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"Made for Brave" by Alyssa Galios Book Tour and GiveAway

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About the Book

Book:  Made for Brave
Author: Alyssa Galios
Genre: Christian Memoir, Widowhood, Cancer
Release Date: November, 2019
MadeforBrave_CoverEFrom the testimony viewed over 100 million times on the internet:
“I am so sorry I have to deliver such awful news.” Shaking his head, the doctor muttered, “You are both so young.”
A young woman in her twenties with a future and a plan for her life comes up against a tragic nightmare when her handsome and otherwise healthy husband is suddenly diagnosed with a rare inoperable cancer. As her husband’s beliefs grow stronger, Alyssa’s dreams evaporate, and her faith slips away when the worst happens.
Experience soul-searing pain and miraculous moments of joy in this poignant true-life account. Journey with Alyssa as she grapples with life and death, faith and unbelief, disappointment and hope in a search for answers that takes her beyond grief to peace and a surprising new love.
Along the way, you’ll find answers to the questions you may be asking in your own life:
  • Where is God when it hurts?
  • Why doesn’t God answer my prayers?
  • Can God make something good come out of bad?
  • Does true love ever strike twice?
Made for Brave is a striking example of how God can create overwhelming good from even the worst of life when we choose to partner with Him.

Click here for your copy.
"Made for Brave" by Alyssa Galios is a book that really had the tears falling but they were both sad and happy tears. I know each person grief is different, but while reading this book I was reminded of what mom's cancer journey was like and I was reliving her last day on earth.  I strongly recommend  reading this book even though the book made me cry.  The hope and the message that the book shares, the hope that we will see our love ones again and that they are with Our Creator, gives the readers hope.  This is proof that beauty can come from ashes if we allow it.

I have watched the videos mentioned in the book yet, But I am going to just as soon and I finish this review. I love that the author was honest and shared her questions about whether God really cared for her.

This book was a reminder that God is always working behind the scenes in our life. I was really shocked that God changed her mind about a friend that she really didn't like when the story started but it is just proof that God can change a person's heart and whole life when we let him.

This book shows that life is full of struggles and heartaches, but that God can make us Brave if we let Him.

I believe every person needs to read this book.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own. 

About the Author
AlyssaAlyssa Galios is a writer, speaker, social media influencer, and coach. Founder of the #MadeforBrave movement and CEO of the Made for Brave Company, Alyssa is known for helping countless people create better lives through faith, family, and fitness. Her life story has been featured on sites like Yahoo NewsChristian Post, Fox News, HuffPost, andViralized. Alyssa and her husband Jay run their business out of their home north of Seattle, where they happily raise their daughters. For more information, visit

More from Alyssa

Some people come into your life as bright as shooting stars. They zip across your horizon then, all too soon, drop back into the blackness. Though you can no longer see them, you are forever changed by their brilliance. This is just as it was with Nicholas Magnotti. Six beautiful years changed the person I will always be.
Before my strapping, young and handsome 25-year-old husband got sick, I missed a large part of the point of living. I was a workaholic mainly; a worry wort often; and I got really good at playing the comparison game. As such, I spent the first three years of our marriage living in selfish fear. Nick’s presence in my life taught me something I won’t ever forget… It taught me that every single moment counts and that what we do in love for others is the only thing that truly makes a lasting impact. And, eventually, the strong faith he exuded through his trials would cause me to question and rebuild my own faith.
The day that I said yes to a blind date with a gorgeous man I had never met… the God of the universe set into motion a series of miraculous events that I couldn’t have possibly ever predicted. He didn’t cause the bad parts of my story. Not at all. But, He saw those parts, from way off in the distance and game-planned so that it would all still work together for good and for His glory. You’ll be amazed at all the good He was able to create. And, the craziest part? He is so not finished yet.
Made for Brave: A Journey Through Devastating Loss to Infinite Hope is an uncommon love story and, at times, a harrowing journey but, more than that, it’s my true life journey that I know I have been called to share. I hope you will walk it with me and come away knowing you have always been made for brave, too.

