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"Jaguar" by Pamela Poole

Can the man who once left Caroline behind now be trusted to rescue her?

Caroline and Chad Gregory are happy on their island home at Painter Place. But an old vendetta against them puts Caroline in terrible danger. Her enemies are closing in, and the future of Painter Place is at stake. Her only hope of escape is a man known as the Jaguar, a legendary international operative - and the ex-boyfriend who once left Caroline behind. Even if he and a miracle can save her, Caroline will never be the same sheltered woman who has been groomed from childhood to inherit the island.  

"Jaguar" by Pamela Poole is the third book in the "Painter Place" Saga. I think this book is the most intense of the three.  I really recommend reading these books in order to get the full impact, but I suppose a reader could still enjoy it, but it mention events from the other two books that might leave a reader wanting to know more about the events.

This book is full of danger and I really had no idea had it was going to end.  I  have to say I loved the ending.

All there books are love stories and so much more. they are about family and married life and all the issues that happened within a marriage. 

"Jaguar" is a story about rescuing and coming face to face with the past. 

I really like the fact that even through this book is filled with danger, the scenes are real graphic. I also like that the author  includes words to songs.  I actually starting singing when I was reading the words to "Pass It On" , a favorite song from my teen years.  

I am excited to read the next book in this series because the author writes in such a way that you feel like you can see the events happening and not just reading them.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own. 


Inspiring Southern Ambiance
Pamela Poole's love for the South inspires all her books and paintings. The setting for her novels and short stories in the Painter Place Saga is a fictional island between Charleston, SC and Myrtle Beach. Pamela lives life loving Jesus and her family as a wife, mother, and GiGi, and she is blessed with true friends. She and her husband Mark currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina, but she considers the Lowcounty of South Carolina "home." Pamela is a member of various author and artist organizations.  
"Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us— to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen." Ephesians 3:20,21

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"Undiscovered Treasures" by Carole Brown

Co-owner of Undiscovered Treasures, Caroline Gibson particularly relates to the ballerina music box: forever spinning and never going anywhere. But when her dream prince appears, she's sure her prayers have been answered. Trouble is, even though family and friends hint that the local artist is the guy for her, Caroline takes matters into her own hands.

Andrew Carrington has loved Caroline since they were kids. But when contracts suddenly arrive begging for his signature, Andy thinks this just might be the way to win the only woman he can ever love.

And then there's the hitch in both their plans. Someone is stealing Andy's paintings, and why would they when he's an unknown so far? Is something deeper going on neither understand?

Besides being a member and active participant of many writing groups, Carole Brown enjoys mentoring beginning writers. An author of ten books, she loves to weave suspense and tough topics into her books, along with a touch of romance and whimsy, and is always on the lookout for outstanding titles and catchy ideas. She and her husband reside in SE Ohio but have ministered and counseled nationally and internationally. Together, they enjoy their grandsons, traveling, gardening, good food, the simple life, and did she mention their grandsons?

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“Undiscovered Treasure” by Carole Brown is a truly remarkable story about how true love never gives up and never dies. In this story Andy has loved Caroline, the only problem is Andy isn’t Caroline’s idea of what her “ dream man is”. The worst thing that Caroline has against Andy is his paintings are ugly and then she could never date her brother’s best friend.

“Undiscovered Treasure” is a mystery and a love story combined just like the other two books in the “(Appleton, WV Romantic Mystery) series by Carole Brown.

These books are clean and most of the main characters have faith in God and their faith is mentioned in the stories. Even though faith and the Bible and prayer are all mentioned as part of the character’s life, I believed all readers whether they have faith in God or not would like these stories because the message is there but the books are not “ Preachy”.

I believed “Undiscovered Treasure” can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone, without the reader left feeling like they missed something by not reading the other two stories first. I am glad I read the first two because some of the characters who are all friends in the stories are mentioned in all three books, each story is really one of the character’s story. At the end of “Undiscovered Treasure” is a preview chapter of a fourth book coming.

The Title ‘“Undiscovered Treasures” is really a play on words because the shop owned by Caroline and her brother is called Undiscovered Treasures and the story is about more than what they sell in the shop.

The mystery is who stealing Andy’s pictures and why. Can Caroline discover the thief and find the real treasure in the process?

