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Estuary by Lisa T. Bergren


About the Book

Book: Estuary

Author: Lisa T. Bergren

Genre: Romantic Fantasy

Release date: June 13, 2023

Can a family bond stand the test of time? 

Lady Tiliani Forelli is the epitome of the She-Wolves who raised her, an adept archer with a mind of her own. It is long past time for her to wed, but she deems each young lord who comes to bid for her hand lacking. With battles upon their border, and rumors of war growing louder on every front, Lady Forelli’s decision could secure her kingdom’s peace… or bring about its destruction.

Centuries later, history major Luciana Betarrini takes a summer job alongside her twin, Domenico, as a period actor at Castello Forelli in Italy. As incoming college seniors, this might be their last chance to spend meaningful time together, so she’s soaking up every minute. But when Nico’s theory that their lost Betarrini relatives have traveled through time becomes potentially real—and they might be able to follow—Luci fears they’ll be forever divided.


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 My Review:

About the Author

Lisa T. Bergren is the author of over sixty books spanning a variety of genres, from children’s picture books to women’s historical fiction to supernatural suspense and time travel. She lives with her husband and three gradually-flying-from-the-nest young adult children.


More from Lisa


Never go to Italy, I tell everyone, because it gets under your skin and then you have to go back! I’ve been six times over the years. Once with Tim and our BFFs, once with my extended family, twice with a daughter in tow (doing research in Rome and Venice), once to Tuscany alone for a romantic ten days with Tim, and this last summer, with extended family again. It was our 30th anniversary and so we went as far north as the Dolomites (jaw-dropping, Italian Alps). And in the future I want to explore the whole coast of Italy—on both sides!

As a writer it’s glorious, because you get to see remnants of history all around you! I get super excited when I get to walk through the remains of a castle or Roman ruins or even among vineyards, soaking up the smells and sights and cataloging details I can put in my novel so readers feel like they are there too. My family is patient with my sign-reading and desire to take extra long walks, trying to outline what it would be like in medieval times. The food, the views, the people make them pretty happy travel companions.

I am frequently asked what I would recommend for a travel itinerary for people going for the first time. Here’s what I tell them:


If possible, I highly recommend you go late-Spring or in the Fall. Summer is SO much more crowded and winter can be cold/rainy/snowy!

Day 1: Using an “open-jawed” ticket (arriving from one airport, departing from another), fly to Italia!

Day 2: Arrive in Rome in the afternoon/eve. (You lose some hours/time zones in transit!) Stay up until at least 9 or 10, walking the streets, eating gelato, soaking up being in ROME! The goal is to get your body in the right time zone/avoid jet lag.

Day 3: Morning Colosseum tour with a guide group that will take you to the basement, where the gladiators prepared and animals were caged, then on to the Forum. Spend the afternoon walking to quintessential sites such as the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona. Sit and sip something, watching the tourists and locals. Find a fun restaurant for dinner—you’ll want reservations at the most popular places, so research before you go.

Day 4: Morning Vatican tour/Sistine Chapel. Afternoon exploring other sites important to you.

Day 5: Taxi back to airport to rent a car; drive to Tuscany; check into a villa or agriturismo for five days. My preference is somewhere around Montepulciano or Siena. Many provide nightly dinners or you may want to cook!

Day 6-9: Explore a different hill town each day. My favorites are Montepulciano, Siena, Pienza. But there are so many. Just follow your nose one day!

Day 10: Return car to Rome early morning; take train to Florence for the day/night. Have advance reservations to “The David.” Consider reservations for the Uffizi if you’re a fan of classic art. Just explore the city if you’d rather not. Climb the Duomo for a fantastic view of the city.

Day 11: Train to Venice; check into a hotel on the Grand Canal or one of the smaller ones. Start getting your bearings by riding the water bus. It’s noisy but you can see the whole canal for little $. Find a great place for dinner. Again, do some research before you go and make reservations!

