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"Summer On Sunset Ridge" by Sharlene Maclaren Book Tour and Giveaway

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About the Book

Book: Summer on Sunset Ridge, Forever Freedom Series Book 1  

Author: Sharlene MacLaren  

Genre: Historical Christian Romance

Brought up on a Quaker farm near Philadelphia at the brink of the Civil War, plainspoken Rebecca Albright is charitable, peace-loving, submissive—and a feisty abolitionist. Determined to aid the Underground Railroad no matter what the cost, her path collides with that of formidable slave-catcher Clay Dalton. When Rebecca is assigned to nurse Clay back to health following a near-fatal gunshot wound, her uneasiness around him and the questions surrounding his mysterious past complicate their strained but developing relationship.

Sherriff Clay Dalton is grimly fighting several battles of his own as he stays on at the Albright farm to work off his debt to the family that has saved his life and taken him in. He is torn between his past commitments in the South and his unlikely present among this quiet Quaker community in the North. Almost against his will, he begins to ponder the impossible idea of a future with Rebecca.…

When tensions between North and South escalate, Rebecca and Clay find themselves propelled on a journey to discover just who God has called them to be, and they soon realize that each holds a key to the other’s answer.

My Review:
I think "Summer on Sunset Ridge" by Sharlene MacLaren is a fantastic read! The story kept my interest untill the last word.  I have always liked reading stories about the Underground Railroad.  "Summer On Sunset Ridge" is the first book in the (Forever Freedom) Series. This story does deal a little with The Underground Railroad but I think it dwells more with the characters that help the runaway slaves and how meeting each other change their lives.

"Summer On Sunset Ridge" is a love story and I love that the main characters both realized that to be happy that they have to go against what others want for them and follow God's lead!

"Summer On Sunset Ridge" is a read that has twists and turns that I didn't see coming but I am glad because that makes a good story.

"Summer On Sunset Ridge" is a story about an impossible love between two people and how sometimes the impossible becomes possible.

This book describes the Quaker religion as part of the story line and makes this reader wish she had more time to study the difference between the Quakers and the Amish. I kept thinking of Amish rules while reading "Summer On Sunset Ridge".

There were parts in this story had really surprised me but I am glad they turned out the way they did, well one part was really sad and I didn't really like the outcome of the "accident" but life is like that all too often.

I  am eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

"Summer on Sunset Ridge" by Sharlene MacLaren is definitely a five star novel.


About the Author
Sharlene MacLaren Born and raised in western Michigan, award-winning, bestselling author Sharlene MacLaren attended Spring Arbor University. After graduating, she traveled with a nationally touring Christian vocal ensemble, returning home to Spring Arbor to marry her husband, Cecil, whom she’d known since childhood. Together they raised two daughters. Now happily retired after teaching elementary school for 31 years, “Shar” enjoys reading, singing in the church choir and worship teams, traveling, and spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren. Her novels include the contemporary romances Through Every StormLong Journey Home, and Tender Vow; the beloved Little Hickman Creek series (Loving Liza JaneSarah, My BelovedCourting Emma, and  Christmas Comes to Little Hickman Creek, a novella), and three historic romance trilogies: The Daughters of Jacob Kane (Hannah GraceMaggie Rose, and Abbie Ann); River of Hope (Livvie’s SongEllie’s Haven, and Sofia’s Secret); Tennessee Dreams:  Heart of Mercy, Threads of Joy, and Gift of Grace.

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To celebrate Sharlene’s tour, Whitaker House is giving away:

Grand Prize

Brown and tan fashion purse with cross, multiple interior and exterior pockets


Five Sharlene MacLaren titles: Summer on Sunset Ridge (Forever Freedom #1); Heart of Mercy (Tennessee Dreams #1); Livvie’s Song (River of Hope #1); Hannah Grace (Daughters of Jacob Kane #1); Loving Liza Jane (Little Hickman Creek #1)

Second Prize

“Keepers of the Light” Orange/Cinnamon/Clove candle from www.acheerfulgiver.comwww.acheerfulgiver.com and

Summer on Sunset Ridge

Third Prize

Summer on Sunset Ridge

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"Chasing Freedom" by H.L. Wegley

                                                          Book Info 

How far would you be willing to go if you were chasing freedom?