I have given all three books five stars.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

"State of Lies" by Siri Mitchell Book Tour

state of lies FB bannerAbout the Book

Book: State of Lies
Author: Siri Mitchell
Genre: Suspense
Release Date: August 13, 2019
State of liesMonths after her husband, Sean, is killed by a hit-and-run driver, physicist Georgie Brennan discovers he lied to her about where he had been going that day. A cryptic notebook, a missing computer, and strange noises under her house soon have her questioning everything she thought she knew.
With her job hanging by a thread, her son struggling to cope with his father’s death, and her four-star general father up for confirmation as the next Secretary of Defense, Georgie quickly finds herself tangled in a political intrigue that has no clear agenda and dozens of likely villains. Only one thing is clear: someone wants her dead too.
The more she digs for the truth, the fewer people she can trust.
Not her friends.
Not her parents.
Maybe not even herself.

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"State of Lies" by Siri Mitchell is a book that really kept me glued to my seat from start to finish.  I have to be honest and say the first two pages had me wondering if I was going to be able to recommend this book because I though the book was going to be filled with bedroom scenes that I thought was too graphic, but I am glad to say that it wasn't. I mean the couple (married) was in bed and well you get it but the scene wasn't that graphic.   It is filled with surprises that blew me away when they were revealed. The ones that I thought would end up being the bad guys ends up being the good  guys and vice versa.

I know I have said this a lot lately, but this book would make a great movie, I know my husband would like it just based on the scenes with the toy trains. He likes trains and I think I would like watching this movie because I know how it is supposed to end but then not movies are like the books they are based on, but still would like the chance to watch these events unfold.

I think my favorite character would have to be Sam. I think this is because he is so young and his life is changed, and he believes his father didn't really die but is in a wormhole and he has to learn that those closest to him might not be what  he think they are.

I recommend this book to readers who likes mysteries.

About the Author
SIRI-MITCHELL_headshotSiri Mitchell is the author of 14 novels. She has also written 2 novels under the pseudonym of Iris Anthony. She graduated from the University of Washington with a business degree and has worked in various levels of government. As a military spouse, she lived all over the world, including Paris and Tokyo. Siri is a big fan of the semi-colon but thinks the Oxford comma is irritatingly redundant. Visit her online at; Facebook: SiriMitchell; Twitter: @SiriMitchell.

More from Siri

A Sense of Place
I’m so excited about the release of State of Lies! Among the many reasons for my excitement is the fact that I set the story in my own home town: Arlington, VA. Here are some things you might not know about Arlington:
Arlington was originally included within the borders of Washington, DC.
Arlington isn’t actually a city – it’s a county. We’re the smallest self-governing county in the nation.
Arlington regularly takes the top spot as the most educated place in the country.
Arlington LOVES books. I count at least a dozen different little libraries in my neighborhood alone.
Our region often has a hurricane warning or two every hurricane season. Can you guess where I’ve seen the longest lines when people start to make last-minute preparations? It’s not the grocery store; it’s not the hardware store. It’s the library! (Why wouldn’t you stock up on books too?)
We host Arlington National Cemetery, the Iwo Jima Marine Corps War Memorial, and the Pentagon.
We are home to the very first Five Guys hamburger joint location.
We are also home to the headquarters of over a dozen national agencies as well as organizations like Rosetta Stone and Nestlé.
People who attended our high schools include Sandra Bullock, Warren Beatty, Shirley MacLaine, Katie Couric, and Patch Adams.
The thing I love most about Arlington? Its people. Countless government contractors members of the federal workforce live here. I number them among my friends and neighbors. I’ve never met a group more dedicated, more informed, or more determined to put their expertise to good use. And guess what? My heroine, Georgie Brennan, is one of them!

The Pentagon and Washington, DC

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"Adventures in Poverty " Nancy Bolton Book Tour and GiveAway

Adventures in Poverty

About the Book

Book: Adventures in Poverty
Author: Nancy Bolton
Genre: Memoir
Release Date: July 30, 2019
Adventures-in-Poverty-hi-resFaced with eviction, living on union strike pay, our time for making a decision was running out. Where could we go to live with our five small sons? We had few options. The scariest possibility was also the one that fit best with our tiny income. But could we really make such a difficult move? To transport our family, and our mobile home onto a five-acre parcel of rural, undeveloped land? No electricity, no running water, with winter fast approaching. It sounded a little crazy…….