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To celebrate her tour, Alyssa is giving away the grand prize package of  $25 Amazon Gift Card & a signed copy of the book!!
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"Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage" by Gil Stieglitz Book Tour and GiveAway

About the Book

Book:  Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage
Author: Gil Stieglitz
Genre: Christian Non-fiction
Release Date: November 2019
Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage: Pre-Marital and Marital Habits
It’s no secret that couples in great marriages do different things than couples in bad ones.
But what are those things and how do ordinary folks start doing them? How can couples take a struggling marriage or even one that is “pretty good” to one that is, quite frankly, ridiculously great?
Based on thousands of counseling hours and personal practice, Gil Stieglitz spells out the 15 essential habits found in great marriages that aren’t found in difficult ones. Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage provides the short and dirty version of what it takes to have a marriage that is so great, other couples will stand up and notice—they might even call it “ridiculous.”
This book is a real game-changer for engaged couples just starting out, couples who are struggling, or couples who just want to take their marriage from good to ridiculously great. It is also a terrific resource for pastors, ministry leaders, and counselors who work with couples for pre-marriage and marriage counseling.,aps,210&sr=8-1&linkCode=sl1&tag=celelit-20&linkId=b63dc5c4768f3015d8e7f0668425bff2&language=en_US

"Building a Ridiculously Great Marriage" by Gil Stieglitz is a really helpful and practical book with 15 chapters. Each chapter talks about a different habits that great marriages have. These habits are discussing finances and decisions , apologizing and scheduling private time., as well as having staff and board meetings This book does an excellent job of providing guidance for steps to take to protect, strengthen, and nurture a marriage. I really like how the author gives step by step instructions and guidelines for each habit.

I think this statement has impacted me the most while reading this book is this statement on page 34, and even at reading the entire book, this has struck with me, and yes, I have apologize but I know many who won't so maybe that is why I am blowed away with this statement, so without any more waiting here is the statement, "Apologies allow us to build a strong relationship in the presence of imperfections. Without them, there is no clearing away of hurts thats that occur in every relationship. What if we never cleaned up our dishes after lunch or dinner? There would be piles of uneaten food and bugs crawling all over our kitchens. This is what a marriage without apologies is like. Admitting wrongdoings can work wonders to build trust and repair damage between you. "  I think the same could be said for every kind of relationship.

The main thing  stressed throughout this book is that a marriage couple has to talk and communicate.

I was given a complimentary book by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

About the Author
Dr. Gil Stieglitz is a prolific author, engaging speaker, and insightful pastor who has spent thousands of hours helping, coaching, and strengthening marriages. Gil has written over twenty-five books on marriage, parenting, soul development, and spiritual warfare, including top-seller Becoming a Godly HusbandGod’s Radical Plan for Wives, and Marital Intelligence. He speaks to thousands of people each year about the wonders of God’s principles. Gil now serves as Discipleship Pastor at Bayside Church, a dynamic multi-site church near Sacramento, CA. He is on faculty with Principles to Live By, a nonprofit organization that helps people connect to God’s principles in everyday life. He and his wife, Dana, enjoy a ridiculously delightful life in Northern California. For more information, visit

More from Gil

After thousands of hours counseling couples for marriage and pre-marital issues, I had a few couples who just wanted to know the very basics of what they needed to do differently to have a much better marriage. These concepts, coupled with some pre-marital counseling I was doing at the time, allowed me to develop a quick and dirty list of the top ten habits couples should develop if they really wanted a terrific marriage. I asked them to trust me in what I was telling them, and they did what I requested. The results were amazing. 
For the purposes of this book, I have added five more habits great couples do to make the material even more robust and effective, and I included the exercises I used in my counseling sessions for couples to practice and work out. Think of this book as the low down of what makes a marriage “ridiculously great.” This is the kind of marriage that will constantly surprise you with delight, love, growth, energy, longing, and connection. It is beyond the norm—where you feel like you lucked into this great relationship with this amazing person. 
If you showed up in my office and asked me to give you the bottom line, these are the things I would tell you to do. Many people know what they are doing is not working, and they just want to know what to do. These fifteen things are what work…no joke.