When Allie Santiago, international scholar at Oregon State University, and her family are captured and labor trafficked by the same drug cartel that drove her father from Mexico, she learns the cartel thugs plan to sell her to human traffickers. Allie escapes, running a marathon through the mountains of Northern California, and collapses in the arms of Jeff Jacobs, a disgraced Olympic decathlete who wants to regain both his honor and his former glory. When Jeff’s actions engage the FBI and US Marshals to protect Allie and free her family from the cartel, a war breaks out in the mountains along the Oregon-California border. 

Will Jeff’s efforts enable the two to survive and their budding relationship to grow? Not unless he can keep Allie and her family out of the black hole known as asylum detention. And the reward he now seeks for his efforts, Allie’s love, might evaporate like his dream of Olympic gold once Allie learns about Jeff’s scandalous past.

Chasing Freedom, a modern-day story of honor and courage, faith and love, and the importance of family.

To Purchase https://www.amazon.com/Chasing-Freedom-Prequel-Against-Enemies-ebook/dp/B01MAXJQWJ/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

My Review: 
"Chasing Freedom" by H.L. Wegley is the third and final book in the (Against All Enemies) series and I think it is my favorite. 

I have read all three books in this series and they are all full of love and suspension. Chasing Freedom, is a modern-day story of honor and courage, faith and love, and the importance of family.

Allie and Jeff meet under dangerous conditions. Allie and her family are captured and labor trafficked by the same drug cartel that drove her father from Mexico, and Allie is running and trying to help and she collapses in Jeff's arms and from there the romance begins.

This story is clean but does look at the U.S. immigration system from the point of view of a family being abused by it.  The violence described in the book is very minimum. 

The author does tell in the start of the book he recommends that you skip the epilogue and the final ending if you haven't read the other two books, till you read the other books, and since I have read all three I have to say I agreed with Him, as reading these first they are spoiler alerts.

I really really recommend reading these three books and if you do I say you will be a fan of H. L. Wegley also!

If you want to read a book or books, that really keep you guessing on what IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT or how the book is going to end, then ( Against All Enemies) should be your next read.

I really enjoyed Allie and Jeff's story as well as the other two couples in these books.

I say pick up these three books today and be inspired by love and be reminded again of what God does for His people, and be reminded of what a great country we live in despite the struggles and wrongs in this great country we live in. 

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and these opinions are my own. 

Author Info

H. L. Wegley served in the US Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst and a Weather Officer. He is a Meteorologist who, while working as a forecaster and a Research Scientist in Atmospheric Physics, published extensively in the scientific literature. After earning an MS in Computer Science, he  worked more than two decades as a Systems Programmer at Boeing before retiring in the Seattle area, where he and his wife of 50 years enjoy small-group ministry, their grandchildren, beach hiking, snorkeling Maui whenever they can, and where he writes inspirational thrillers and high-action, romantic suspense novels. Besides his scientific publications, he published one non-fiction work, Colby and Me: Growing up in the '50s, a humorous collection of the childhood adventures of an early baby boomer. Check out his author site at hlwegley.com

"Never Forget" by Jody Hedlund Book Tour And GiveAway

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About the Book

Book: Never Forget

Author: Jody Hedlund  

Genre: Historical Romance  

Release Date: January 4, 2017  

Rose Island Lighthouse, Rhode Island  

June 1880  

Will she betray his trust to stay on the island she loves?

Abbie Wilson is content to spend her days clamming, crabbing, and tending Rose Island Lighthouse. Her grandpa is the head light keeper, but his senility may lead to their eviction. Since leaving the island would kill her beloved Gramps, Abbie will do anything to keep him in the one place he knows and loves.