Day 12-13: Saint Mark’s (pay to climb to next level!); pay to go up the Campanile (tower) at sunset; walk/wander far enough to get out of the tourist zone—the old naval yard is cool. Take the water bus out to Torcello, the birthplace of Venice. Stop at Murano and Burano. Pay for a private water taxi tour at sunset or take the classic gondola ride.

Day 14: Take a water taxi to the airport. It’s a short walk from the docks and a very cool way to end your trip. Arrivederci! (Which means, “Until we meet again.” Because now, you’ve BEEN there. And you’ll HAVE to return! It’s THAT great!)

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Rescue in the Wilderness by Andrea Byrd


About the Book

Book: Rescue in the Wilderness

Author: Andrea Byrd

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release date: June 27, 2023

William Cole cannot forget the cruel burden he carries, not with the pock marks that serve as an outward reminder. Riddled with guilt, he assumed the solitary life of a long hunter, traveling into the wilds of Kentucky each year. But his quiet existence is changed in an instant when, sitting in a tavern, he overhears a man offering his daughter—and her virtue—to the winner of the next round of cards. William’s integrity and desire for redemption will not allow him to sit idly by while such an injustice occurs.

Lucinda Gillespie has suffered from an inexplicable illness her entire life. Her father, embarrassed by her condition, has subjected her to a lonely existence of abuse and confinement. But faced with the ultimate betrayal on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Lucinda quickly realizes her trust is better placed in his hands of the mysterious man who appears at her door. Especially when he offers her the one thing she never thought would be within her grasp—freedom.

In the blink of an eye, both lives change as they begin the difficult, danger-fraught journey westward on the Wilderness Trail. But can they overcome their own perceptions of themselves to find love and the life God created them for?


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My review 

Such a great story. This book is different than Misty Beller’s book, but if you like her books then I really recommend this book for you. This book stats out with a surprise and surprises continues all throughout the tale. This book has both the female and male characters being the hero at different times in the story.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and Celebrate Lit and these opinions are my own.

About the Author

Andrea Byrd is a Christian wife and mom located in rural Kentucky, who loves to spend time with her family in the great outdoors, one with nature. Often described as having been born outside her time, she has a deep affinity for an old-fashioned, natural lifestyle.

With a degree in Equine Health & Rehabilitation gathering dust and a full-time job tethering her to a desk eight hours a day, Andrea decided it was time to show both herself and her children that it is truly possible to make your dreams come true. Now with over 1,000 contemporary Christian romance novellas sold, Andrea is pursuing her passion of writing faith-filled romance woven with a thread of true history.


More form Andrea

There is so much inspiration that fed into the creation of Rescue in the Wilderness.

Not only was the Good Lord’s guiding hand ever-present, but so was the influence of those that came before me. This story was inspired by my own ancestors, as well as the countless others, that made the arduous journey through Cumberland Gap to settle in Kentucky. Those brave souls opened up a whole new world, and for some of us, established the area in which their families would preside for centuries to come.

As a lover of books that integrate history into fiction myself, I also wished to shed light on the “Hard Winter” of 1779-1780. This was a winter that came early, and with great intensity. While it caused hardships for many across the country, it made the journey through the Cumberland Gap all the more perilous.

Beyond these historical facts, I also wished to pay tribute to those who suffer from chronic pain conditions. I will never forget the day a friend of mine, whom the Lord called home all too soon, told me of her childhood rheumatoid arthritis and how there were days she was in too much pain to leave her bed. In this book, I wished to explore what pioneer life might have been for someone who suffered from such a condition.

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Beneath a Peaceful Moon by Debby Lee


About the Book

Book: Beneath a Peaceful Moon

Author: Debby Lee

Genre: Christian Historical Fiction

Release date: June, 2023

Mary’s Language Skills Could Help End the War in the Pacific
Full of intrigue, adventure, and romance, this series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII.

