Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"A Plain Scandal" by Amanda Flower

"A Plain  Scandal" by Amanda Flower is another five star novel. It is the second book in the (An Appleseed Creek Mystery series.

This story picks up where " A Plain Death" ends.

This book starts out with  four Amish girls getting attacked and getting their hair cut off.  Then  Chloe finds an amish man killed with a pair of shears in his back and his beard is cut off.  Is it the work of one man or are two men cutting hair!

This book has laugh out moments even though it is a murder mystery.

The town doesn't like the rules Bishop Hooley and Deacon Sutter are enforcing. Becky and Timothy's family are in danger of being shunned if they don't quit visiting with them and Chloe.

I was surprised in the end by the real killer and the reason for the killing and the real motive behind the haircutting! 
 The twists and turns kept me intrigued! I don't believe you have to be a fan of  the Amish genre to enjoy this series of books!

This book was based on a real case that took place in the fall of 2011, in Ohio.

Friday, March 21, 2014

"A Plain Death" by Amanda Flower

‎"A Plain Death" by Amanda Flower gets 5 stars from me and I cannot wait to read the other two stories in this series, "An Appleseed Creek Mystery"

Chloe Humphrey moves to Appleseed Creek for a new job at the college and befriends Becky, An ex-Amish teenager, and then all sorts of troubles happens for Chloe and Becky. Becky takes Chloe's car to go for an job interview and there is a accident and the Amish bishop is killed. Chloe turns into a amateur sleuth to discover why her breaks fail since her car was in perfect working order. Mix in with all the mystery there is love developing between Chloe and Timothy, Becky's Brother. Can they solved the mystery, was the Bishop's death an accident or murder, and will Timothy and Chloe find they really do make a nice couple.

This book is a murder mystery but has some funny parts. Chloe has named her GPS Pepper and her cat is named Gigabyte.

The ending was a surprised, I really didn't see it ending that way

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"A Father's Prayer: An Autistic Child, A Father's Love, a Woman's Heartbreak " by Linda Wood Rondeau

"A Father's Prayer: An Autistic Child, A Father's Love, a Woman's Heartbreak " by Linda Wood Rondeau is really a five star story, I wish I could give it more!

This story is a love story and a story of second chances. I really was drawn into the story from the first sentence! I loved the ending.

Alexis Jennings was doing the best she could to keep her adopted brother, Gib, safe and out of trouble with the law. This was not an easy thing to do because Gib was Autistic. Her parents had died. Alexis is a reporter who is sent to interview country music star, Ethan Jacobs. Ethan Jacobs is going to do a benefit concert but why is he so interested in Guilford, a place that helped children who got in trouble with the law and drug and alcohol abusers?  Alexis is wary of his actions from the first meeting!

Ethan Jacobs is a recovering alcoholic who is in Jasper falls to do a benefit concert and he has a big secret concerning Gib. He is really there to claim custody of Gib because he is Gib's father, but he didn't know until recently. When he found out he wrote a song entitled  "A Christmas Prayer".  Ethan is Gib's idol even though he doesn't know that he is his father.

Alexis and Ethan are attracted to each other almost from the first meeting! But can their love survive Ethan's secret?

Ethan's manager and Alexis best friend get married on Christmas Eve and Alexis is happy for her friend but sad for her because Gib finally learns the truth and wants her and him to move in with Ethan, but how can Alexis move in to Ethan's house and not be married to him!  She really wants to marry him.

This story takes the reader into the struggles of a caregiver and gives them insight to what they deal with daily! This story isn't necessarily a Christmas story, though it is about Christmas. I recommend all readers read this!

I was given a ebook copy by  Linda Wood Rondeau for an honest review.

Monday, March 17, 2014

"Smitten" by Colleen, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt & Denise Hunter

"Smitten" by Colleen, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt & Denise Hunter gets five stars from me.

"Smitten" was a book chosen for an online book club discussion. I loved the book and am looking forward to reading the others in the series. Colleen Coble has been one of my favorite authors for awhile but the other authors were all new to me.  I was kinda of surprised that the story written by Colleen Coble in this story wasn't a mystery like the other books of her's that I have read!

"Smitten" is about four friends who comes up with a plan to save the town of Smitten after the mill closes and while trying to save the town they all fall in love themselves.

The plan is to make Smitten a honeymoon tourist town! How can they fail with the town's name being Smitten? There is already one big problem, the men of Smitten hate the plans.

This book is a fun read, it is a Christian romance but it is not preachy, I only added this in the review because even nonreaders of Christian fiction I believe would enjoy this book. It was quite a joy to watch how these four couples went from being friends and enemies to a couple.