Wealthy Nathaniel Winthrop III’s wild living has gained him a reputation as the ‘bad boy’ among the elite social circles of Newport. After a blow to the head in a yachting accident washes him up on Rose Island, Nathaniel has no memories of his past.

Abbie tends the wounded stranger in her home only to realize he assumes they’re married. Although she knows she needs to correct Nathaniel’s mistake, his presence calms Gramps and provides a way to prevent eviction from the lighthouse.

The longer the charade continues, the harder it gets for Abbie to tell Nathaniel the truth, more so as she begins to fall in love. Everyone she’s ever loved has abandoned her. Will Nathaniel leave her too, once he discovers he’s not really her husband?

My Review

"You're Despicable. I don't want to see you ever again". When I read those words in "Never Forget" by Jody Hedlund, I was like No No, you can't mean that".  I think those were the saddest words in the entire series ( Beacons Of Hope).

"Never Forget" by Jody Hedlund is the fifth and final book in the series. All Five books can be read as standalones but I am glad I read the entire series including the  novella "
Out of the Storm" that introduces the Beacons of Hope, which is a series set in the 1800s amid the romance, history, and danger surrounding the Great Lakes lighthouses of Michigan.

"Never Forget" is a novel that is filled with love and SUSPENSE. Everytime I thought I knew what was going to happen between the characters a new twist happened in the story. This book had me rejoicing and then I was No, that can't be. I want it to go the other way. This is one story that literally kept me on the edge to the last page.

All five stories feature a different lighthouse and a wooden cross .

"Never Forget" is a love story about forgiveness and learning to trust in God's love , well all five are.

Can wealthy Nathaniel Winthrop III, and Abbie, a poor lightkeeper who is trying to keep her grandfather safe and happy, find happiness? Abbie is hoping but there is a problem, Nathaniel doesn't remember who he is and Abbie is afraid to tell him the truth because he thinks he is her husband.

"Never Forget" made me experience laughter and hope and sadness. All the qualities that makes a "Great Read"

I really loved the ending and it is a perfect ending but it is also bittersweet that the series has ended. I think I would like to read more of these characters but I will definitely be reading more of Jody Hedlund's books. The "Beacon Of Hope" series was the first of her books I  have read and I have to say I am glad to say this reader is no longer a stranger to her novels. 

Warning: Although these books are clean reads, there is a lot of PASSIONATE kisses.

I am giving "Never Forget" by Jody Hedlund five stars. I was given a copy of "Never Forget" by the author and Celebrate Lit.  These opinions are mine own.

About the Author

Winner of the 2016 Christian Book Award and Christy Award, best-selling author Jody Hedlund writes inspirational historical romances for both youth and adults.

Jody lives in central Michigan with her husband, five busy children, and five spoiled cats. Although Jody prefers to experience daring and dangerous adventures through her characters rather than in real life, she’s learned that a calm existence is simply not meant to be (at least in this phase of her life!).

When she’s not penning another of her page-turning stories, she loves to spend her time reading, especially when it also involves consuming coffee and chocolate.

Guest Post from Jody Hedlund

Which Do You Prefer: Series or Standalones?

By Jody Hedlund

Readers usually have strong opinions about whether they like series or standalones.

Some readers refuse to read books that are inter-related. Others can’t get enough books about their favorite characters.

I see the pros and cons of both.

For series, I don’t like feeling lost as I try to wade through previous characters along with their backstory. I recently started a series by a well-known author and was disappointed to realize the first book was connected to a previous series she’d already published. From the get-go, I felt left out as though I didn’t quite know who all the characters were or their significance.

On the other hand, for standalones, I sometimes feel as though I would like the story to continue. I’ve invested in the setting and characters and so enjoy when I can return to that place and continue to glimpse the characters I’ve fallen in love with—even if from a distance.  

My favorites are books that fall in the middle between standalone and series. I like to think of them as standalones within a series. Becky Wade’s Porter brother series is like that. Each of the books centers around one of the brothers (and a tomboy sister). While characters from other books make an appearance in the stories, each plot is separate and complete without any reliance upon another book.