Mary Wishram is desperate to hang on to her few loved ones, a brother fighting in the South Pacific and Japanese friends in a relocation camp. Determined to end the war by any means necessary, she is willing to use her language skills as Yakama tribe member to become a spy and face any danger to bring them all home safe.

John Painted Horse struggles with the loss of his father who died in WWI for a country that didn’t consider him a United States citizen, much less give him the right to vote. He is desperate to bring long overdue recognition and honor to his people, no matter the cost.

Can they heal from their past traumas and find a peace, love, and a deeper relationship with God, before it’s too late?


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My review:

 This book kept me reading till the end. This book an is romance at it best and it’s a book about the struggles and yes even victories during WWII. 

I received a complimentary copy from the author and Celebrate Lit and these opinions are my own.

About the Author

Debby Leewas raised in the cozy little town of Toledo, Washington. She has been writing since she was a small child, and has written several novels, but never forgets home. The Northwest Christian Writers Association and Romance Writers of America are two organizations that Debby enjoys being a part of. As a self professed nature lover, and an avid listener of 1960’s folk music, Debby can’t help but feel like a hippie child who wasn’t born soon enough to attend Woodstock. She wishes she could run barefoot all year long, but often does anyway in the grass and on the beaches in her hamlet that is the cold and rainy southwest Washington. During football season, Debby cheers on the Seattle Seahawks along with legions of other devoted fans. She’s also filled with wanderlust and dreams of visiting Denmark, Italy, and Morocco someday.  Debby loves connecting with her readers through her website at

More from Debby


It was a warm, sunny September morning on my uncle’s farm, where I used an entrenching tool to dig my foxhole. A gentle breeze blew as I dug, and cooled my sweat-streaked forehead. The little shovel, with a handle roughly three feet long, did a fair job of breaking the dirt beneath my feet. Scoopful by scoopful, I managed to dig a hole about two feet deep, six feet long, and three feet wide.


I stood over this gaping pit that looked more like a grave. This was where I intended to sleep when darkness fell. I wondered, asked myself, “Will I make it through the night?”


My husband and I walked the perimeter of my uncle’s property. We noticed evidence of coyotes not more than one-hundred yards from my foxhole. Though my husband agreed to sleep in his truck not far from me, with a loaded pistol at the ready, we were still nervous about my sleeping arrangements. A few relatives laughed at my idea. I’m sure they thought I wouldn’t last more than a few hours out there that night.


I found a bucket old tin cans and a roll of string. I used my entrenching tool as a hammer and pounded holes in the cans and then strung a trip wire. Surely this would scare away any curious predators. I hoped.


My husband did tell me, “If you hear wolves or coyotes howling, get in the truck!”


By this time it was late in the evening and I was starving. In an attempt to stay in character, I reached for an MRE. That’s Meals Ready to Eat, today’s equivalent to K rations and C rations. I never thought I’d be hungry enough to suck cold mashed potatoes from a plastic pouch.


I went to bed that night clutching my entrenching tool, ready to fight off any critters who ventured too close. Sleep didn’t come easy that night. The ground was hard, uneven, and cold, bone-chilling cold. I shivered and shivered in a futile effort to keep warm.


The things that ran through my mind. I gazed at the inky, black sky and located the North Star. I thought of runaway slaves. How cold and terribly frightened they had to have been. And how brave and courageous, too.


Later, I realized my trip wire was enough to alert me to coyotes, but not snakes or rats. Was I strong enough, mentally, physically, to beat off a hoard of rats? A pack of hungry coyotes, if they broke through my tripwire?


Honestly, I was terrified. Not necessarily of falling to sleep, but falling to sleep and being jolted awake having to fight for my safety. I meditated on scriptures and continuously whispered, “If I can just make it until daylight.”


I don’t think I slept more than three hours that night, an hour here, another there. The sun lightened the gray sky. I climbed from my foxhole, my back and muscles were stiff and sore, but I was thankful to see the sun.