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To celebrate his tour, Gil is giving away the grand prize package of a $100 Amazon Gift Card plus a signed copy of Gil’s book!!
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"Project Scrooge" by A.M. Heath Blogtour and GiveAway

Can Scrooge find love from a friendship gone cold?
Sanford Stone cut ties with his best friend, Natalie, in favor of the love of his life … a woman who ended up walking out on him just before Christmas. Six years later, Sanford can’t bring himself to celebrate Christ’s birth with any joy. Little does he know, his grandmother and her companions have dubbed him the Scrooge and intend to help him overcome his bitterness and find happiness again.
The only thing that has hurt Natalie Dunivan more than Sanford cutting her out of his life has been watching his long-held grudges slowly destroy the man she has always loved. When Ms. Carol devises a plan to reach out to Sanford, Natalie eagerly agrees.
Sanford accepts his grandmother’s challenge to celebrate Christmas for 31 straight days, but he didn’t count on her plan involving Natalie. Can his family and friends help their Scrooge see the error of his ways, or will 
Natalie’s presence only make things worse?

 Besides being an Indie Author, I’m a wife, mother of four, children’s Sunday School teacher, sweet tea drinker, history fanatic, romantic, bubbly, lover of broccoli, and a retired cake decorator who has a soft spot for Christmas trees, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
What I’m not is a laundress (or at least not one who keeps up very well), a duster, tall, or patient in a doctor’s office.

Author Links: 

I’d love to hear from you. You can visit me online on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Bookbub, Pinterest, and my blog. *Note: I’m most active on Facebook and my blog.
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I am going to start this review with a post that I made on Facebook about this book. "I am reading, I know, no surprise but these statements in a Christmas story just really has me thinking, wow Anita Richardson Heath has done it again.
Here are the quotes " He said I had the right to hand my anger over to the Lord.I had the right, and the ability as a Christian, to hand over my need for justice to a just and Holy God. ........" But I I learned two things" "One, I'm not capable of doling out judgement. As much as I tried to keep him in the naughty corner in my mind, .......The longer I kept him locked up and chained to his quilt, the longer I kept myself chained. "And two, I learned the meaning of the word grace. We're just as quilty. Their sins aren't any worse than ours. Our sins were still enough to see Jesus nailed to the cross. And if even our sins could require the death of a sinless God, then who are we to withhold forgiveness to a fellow sinner? It's prideful to think that her sins against you are greater than your sins against Christ." ..... The longer you put off forgiveness, the longer you pay the penalty you're forcing on others."

Some of this has been rephrased in my own words
but Anita Richardson Heath , these words are just another reason I love your books and am so glad to be on your street team."

This story has been such an inspiration to me. This book is based on "The Christmas Carol" but the author has made it her own story in a very real way that we can all relate to. Sanford has not wanted to celebrate Christmas because he is bitter, unhappy and holds a grudge. So even through this is a Christmas story I think it is a story of forgiveness and what love really is! I recommend this book and say it would be a great book to read anytime we need a reminder of what love and 
forgiveness really is! 

 The part of the story that dwells with foster care made my heart cried because this story clearly  shows that those whose experienced that  in their life all want to be accepted and part of a family and how important a strong family is and the love they share.  Grammy made me miss my own grandma more.                                                                                                                                                    
 I received a complimentary  copy of this book from the author. These opinions are my own. 

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Karen @ KarenSueHadley

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Wrap up: Mon. 12/16
Visit me on my blog for the full novella
reveal and the winner of the giveaway.

"Breath of Joy! Winter Whispers" byKathy Joy Book Tour and Give Away

Winter whispers FB BannerAbout the Book

Book: Breath of Joy! Winter Whispers
Author: Kathy Joy
Genre: Non-fiction, Gift Book, Picture Book
Release Date: October 1, 2019
Winter whispersThe final book in the series, Breath of Joy, Winter Whispers speaks of the deep quiet earth movements that echo human proving grounds and transitions during rest. Photo Art and Prose. Three everyday celebrations on every page spread are not commercially Christmas but rather interrelational and spiritually poised. This is simply, because in Winter when the earth’s axis is the farthest away from the sun, people warm themselves and grow in the wonder of darkness, where God still sees us, breathing life.