My Beacons of Hope lighthouse series falls in the middle too. The books are related in that they all take place at lighthouses and share a symbolic “cross of hope” that is passed on from one book to the next. A minor character in a previous book becomes the hero or heroine in the next book. But each book can be read by itself without having read any of the others.

In other words, readers can pick up my newest release, Never Forget, which is the fifth and final book in the series, and they wouldn’t be confused about who the characters are or what their history is. The plot starts with a bang and ends with a satisfying sigh. It is complete story unto itself.

And yet, for those who’ve read other books in the series, they’ll get to see the happily-ever-after of a character from a previous book. And they’ll also get to find out where the cross of hope finally ends.

If you’re not a fan of series, I encourage you to give the Beacons of Hope series a try. It might satisfy the need for standalones and series all in one neat little package.

To that end, I’m giving away all FIVE books in the series as part of the Celebrate Lit blog tour to one lucky winner!  

Tell us: What is your preference: Standalones, Series, or Standalones within a Series?

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To celebrate her tour, Jody is giving away the entire Beacons of Hope series. Click below to enter. Be sure to comment on this post before you enter to claim 9 extra entries! https://promosimple.com/ps/ad6d

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"Covering Love" by Caryl McAdoo Book Tour and Give Away

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About the Book

Book: Covering Love  

Author: Caryl McAdoo  

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: January 26, 2017  

Love may cover a multitude of sins, but not knowing all the facts can also get a man killed.

A family calamity gathers the clan, then a dying request tests loyalties and changes lives. New York City’s posh society, living on a rugged Texas hill country ranch, and the isolation of Alaska’s frozen tundra share little commonality and make going from one to another difficult at best. Still, destiny drives Crockett and his sister Charlotte where neither wants to go or thinks they belong. Second and third generations of the Buckmeyer progeny encounter danger, challenges, heartaches, and joys. But then reunions are all the sweeter for it.

This tale continues the breathtaking—and sometimes heartbreaking—family saga of the Buckmeyers, Baylors, and Nightingales that readers around the world have come to love.

My Review: 
"Covering Love" by Caryl McAdoo is the eighth book in the (TEXAS ROMANCE Family Saga) and {I am coping this next part from the guest post ) it is four love stories! One is sweet budding love, another is Houston’s romance set back in the 1860s, the third is Crockett’s and takes place in Alaska, and the fourth is Charlotte’s. She falls in love in New York City . . . my cover lady who is practically forced to go there and live in May’s brownstone. Well, her older brother wasn’t that happy about going to the frozen tundra of the far North, either.

The beginning of this book is really sad, The tears were literally falling. I guess readers could enjoy this book without reading the other books first but I feel they won't get the full effect.

Sometimes a request made from someone on their death bed seems like an impossible quest and sends others places they don't want to go. Well, in this story that impossible quest ends up being the best for people involved.

If you have been following this family saga then you know that May is a famous author and in "Covering Love" we meet Evie, who wants to be an author just like her MawMaw. I would have to say that Evie is my favorite character in "Covering Love". Why, because she is a reader and she leads her aunt to the Lord.

While reading this story I was thinking this would be the last book in this series but I am happy to report that it isn't.  Another story is on the way and if you can't wait for it, you can  read the first chapter at the end of "Covering Love".

I am giving "Covering Love" four stars. I was given a complientary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

About the Author

Caryl McAdoo loves writing stories for all ages that glorify God, thrilled that Christian fiction fits her life purpose so well. Bold not bashful, she’s quick to share the Bible principles she lives by through her characters. She hopes each title ministers His love, mercy, and grace. Known as the “Singing Pray-er”—with a YouTube channel to prove it, the prolific hybrid author also loves praising with new songs the Lord gives her. She and high-school-sweetheart-husband Ron moved from the DFW area—home for fifty-plus years—to the woods and seat of Red River County. After him, Caryl counts four children and sixteen grandsugars life’s biggest blessings. The McAdoos live a few miles south of Clarksville in the far northeast corner of the Lone Star State with two grandsons.