The problems they overcame to find love is some that "real people" had to overcome. I felt like these friends could be neighbors to me. I wanted to shout at the characters and say "get a clue, he or she feels the same way about you"

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"A Vow For Always" by Wanda Brunstetter

"A Vow For Always" by Wanda Brunstetter is very much five stars.

In this sixth and last novella of  "The Discovery- A Lancaster County Saga" all the questions are answered and in the way all are happy!

Luke's mother is finally okay with the idea that Jonah and Meredith are courting and that it might lead to marriage, she just wanted to be assured that she would be a part of her grandchild's life.

Laurie and Karen are married and on a Mission trip.

Luke is remembering more and more but will  he remember in time to stop Jonah and Meredith's wedding?

In this story we learn that Jonah and Luke have a connection that  doesn't have anything to do with Meredith or the baby!

I have really enjoyed this series and really recommend it. I think anyone would enjoy this series rather a fan of Amish fiction or not.  The twists and turns in the story really made me want to continue reading. 

I felt the struggle all these characters felt. This story could really happened somewhere in time. Stranger things have happen you know!

This is a feel good love saga and mixed in are some truth about forgiveness and helping those in need  and never giving up hope.

I was given a pdf file for my honest review from NetGallery.

"A Revelation In Autumn" by Wanda E Brunstetter

"A Revelation In Autumn" by Wanda E. Brunstetter is another five star novella. 

In this fifth part of the "The Discovery- A Lancaster County Saga"  Meredith's baby is born with Laurie's help and Jonah arrives and is able to find a phone shanty and call 911. Nope, not telling the name, you have to read the saga, but I think the name is great. In this story he finally asks Meredith if they can court and she agrees.

Luke,aka Eddie, is released from the hospital and moves in with Susan's ,his nurse, grandparents to help them with chores.

Sadie, Luke's mother, is not happy about Jonah and Meredith at all. Laurie, Meredith's sister, is planning  her wedding a missionary trip. So changes are coming for everyone!

Luke and Meredith almost meet again when they are at Paoli to see the hot air balloons! But they don't really see each other because Luke is in the air in a balloon. But Susan and Meredith talk to each other. I was hoping that Luke and Meredith would see each other and get back to being Luke and Meredith. I like Jonah but Meredith and Luke belong together.( just my opinion  of course.

Well this ended with a cliff hanger also, what is it about a pocket watch that looks familiar, that is what  Eddie is wondering also!

I was given a pdf file copy of this by NetGallery for my honest review.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Pieces of Summer" by Wanda E Brunstetter

"The Pieces of Summer" by Wanda E Brunstetter  is also a five star novella.

In this fourth part of the "The Discovery- A Lancaster County Saga" Jonah breaks his ankle and a mysterious guest in the cellar wakes Meredith in the middle of the night. Luke is recovering but still cannot remember who he is and could be falling for his nurse.  Meredith learns that her sister Laurie is in love with Kevin, a Mennonite. 

At the cliff hanger to this part of the series  Meredith thinks she is going to have the boppli ( Amish for baby) in the buggy while her and Laurie are driving home from church services.

I cannot wait to see if the boppli is a girl or boy, and if Luke remembers who he is and returned back home!

I was given a pdf file from NetGalley for my honest review!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Poetry" by TL Bliss

Autor BioI am a writer who loves to travel with my husband and write about whatever touches my heart. I have a full time day-to-day job that takes up a lot of my time, but it does involve reading so that is a big benefit; I review medical records and make sure the information is accurate.