Click here to get your copy.
The "Breath of Joy" series celebrates each season, and "Winter Whispers" is the first I’ve read. I am really considering getting the other three books. I am not a fan of poetry unless it is a certain author and then I collect her poems, since this is a review of a certain book I will not mention that author's name. I am really surprised that I did enjoyed this book. 

This would be a great book to start a journal with throughout the winter. I say this because each page has a thought such as these two that I am going to share " Catching a scent that carries a memory.....intelligent conversion......." and my favorite one in the book " Being God's child, chosen and dearly loved, redeemed and disciplined for a royal purpose." I think these and others would really be great things to journal about. The author writes on the first page "To my growing tribe of widows" and I was thinking ok, here is another book that I am not really going too like because I am not a widow, but as I have already written I was completely surprised because we all have memories and this book is a reminder that God is with us through even the most difficult of times, working in our lives.

About the Author
Kathy Joy's Publicity Photo E (Winter)Kathy Joy enjoyed being a popular Christian radio D.J. in Colorado for many years. When her husband wanted to move to Pennsylvania to take over the family farm, Kathy Joy accompanied him with their two young daughters. Four years later, Kathy Joy found herself a widow raising two teenagers. To stave off despair, she began writing three every day celebrations in a journal. Friends on Facebook began prompting her to write a book, and so the beginning of the Breath of Joy series began. Kathy Joy now works in human services, speaking wonder on the weekends to grief therapy groups, motivational corporate meetings, and women’s retreats. Some of her topics include Vision Board workshops, Being a Harbor Pilot, Mirroring the Savior, The Fifth Season, and A Christmas Tea.

More from Kathy

I’m so excited to join Celebrate Lit for this first real blog tour of my Breath of Joy series!
As a collector of celebrations, curating pithy delights and sharing them with my readers, I do hope you enjoy the visual experience and personal comfort offered in my Winter Whispers book.
Wintertime, especially Christmas and Valentine’s day, can be some of the toughest times of the year for people who have experienced trauma, or significant loss and grief. I’m one of those people.  Collecting three everyday celebrations for me was a means of refocusing on common joys in my life. They were a means of turning my despair into faith. Now, by publishing four books in less than two years, I have encountered another ladder of faith and I continue to face fear in order to live the adventure that God has for me.
Don’t you know, the Lord gives us many different kinds of gifts, and some of those gifts we would rather return to Him?  However, my seasonal “Breath of Joy!” books helped me not only to be thankful for the phase of life in which I found myself, but writing these books also built depth into my relationship with my real self, not my public persona, and specifically with the real God of the Bible.
It brings joy to my heart to collect snapshots of life and give my readers an opportunity to experience simple blessings in fresh, new ways. My books were borne out of sudden loss and grief when my husband of 23 years died of a massive heart attack. Gathering up my will to go forward, I remembered he always encouraged me to collect “beautiful moments” and write them down.
Now, when people connect with me, they say things like, “I couldn’t sleep, and so I picked up your book, and it gave me a new perspective that has helped me go on. If you can do it, so can I.” / “I went to one of Kathy Joy’s vision board making workshops. When I posted my board on the refrigerator, I had no idea how much I would rely on it to get me through the next year.  I am writing this to thank you for helping me stay out of the hospital for a full year.” /
“Just downloaded your file/book. Absolutely beautiful. I thought you wrote prose/poetry. Forgive me for putting you off. I loved perusing the pages. I went through it too fast. I need to sip it. I will peruse it again tomorrow. Totally different from what I thought it’d be. Hmmm. It’s more than a coffee table book. Gift book. Calming book. Nice, very nice.  Let me sit with it and ponder it. Lovely creation.
These kinds of receptions make my day. They let me know that God still has adventures for me to take and purposes for me to speak wonder into other people’s lives.


To celebrate her tour, Kathy is giving away the grand prize of a copy of the book in reader’s choice of format!!
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