Click here to grab your copy.

"Adventures in Poverty " Nancy Bolton tells the story  of her husband losing  his job after a strike at the mine he was working at and how they moved and literally lived off the land. This book is an easy read and really makes a reader glad for all the comforts they have like electricity and running water.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I felt the author's pain when she was telling about the lost of animals due to other animals and a person's mistake at trying to do the right thing.

I'm not sure I could do what she did learning a whole new way of living. I think I would have given up if I have to live with my house tilted like she did.

I wonder if the author kept most of the struggles that she and her family faced so the book won't be depressing because I am sure that things were more difficult than she wrote about, I know they would be for me.  Of the difficulties that she did write of, the cold would have been the worst for me because I freeze when people have their air conditioners on too high. I have to say I admire this family for surviving this journey and making it work.

I was given a complementary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

About the Author

Nancy BoltonNancy Shew Bolton is a wife, mother, grandmother, jewelry maker, crochet crafter, and of course: a writer! She lives in upstate New York in a lovely scenic region known as The Fingerlakes. Widowed last year, she is comforted by her five sons, two grandchildren and a marvelous array of family and other loved ones. She loves the creative process, and puts her whole focus into the stories she writes. May you be entertained and uplifted by them!

More from Nancy

Sometimes life hands out an unexpected challenge, and the direction you mapped out for your family comes up against a big roadblock. And there you are, trying to navigate back to a path that makes sense. One that would be as close to the previous path as you can get. But our only options led us in directions far away from what we were used to.
Faced with eviction, living on union strike pay, our time for making a decision was running out. Where could we go to live with our five small sons? We had few options. The scariest possibility was also the one that fit best with our tiny income. But could we really make such a difficult move? To transport our family, and our mobile home onto a five-acre parcel of rural, undeveloped land? No electricity, no running water, with winter fast approaching. It sounded a little crazy…….

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To celebrate her tour, Nancy is giving away the grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card and eBook copy of her book!!
Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.

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"Eating My Secrets" by Debra Mazda

Most overweight women have been taught that to lose weight it’s just a matter of going on a diet. For these women, the “eat less, move more” philosophy just sugar coats the fact that some use food and eating to protect deep dark secrets from the past. Debra Mazda, a professional who has worked with women most of her adult life, knows this issue is more complex. She has watched women lose 100 pounds only to gain 150 back. Debra knows this cycle all too well in her own life. Obesity plagued Debra in her childhood and teen years, culminating in a mental breakdown in her 30’s.
This began her journey to Health, Healing and Hope. Not only did she lose over 100 pounds, but she was able to forgive those who abused her for years

"Eating My Secrets" by Debra Mazda is really good and makes you think, and really is a great tool to losing weight and learning to accept yourself and being healthy.
This is a quote from the book " We are indeed much more than we eat, but what we eat can never less help us to be much more than we are" Adele Davis 
 This book is both in my opinion is both an self help and an autobiography. I felt myself feeling the author's pain as I read about her life. Maybe, this is too much info, but I remembering going and seeing my dad three or four months before he died, and he said "Debbie, I want you to lose weight before you die like Raymond do. Raymond was my stepbrother. I remember being angry and reading this book brought that memory up because the author talks about her grandmother wanting her to lose weight and we both thought they were being judgmental and critical, but in looking back we both realized it was because they loved us. 
This book is a review book but it is one that I will be rereading time after time, I am even underlining, which is something I hardly ever do.  I loan out my print books and even give some away but this book I will not loan out or give away for along time, if ever.
I think the author thinks if a woman is overweight, it is because of sexual abuse in her childhood, because it happened to her. I agreed that is the case in alot of woman, and she even has facts to prove her statement. But, I don't believe that all overweight woman are overweight because sexual abuse happened to her. 
The author makes the points  that diets don't work because when we focus on diets we are focusing on the food and not on ourselves. She says we need to stay in touch with ourselves and not set our hope on the goal of being skinny and perfect , but set our goal on the hope of feeling normal and love ourselves the way God loves us. 
She also encourages moving( exercising). 
She also says that it isn't healthy to be considered with the numbers on a scale. in fact it is a trigger to feel shame, binge, or even being suicidal if the number isn't up to your standard. We need to realize that what we give our attention to is what can affect and even rule your life.  When I read that, I though do I really want my body weight number to rule my life, I have so much more in my life like my husband, my kids and my grandkids and I want God to rule my life not some number that changes constantly according to the time of the day and other factors.
 She also encourages positive self talk when the negative critic inside your head begins to tell you that you are stupid, fat, disgusting and I blow it so I might as well eat whatever I want. We cannot control everything in our lives, but we can control our thoughts. She also points out that we need to forgive ourselves of wrong beliefs and actions as well as forgiving others who has hurt us, physically or emotionally.

