royal"by Hannah Currie Book Tour and Give Away

Heart of a Royal FB Banner

About the Book

Book: Heart Of A Royal
Author: Hannah Currie
Genre:  Young Adult/Royalty
Heart of a Royal coverBrought to the palace as a newborn, the royal life bestowed upon Mackenna Sparrow was never meant to last forever. With Princess Alina engaged to be married, Mackenna’s presence as companion is no longer required and, like it or not, she must return to the birthright which should have been hers – that of a commoner. But not everyone at the palace wants her gone. When the truths she’s based her life on start crumbling as fast as her future, will she find the courage to trust, both herself and the prince she’s fallen in love with?


I really liked this story about a princess that wasn't a real princess. I was really surprised when I found out what a rebel is this story was. I won't spoil it for anyone but it definitely isn't someone who is out to overthrown the king.

This is a truly amazing story of love, love from our Heavenly Father as well as love between humans.   

My favorite paragraph in the book is this " "All will be well! All will be well! Why does everyone keep saying that? You can't know it." ...... "Yes, I can." "How ?" "Because God is good, and no matter what happens to me, all will be well, because he will still be."  I need to adopt this into my heart and heart and replace all the negative tapes there that keeps playing  continuously. This is a story that clearly shows that even when life doesn't seem to be working out, God is there and working things out for the good and having events fall into place for that good to be done. 

I want to read the other books that coming in this series right now, the waiting is so hard.

I received a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

About the Author

Hannah currieAussie author, Hannah Currie, loves God, family, people (in small numbers, let’s not go crazy here!) and writing. She and her husband live with their three adorable kids in sunny Queensland, where it really is beautiful one day and perfect the next. Except, maybe, during heatwaves. They’re not so fun. She loves to connect with readers at www.hannahcurrie.com.

More from Hannah

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by royalty. Real ones like Queen Elizabeth II, who is such an incredible woman and a total hero of mine (not to mention, as a proud Australian and member of the Commonwealth, my monarch) but also the not-so-real ones. Those found in fairytales. Romances. Narnia.
I’m one of those people who blocks out an entire day to watch a royal wedding, sighs like a hopeless romantic through cheesy princess movies, reads just about any novel I find with a crown on the front and loves a full-spread photo souvenir magazine. I may have even written a short story starring a princess for an English assignment at school. More than once. [Side note, if you’re going to write a story about a princess who is totally adorable but can’t spell, don’t use a misspelled word as the title. It takes a lot of explaining to make sure the teacher knows you did it on purpose and doesn’t mark you down for it… sorry Ninth Grade English teacher!].
The glamor draws me in, the beautiful clothes, the history and romance of it all, but it’s the expectations they have on them which hold me there. Every title comes with a million expectations, whether or not they’re realistic. We expect royals, both real and fictional, to behave in a certain way. To be honourable (assuming they’re the good guys). To care for their people and put them first. To always be there. Yes, even to be beautiful.
But what happens when they’re not? When they’re shy? Fight anxiety? Hate the spotlight? Are blemished in some way? What happens when what’s best for the people isn’t what’s best for them? Or when they make a mistake? Something which, for anyone else, would be easily fixed or glossed over but for a royal, gets written into the history books forever. Purely because of their title.
Kenna, the main character in Heart of a Royal, never meant to be a princess. She wasn’t born into royalty, neither did she choose it. And yet, due to circumstances far beyond her control, there she is. Living in a palace. Part of that life.
Very few of us are royalty but I think we all know how heavy expectations can be and the pain of being thrust into situations beyond our control. And yet, even in those moments and seasons, just like Kenna, we have choices. They might seem small, maybe even insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but they’re there. Who we put our trust in. What we do with the circumstances we’ve been given. Where we go from there.
Heart of a Royal is as much my story as it is Kenna’s. No, I’m not a princess (thankfully!) but I have struggled through finding hope and purpose when life flies out of control and the expectations prove too much. And here’s what I’ve found – God is good. There is hope and God is good. I hope, through Kenna’s story, you are reminded of that too.

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