Guest Post from Caryl McAdoo

Book eight of the TEXAS ROMANCE Family Saga proved difficult to write in the beginning. At my bi-monthly Red River Writers’ Workshop where I read a chapter each meeting, I couldn’t get through one without weeping. This family’s story began in 1832 (book one, Vow Unbroken)—a true-love tale when Henry, a thirty-two year old bachelor living in his mama’s house, and Sue, a twenty-nine year old widow rearing two children find each other.

Fifty years have passed—it’s now 1885—and scripture says it is appointed for every man to die once. Henry is my Ron (my beloved husband), so I could barely get through his demise for his wife’s sake. I’m not giving a lot away. Readers find this out in chapter one of Covering Love. But in a family saga such as this series, characters must pass over into Heaven.

So who’s book is Covering Love? It actually has four love stories! One is sweet budding love, another is Houston’s romance set back in the 1860s, the third is Crockett’s and takes place in Alaska, and the fourth is Charlotte’s. She falls in love in New York City . . . my cover lady who is practically forced to go there and live in May’s brownstone. Well, her older brother wasn’t that happy about going to the frozen tundra of the far North, either.

Henry’s first five children didn’t have the ‘soft’ lives that May’s two offspring experienced. After I made it through the hard beginning, writing Crockett’s and Charlotte’s love stories was great fun! And of course, the old man who’s made appearances in the majority of my novels has his part to play in Covering Love.

Have my readers recognized him? If they’ve not made the connection in prior stories, they will definitely be enlightened in this one. Namrel is his real name, and he’s a delightful cherub who oft visits earth as an angel unaware. He’s also in A Little Lower Than the Angels, volume one in my Biblical Fiction series The Generations, and The King’s Highway, book one in my mid-grade/young adult Days of Dread trilogy.

I truly love how God has given me these multi-genre series and woven common threads through them . . . like the hero and heroine in my second Red River Romance Sing A New Song, have a conversation over the gravestone of the famous Texas Ranger, Levi Baylor, Samuel Levi Baylor’s ancestor. And in the soon coming book four in that contemporary series, The Pitch, readers will meet more descendants of these awesome families God has helped to create.

My slogan is ‘Praying my story gives God glory!’ And that’s what I want every single one to do. My characters are not perfect. They all have flaws and make some poor choices. But it’s in those times of our own lives that God shows up and shows out. Oh how wonderful, how marvelous is our Savior’s love!

Book Excerpt

Crockett tapped on the door. How many times over the years had he knocked on the same one? Better question, how many girls and ladies had called it their own?

“Go away.”

He knuckled it harder. “Come on, Sis. It’s me. Open up.”

She cracked the portal. “Crockett, what are you doing up here?”

“I need a favor.”

“Too bad. The answer is no.” She rubbed her eyes. “I am not lending you any more money, so go back to bed!”

“Let me in.”

The force of the door swung wide and moved her back. “Fine, Brother. Come on in.” She exhaled audibly. “Why can’t we discuss this tomorrow? Why do you always…grrrr…you see, Mother! He’s incorrigible!”

Ma sat on the bed. He smiled. “Sorry, didn’t know I was interrupting you ladies, but if you don’t mind, I need a word in private with Charlotte.”

“If you can’t say whatever it is in front of her, then you don’t need to be saying it at all. Just get out of here. You cannot come into my room and chase Mother out!”

“Fine, if you insist. I need you to go to New York.”

“What for?”

“It’s like this. My partner is a whiz at sniffing out great deals, but he needs someone to keep a firm grip on him. He wants to gallop when he should trot, if you get my drift. If I’m expected to gallivant all over the Northwest, I need someone I can trust in New York, watching over things. You’re it.”

“Son. You’re wanting your sister to take over your business while you’re gone? That’s asking too much.”