Well, I need to close this review and go exercise.I am going to close with this quote from the book  "Well, it's time to get back to real life, because dieting is not part of the real world."

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.

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"Protecting the Poor" by Amanda Tero Blog Tour and GiveAway


Sheriff Feroci is now lord over the province, and Abtshire has become a pit of injustice. Being forced into the lord’s service does not give Dumphey as many opportunities to help the poor as he desires. When attempts on his life drive him into the forest, this freedom opens a world of possibilities for helping others. But how can he do so when he is running for his life? And does God want him to do more than simply feed the poor?

Noel has always hidden behind the shadow of his older brother, Dumphey. When life forces him to stand on his own, will he still follow God in the corrupt world in which he lives? Would God really call him to do something that is beyond his power to do?

As Lord Feroci's sinister plot comes to light, each lad has a choice to make. A choice that could cost them their lives.
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The Tales of Faith series happened almost by accident. I don't believe that there really are any accidents with our heavenly Father overseeing things, but I definitely wasn't planning on writing a retelling series. One evening while watching a movie with my sisters, a random question came up: "What if the beast was Belle's father?" Once I wrote "Befriending the Beast," I had people asking me if other retellings were in the making. That encouraged me to think up a Cinderella retelling for "The Secret Slipper." When the pages closed on “The Secret Slipper,” I knew there had to be at least one more story from these people. Robin Hood has pretty much always been a favorite classic tale of mine. As soon as I realized Dumphey (from "The Secret Slipper") could fill the role of a Robin Hood type of guy--and Feroci as the Sheriff of Nottingham--I knew exactly how the series would end.

It wouldn't be a release party without a giveaway! One U.S. Winner will receive the complete paperback Tales of Faith series, and one International Winner will receive the complete eBook series.   a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do you want to get a signed copy of "Protecting the Poor"? Order here!

About the Series
Find on Amazon

Find on Amazon

About the Author
Amanda Tero began her love for words at a young age—reading anything she could get her hands on and penning short stories as young as age eight. Since graduation, she has honed her writing skills by dedicated practice and study of the writing craft. She began her journey of publication with a few short stories that she had written for her sisters and continues to add to her collection with other short stories, novellas, and novels. It is her utmost desire to write that which not only pleases her Lord and Savior, but also draws the reader into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Connect with Amanda

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Monday - September 2, 2019
With a Joyful Noise - Giveaway Winner Announced

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I am going to start this review different then I have ever done before, because I am going to say that I am glad that the Scriptures verses refer to in the story are written out in their entirely and the verse at the back of the book and after the question to ponder, there is verses to getting to know the Master Author, which is Jesus.

"Protecting the Poor" by Amanda Tero is a retelling of Robin Hood with a Christian theme.  It really brings the whole series "Tales of Faith" to a delightful end.

I kept thinking while reading, this would be a story that my husband would like if it was a movie.
 I like that this series is one that any teen or a younger child could read and I wouldn't have to worry about them reading words or reading scenes that would be displeasing to God. There is violence with arrows and swords but a reader excepts these in this type of story.

I don't usually like these type of stories either in print or movies, but because it has a Christian theme and points to faith in God, I would watch the movie, if it became one, with my husband.

My favorite character has to be Noel because he is the one that had to have the most courage and do something that he has never had to do before without any training!

I recommend reading the whole series and have a whole different outlook on these fairy tales. Amanda Tero's retelling of these three fairy tales introduces readers to Christian truths that they might never have heard of before and shows that happy ending are not because of fairy godmothers and wishes, but because of God goodness and love.

I was given a complementary copy by the author. These opinions are my own.

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