Writing is one of my biggest passions and I am enjoying it every step of the way. My stories can be anything from Inspirational Faith-based fiction, children's stories, to self-help/how-to guides, and not limited to any one genre. I lie awake at night struggling with my thoughts about what to add to my current work in progress, the future works my mind tells me to start, and how to get what I have written "out there" for the world to read.
I started writing poems when I was just a little girl and short stories. I never did much with anything I wrote other than read it a few times and then put it away. Over the years, everything I had written was lost or destroyed, but the memories I had still lingered on in my mind. I eventually went on to advance my knowledge in literature, as I have always been fascinated by words and the meaning they have.
My inspiration to write comes from life and everything it has thrown at me over the past 40+ years. We all struggle with things deep within us and outside of us that intrigues our senses enough to want to tell the world about it; why not share what stimulates us and sparks our emotions through a book.
My list of books and stories includes:
"Poetry by TL Bliss" (Inspirational Faith-based poetry) is a compilation of 20 personal, soul bearing, and heartfelt poems.
"Grace" (Inspirational Faith-based fiction with poetry) is a story that captures history with a sense of style. Reliving a past while enlightening a future. Poetry written to capture stories from the headlines, from life, poetry vulnerable to the heart.
"Juice With Me - A Beginner's Guide" (Self-Help/How-To) was written from TL Bliss' own journey with juicing. She compiled the information into this one single book to help get you started.
"The Magic Diary" (YA/Tween Fiction) is a short story that you are sure to like as it lightens the heart and makes you realize things are not always as they seem.
"The Magic Diary - Its Personal" (YA/Tween Fiction) is book two in the Magic Diary series and is a personal diary, complete with bookmarks to highlight your favorite entries.
"The Magic Diary - The Bully" (YA/Tween Fiction) is book three in the Magic Diary series that shows how kids can work together to help a bully become a friend.
"The Magic Diary - Building Self-Esteem" (YA/Tween Fiction) is book five in the Magic Diary series. An assembly is held at the school, after the principal and Becky's teacher agree to help spread a list of ways to build self-esteem throughout the town.
"The Magic Diary - Good Manners" (YA/Tween Fiction) is book four in the Magic Diary series. Alex and Becky work together with one of their friends to build a list of good manners to share with the students at school.
"The Magic Diary - The Series in One Book"(YA/Tween Fiction) contains the short stories from the Magic Diary series titled The Magic Diary/The Magic Diary - The Bully/The Magic Diary - Building Self-Esteem/The Magic Diary - Good Manners all in one book.
"The Magic Diary - Its Personal for One Month"(YA/Tween Fiction) is a personal diary, complete with bookmarks to highlight your favorite entries for one month.
I hope you enjoy reading each of my books as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Have a wonderful day and thank you for taking the time to read my stories.
If you read one of my stories that you liked, please leave a review.
If you read one of my stories that you did not like, please let me know.
~~~~~ http://www.tlbliss.com ~~~~~
                                 My Review

Poetry by TL Bliss gets 5 stars from me! 

This is a book of poetry written by TL Bliss. There are 20 poems in this collection. They are divided up into 4  sections titled Poetry For Life Events, Poetry For Friends and Personal Poetry and Poetry For Family.
These poems were written because of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting and 9.1.1 and personal hurts in her own life. There are several poems for her husband.  The poems are kinda of sad but that is because they were written after "tragic events " of both personal and public variations, but they have such meaning and really touched my heart. She explains the reasons for each poem!  I love these poems and will share them with everyone. 
This is a short review but I want to close with one of the poems 

Building Up Hope
Fear and rage pour through my veins
Headlines of destruction and hate
The human race is fighting amongst themselves
No longer waiting at the Gate.

Lives are taken in their youth, 
Families are torn apart
Children without parents
Killers masquerading their art

We need to pull together
We need to build up hope
Neighbors helping neighbors
Learning how to cope

Look up to the heavens
Kneel down upon your knees
Give praise to our Lord above
He knows what He sees

Help your friends and family
Build up hope with your peers
Give of yourself as best you can
Jesus sees and Jesus hears

Take action as His words have read
Help your fellow man
Reach out to those who struggle
Help when and how you can

Look up to the heavens
Kneel down upon your knees
Give praise to our Lord above
He knows what He sees

Help your friends and family
Build up hope with your peers
Give of yourself as best you can
Jesus sees and Jesus hears

© 2013 by TL Bliss - All rights reserved
I was given a pfd file for an honest review!

 Some of her other poems are included In her book "Grace " and if you want to read this review go here:  http://debbieloseanything.blogspot.com/2013/05/grace-by-tl-bliss.html
 Her books are available here : Website:  http://www.tlbliss.com 
Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/author/tlbliss

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“Faith Joseph's Story “ by Sandra Lea Hardage

Sandra Hardage/ FAITH Joseph's Story
ISBN: 978-1-4627-2783-4(sc) |List Price: $14.99 |Format: Softcover | Page Count: 206

ISBN: 978-1-4627-2785-8 (hc) |List Price: $33.95 |Format: Hardcover | Page Count: 206