I was thankful for so much more. My night in a foxhole was ludicrously luxurious compared to those brave soldiers who fought during WWII and the wars since then. At least I didn’t have to contend with bombs or grenades raining down on me.


I can’t imagine going to bed night after night, wondering if bombs, grenades, or gunfire would pierce the air, wondering if my buddies and I would be shot or blown to bits, wondering if I’d live to see sunrise. My respect for soldiers grew a thousand-fold that night.


I’ve visited my uncle’s farm several times since then. I always gaze across the partially wooded forty acres and I remember that night. And remember the sacrifices our soldiers made for me, for democracy, and for freedom.

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A Heart For News by Susan K Beatty


About the Book

Book: A Heart for News

Author: Susan K. Beatty

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

Release date: May 30, 2023

Will a heart for news get a scoop on love?

Though Margo Durand invests her whole heart into working for her family’s newspaper, her father refuses to modernize, and she harbors a secret fear of approaching interviewees and all things dangerous—except riding her Vespa everywhere. But when Margo follows evidence that two government officials are corrupt, Margo discovers danger, intrigue, and a legal sort of blackmail.

Professional race car driver, Steve Grayson, arrives to finish recuperating and overcome his fear of getting back on the track while pursuing his desire to open a race car driving school on Le Cadeau Île. If he can find the money and convince the owner to sell.

When Margo’s best friend sets Margo up with Steve as a tour guide, conveniently forgetting to tell him Margo is a reporter, they tour the islands until Steve is willingly dragged into the investigation. The investigation only opens new questions, creates new trials, and has the potential to destroy their budding romance.

Does pursuing a relationship just before he leaves to take part in one last racing season even make sense?

Take a trip to the Suamalie Islands where palm trees sway, the sand and sea pulse with life, and the people will steal your heart.


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 My Review:

What a great story about a woman who tried to fight justice and won in more ways than one. This story is just another  great story in the line of these island stories. I can’t wait to read the next one. I want to see where Steve and Margo’s relationship goes. 

I received a complimentary copy from the author and Celebrate Lit and these opinions are my own.

About the Author

Susan K. Beatty is in her third career—from journalist to homeschool tech writer to her life-long dream of becoming a novelist. She is proof you can start a new writing career late in life. Susan released her first published fiction in September 2019, and now an awarding winner author, this is her third novel, with several novelettes and short stories to her credit. She is passionate about finding courage through faith and grit. Susan lives with her husband of forty-nine years in Southern California. Add children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to the mix and she has little time for her favorite hobbies of reading, watching classic movies, British crime dramas, and traveling.


More from Susan

Long ago, when I was a journalism student and then a newspaper reporter, the idea of running a small-town newspaper “out west” fascinated me and was part of my daydreams. Of course, there hadn’t been an “out west” for decades before I had such ideas.

When Celebrate Lit asked me to be part of the Suamalie Islands series and I needed to choose a business for my main character, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to run a small-town newspaper, at least in fiction.

Margo, the main character, works for her father, the owner and publisher. But he’s stuck in the 20th century, and our modern heroin dreams of bringing the paper into the 21st century, much to her father’s despair. It was fun to explore the push and pull between generations, between old-school methods and new technology.

Although Margo is the heroine who finds the courage to expose the corrupt politicians, she has one major flaw, a fear, that hinders a news reporter’s job. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers, so you’ll have to read A Heart for News to find out what her problem was.

Then there’s the male main character, Steve Grayson, a famous race car driver, who comes to the Suamalies to recover from a racing accident and to face his own fears. And to pursue his own dream of building a driving school and racetrack.

After a rocky beginning, Margo and Steve collaborate to meet those fears head on and to see if, together, they can realize their impossible dreams, and just maybe find love.

I hope readers are encouraged overcome their fears and to pursue their own so-called impossible dreams.

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