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To celebrate her tour, Caryl is giving away:

GRAND PRIZE: Complete set of the Texas Romance Family Saga series; all eight books, print copies: Vow Unbroken (1832), Hearts Stolen (1839-1844), Hope Reborn (1850-1851), Sins From the Mothers (1851-1853), Daughters of the Heart (1853-1854), Just Kin (1861-1865), At Liberty to Love (1866-1867), and Covering Love (1885)

FIRST PLACE: Firsts of four series: Vow Unbroken (Texas Romance), The Preacher’s Faith (Red River Romance), A Little Lower Than the Angels (The Generations Biblical fiction), and The King’s Highway (Days of Dread)

2 SECOND PLACES: each get: CHOICE of any book in any of Caryl’s series with a surprise.

3 THIRD PLACES: each get: print copy of Vow Unbroken, book one of the Texas Romance Family Saga Click below to enter. Be sure to comment on this post to earn 9 extra entries in the giveaway!

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Spotlight on "Valentine Matchmaker: 9 Romantic Novellas and a Review on Why Not" by Debra E. Marvin and a Giveaway

                                About The Book

This delightful collection of historical and contemporary romances contain couples not looking for romance, but with help find love on Valentine's Day. Each story is titled from an actual candy heart and plays a major role in the romance. Sit down, relax, and experience love.

About The Author

Debra E. Marvin tries not to run too far from real life but the imagination born out of being an only child has a powerful draw. Besides, the voices in her head tend to agree with all the sensible things she says. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Sisters in Crime, and serves on the board of Bridges Ministry in Seneca Falls, NY. Her published novellas include, “Alarmingly Charming” in Austen in Austen Vol 1 from WhiteFire Publishing, “Desert Duet” and "Starlight Serenade" from Forget Me Not Romances, after many unpublished contest successes including two finals for the Daphne DuMaurier award. Debra works as a program assistant at Cornell University, and enjoys her family and grandchildren, obsessively buying fabric, watching British programming and traveling with her childhood friends

About The Story

Love Puts These Two On the Edge!

Grand Canyon, 1914

Society girl Amber Wynott’s wintry escape to the Grand Canyon provides a chance to pursue her dream and prove she has what it takes to be a successful architect. It doesn’t take long to realize the incredible scenery can’t hide the simmering anger between ‘railroad money’ and the struggling locals. 

Which side is master builder Stone Morrison on?

Amber has met her match in the handsome, hard-headed man. He’s been directed to keep an eye on her, but when iron meets iron—oh the sparks! As their unlikely old matchmaker tells them, pride goes before a fall, and this is a bad place to fall. Will danger finally knock some sense into the pair?

My Review:  

"Why Not" by Debra E. Marvin is one of the nine stories in "Valentine Matchmaker" 9 Romantic Novellas  and the only one I read in this collection so far. 

This story is a love story with a mystery.  Who is trying to stop the progress at the job site?   This story is also based on history, Mary Colter's accomplishment in the growth of the Grand Canyon focal center.

Stone Mason doesn't want Amber Wynott hanging around because she is a distraction but will he change his mind.  Stone has a couple of secrets, he doesn't want her to know like who his family is and that he is afraid of ----.  If you want to know his fear, then you will have to read "Why Not" by Debra Marvin and discover it for yourself.

This story also has another love story in between the pages, so it is like getting two love stories.

I was really surprised to learn who the troublemaker was. 

I really like the part that the candy hearts have in this story. 

I have given "Why Not" by Debra E. Marvin four stars. I was given a complimentary copy of "Valentine Matchmaker": 9 Romantic Novellas by Debra E Marvin and these opinions are my own.

For A chance to win a ebook of 
"Valentine Matchmaker: 9 Romantic Novellas:   comment on what you think a perfect Valentine Day will be like.  Contest ends  January 22 @ 5pm Central time.

Group Blog- Inkwell Inspirations: http://www.inkwellinspirations.com/