ISBN: 978-1-462-72784-1 (e) |List Price: $3.99 | Format; E-Book | Page Count: 206

Faith Joseph's Story

At the age of seventeen, Joseph, the favorite son of Jacob, faces the wrath of jealousy, hatred, and deceit from his own brothers. He is thrust into a world of slavery, lust, and power. Joseph experiences a culture so different from his own that he must adapt quickly just to survive. He learns to trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and be content in the difficult circumstances that challenge him far too often.

Narrated by Joseph himself, FAITH Joseph’s Story communicates the power of this young man’s faith-faith that began in the midst of a plot to murder him and ends with his rise to power in Egypt. It show the perseverance one must find to overcome the negative experiences that happen in life, and it provides a testament to the importance of placing complete faith and trust in God.

With Bible study materials and a leader’s guide included, FAITH-Joseph’s Story is not only a novel from Joseph’s perspective but also a Bible Study in God’s Word and is written for the individual or small group study.


Author BIO:Sandra Hardage considers Jesus Christ her Savior and her family including husband, children and grandchildren the chief blessings in her life. She has been married to her husband Jim for forty-four years, has three grown children with Christian spouses and eight grandchildren between the ages of two to fifteen.

From the age of ten, God began to stir a desire in Sandra’s heart to become a teacher.  She did in fact fulfill that desire and has worked in education all her life. Positions she held in pursuit of teaching include: public school teacher, coordinator of a televised GED-ONTV program, coordinator of an Adult Education Learning Center, coordinator of Technology, Distance Learning and Media for an education cooperative, Sunday School teacher, Bible study leader, associational women’s ministry director and online Bible teacher.

During years as Sunday school teacher, the Lord placed on her heart the sensitivity for the feelings of Biblical characters. As a result, she began writing stories of God’s people.  After retiring, the Lord placed Joseph on her heart and over a four and a half years period, she wrote FAITH Joseph’s Story, a novel and Bible Study.

Sandra holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Masters of Science in Education degrees and has taken many courses along the way to hone the skills needed for the jobs that God placed in her path including computers, web design, distance learning, curriculum and much more. She feels that every area in teaching and learning were inpreparation for her current role as creator and founder of the online ministry: My Journey of Faith. http://myjourneyoffaith.com

The ministries website is a gathering place for encouraging Christians women in their daily journey of life. It is her desire for this ministry to be used by God to encourage Christians and uplift the name of Jesus Christ by sharing stories through CWA Radio, My Journey of Faith magazine, Bible studies, blogs and more.

Find Sandra on the following websites:

Author website with book trailer: http://sandrahardage.com/faith-josephs-story-a-novelchristian-book-study/




You can purchase FAITH Joseph's Story on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

“Faith Joseph's Story “ by Sandra Lea Hardage  is a five star Novel and Bible Study Book.

As the title says this is Joseph’s story. While reading this book I felt like I was hearing Joseph telling his story in his own words. I have studied Joseph’s life before but this was really great, getting Joseph’s point of view. Included in this novel was how Joseph put some of the blame of his brother’s jealously on himself because of his pride.

Joseph also tells how everything that happened to him, from being put into the pit and sold into slavery to being second in command in Egypt and everything in between , was used by God to save lives and his family.

This book is for anyone that wants to understand Joseph’s life and learn how to  overcome negative experiences that happen in life , and to put complete faith in God and His divine plan.

When I asked to review this book, I thought it was just a novel but when I received it and found it to be a novel and a book study I was excited. This book is divided into two sections, the story and then the Bible Study. 

How to become a Christian is explained after the novel and before the Bible study.

I haven’t really started the Bible story yet, ( just glimpsed through it) but it looks like it will be quite enjoyable. It seems to go back to Abraham and the person doing the study will get a good insight into Joseph’s whole family background. I cannot wait to get started on this study.  I am sure whoever studies this particular study will learn more and be able to “Trust “ that God knows what He is doing!

Before, I close this review I want to include a direct quote from the book, page 66, that really struck a chord within my heart “The sin that had dwelt in each brother’s heart would require a personal encounter with YHWH. I could offer forgiveness, but unless they made it right with the God who created them, all the jealously, bitterness, guilt, and pain would remain within them the rest of their lives”.  Isn’t that true, we have to make things right with God ourselves or we will have all these things within us too! 

I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.

"The Hope Of Spring" by Wanda E Brunstetter

"The Hope of Spring" by Wanda E Brunstettler is another five star Novella.
Wow these little stories just keep getting better and better. In this third part of the six , Luke is still in the hospital in a coma. Jonah is helping Meredith with the chores, but is he helping just to be a good friend or is he hoping for a relationship with her when she is done with the grieving process. Meredith thinks her sister Laurie is falling for Jonah. This novella brings a little more of Luke's nurse's life to the story and Meredith and her meet but don't know who each other are! The end of this novella has what we all have been waiting for! I can't tell you, gonna have to read the series and for out for yourself. I was given a pdf from NetGalley

"An Unforgivable Secret" by J. E. B. Spredemann

"An Unforgivable Secret"  by J. E. B. Spredemann is a five star story.  It is the first book in the "Amish Secrets" series . It deals with a subject, most people don't want to hear about or think about , abortion but it is a subject that is very much real in the English world and even in the Amish world,( just not as much in the Amish world)

This book was  a very emotional read for me, but I couldn't put it down until I had finished reading the last page.

I have to be honest and say I probably wouldn't have read this book because it wasn't by one of my favorite authors, but it was the book chosen for my online book discussion . A friend gifted me the ebook version. I am glad she did. I believe if you took the time to read this book you will be saying : What a powerful story of love and forgiveness and healing. You definitely won't feel like you wasted your time reading it.

Hannah and Christian are the ideal Amish couple, or Hannah though so until one night she found out differently by a chance outing with her sister Deborah.  Hannah is crushed and finds comfort with Samuel. This comfort leads to a secret and this secret is found out many years later but the damage is done!

Can Hannah and Christian and Samuel found peace, healing and forgiveness ? 

This book is about  love and forgiveness and healing. I think this will be another book that will long remain a favorite one of mine!

I will definitely be getting book 2 " A Secret Encounter"

Monday, March 3, 2014

"Tempest of Fire" by Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson/
ISBN: 978-1618080714 |List Price: $15.95 print/ $3.95 Kindle | Format: Paperback and Kindle  | Page Count: 370

Tempest of Fire is the second book in the Michael Neill Adventure Series.
Somalia has split in two, with armed insurgents threatening American lives. China has emerged as a leading arms exporter, supplying weapons to Third World nations. But before National Security Advisor Willis Avery can deal with either danger, he faces a new challenge

On her maiden voyage, Beijing’s newest and most advanced nuclear submarine is destroyed by a weapon of unimaginable power. While the loss of the sub is kept secret, America and her allies want to know what happened. Avery believes a renegade faction of China’s Navy is behind the attack, striking from a secret naval facility in the South China Sea, and assembles a group to investigate.

Leading the mission is Marine Corps Lieutenant Michael Neill. Fresh from his assignment in the Ukraine, Neill and his team, with a little help from British Intelligence and the Royal Navy, must find a way to locate the weapon before it is deployed again. Along the way, they must stop a Chinese Admiral who plans on seizing control of an independent Taiwan. Neill’s squad is aided by a mysterious informant, but is he baiting them into a trap?

Author Bio: Steve Wilson is a multimedia designer for a large metropolitan newspaper, and has worked in advertising for over 25 years. He is a prior service Marine, now serving as a Master Sergeant in the Air Force Reserve.

Over the course of his military career, he has received the Iraq and Afghanistan Campaign Medals, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, and the Air Force Commendation Medal. In 2010 he was named the Air Transportation NCO of the Year. His ties to the armed forces—as well as short-term mission trips—have taken him to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe and the Pacific, as well as the former Soviet Union. These experiences have helped to shape his story lines.

Steve is the author of ‘Red Sky at Morning’ and ‘Tempest of Fire’, both military/espionage novels in the Michael Neill Adventure series. He is the father of two grown sons, and lives in Florida with his wife.

To learn more about Steve and his books, visit his website: http://stevewilsonauthor.com/ or his blog.  You can also find him on Facebook. You can purchase your copy of Tempest of Fire on Steve's WebsiteAmazon, or at Barnes and Noble.
“Tempest of Fire” by Steve Wilson is a five star book!  This is the Second novel in the “Michael Neill Adventure Series”. The first book “Red Sky At Morning” was  also a five star novel.

This novel was good just not as good as the first one because this one I found to be more detailed than the mystery aspect like in “Red Sky At Morning”.  This novel was about submarines instead of airplanes. The same main characters that are in “Red Sky At Morning” are in this book along with new characters. 

There is a mystery surrounding the deserted Japanese Islands of Huo Shan and a weapon called Tempest Of Fire which is dangerous because once it is launched it cannot be controlled. 

Michael Neill and three other marines are sent to discover what they can use to stop the person responsible for this. They know who the enemy is but they need proof. 

While on Huo Shan they find things that prove that the "islands aren’t as deserted" as they thought and it is at that point that things ‘heat up” for the Marines. 

They also met a friend who has been sending emails to their boss to help them. And this friend is a Christian like Michael Neill.

Even through this book has a lot of details, it isn’t boring and you can really understand what you are reading even if you aren’t interested in submarines and ships and etc. I really like the fact that even though these books are about war and evil. you don’t read any bad language in these pages!

There is a third book coming and I hope I am able to get a copy to review as I am sure it will be just as great as the first two books has been.

I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.