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"Beauty from Ashes" by Alana Terry Book Tour and GiveAway

About the Book

Name of book: Beauty from Ashes
Author: Alana Terry  
Genre: Christian Women’s Lit 
Release Date: July, 2017

A baby was never part of Tiff’s plans. Especially not a sick baby in a NICU, struggling for life on a ventilator. As days in the hospital turn to weeks, Tiff grows more and more convinced that God is punishing her for turning her back on him so many years ago. Or is it possible he’s working in the midst of her daughter’s bleak prognosis to draw Tiff back to himself once more? The Orchard Grove Christian Women’s Fiction books are standalone literary novels about real-life believers facing real-life struggles. You won’t meet perfect saints whose lives are faultless models of the Christian faith. Instead, you’ll meet a perfect God whose plans of redemption are far more glorious than what the mortal mind could ever imagine.

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About the Author

Alana is a pastor’s wife, homeschooling mom, self-diagnosed chicken lady, and Christian suspense author. Her novels have won awards from Women of Faith, Book Club Network, Grace Awards, Readers’ Favorite, and more. Alana’s passion for social justice, human rights, and religious freedom shines through her writing, and her books are known for raising tough questions without preaching. She and her family live in rural Alaska where the northern lights in the winter and midnight sun in the summer make hauling water, surviving the annual mosquito apocalypse, and cleaning goat stalls in negative forty degrees worth every second.

My Review:
"Beauty from Ashes" by Alana Terry is a book that has a good message and I liked the story but I have to say it wasn't my favorite. Yes, I will read the next book in the series. My main objection to this book is that a couple of times a few words were used that I don't like to see in a Christian novel. The book talks about premarital sex but I would still say the book is a clean read.

I could really feel Tiff's pain as she was telling her story, yes this story isn't a feel good story and it does pull at the heart strings. It could be that the story was so emotional for me is because I know what it feels like to have a child experience seizures ( though that is only one of the problems Tiff's baby has).

The story is Tiff’s point of view and is written so well that I felt like I was sitting by her side listening to her tell it.

I really liked Grandma Lucy's sermon toward the end of the book.

I am giving "Beauty from Ashes" by Alana Terry four stars. I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

Guest Post from Alana Terry
Click here to see the special video message from Alana. “You better come in,” I told my husband. “The doctors don’t think he’s going to make it.” Not the kind of conversation you want to have with anyone at one o’clock in the morning. I was spending the night at the hospital with our nine-month-old baby Silas and hadn’t left the hospital complex in days. Scott was home with our toddler trying to get some sleep. And our son Silas was dying. Raising a medically-fragile baby changed me like nothing else ever has. Thankfully, Silas pulled through that horrific evening, but that didn’t mean life was sugar and cream from then on. As anyone with experience knows, it’s hard work being a special-needs mom. And it can devastate a marriage. Thankfully, God brought my husband and me through those nearly impossible first few years while Silas was in and out of the hospital with no guarantee of his survival. And he continued to sustain us through even more years of therapy, hospital visits, and medical tests. And now we have a happy marriage, a healthy boy, and hearts full of gratitude for all God’s done for us. But I never want to forget where we were. The depths God delivered us out of. The despair that would have overwhelmed us if God hadn’t been our strength and our support. Writing Beauty from Ashes was one way to remind myself of those difficulties God brought us through. It’s not strictly autobiographical, but the baby in this novel went through a very similar traumatic birth experience as Silas did, and all the health issues — including that night in the hospital when I truly thought we were going to lose our baby — are based on the trials we went through when Silas was young. I wrote Beauty from Ashes because we all need to be reminded every now and then that even though life can be impossibly hard, even though there’s no guarantee our children will grow up and love Christ and make good choices with their lives or even survive until adulthood at all, God is good, and he will sustain us through all the trials we have to endure. I think that’s why Beauty from Ashes resonates so much with Christian readers hungry for more than a simple story with a happily-ever-after ending, like these readers: “…by far some of the best Christian fiction I’ve read.” Amy L, author ” … a story that is both heart-wrenching and heartwarming.” ~ Jaime Hampton, award-winning author of Malnourished “I didn’t think it was possible that the author could write any better than she already does … This is a book I will never forget … She writes with realism and doesn’t pull any punches … Every time I read a book from this author, my faith grows.” Deana at Texas Bookaholic I hope you’ll take a chance to grab your own copy of Beauty from Ashes today, and don’t forget to watch the video and enter to win the $100 gift card to Because Christian fiction should encourage, edify, and inspire. And because God is big enough to carry all our burdens.

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To celebrate her tour, Alana is giving away a grand prize of a $100 CBD gift card!!
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Thomas Nye writes novels about horses and Amish life, with a touch of romance, and a foundation of faith in Christ. He and his wife, Shari, live on her family farm where they raised five children. Their six grandchildren love to visit Karma and Karla, a team of draft horses which Thomas purchased from an Amish friend. Walking a mail route for the U.S. Postal Service keeps Thomas close to nature and affords him many quiet hours which he uses to dream up novels. Over three decades of friendships with Amish neighbors has revealed a simple wisdom that he weaves into his writing. To find out more, visit:

1. You write Amish fiction as a resident near Amish country in Iowa. How are the Iowa Amish different from the Old Order Lancaster County Amish?

Yes, I live near the largest Amish settlement west of the Mississippi. However, I’ve visited Amish communities all over the U.S. including Lancaster, just last summer. The first thing I notice when I’m in Lancaster are the women’s coverings. They are heart-shaped, which would seem too fancy for our Amish. Also, little girls in that part of Pennsylvania don’t wear coverings until they are around middle school age. In Iowa, females wear head coverings from infancy. Also, Iowan Amish don’t ride bicycles or scooters. And, when speaking English, Amish in Lancaster have more of a lilt in their accent and Iowan Amish sound a little choppier. Having said all of that, I’d have to add, I’m surprised how similar Amish seem to be wherever I go.

2. Most people don't associate men with Amish fiction. What got you interested in writing Amish fiction?

About 30 years ago, I worked in a warehouse for the Mennonite organization, Choice Books, and handled many Amish novels. My wife and I enjoyed reading a few Amish books to each other, which sprouted an idea. Since I longed for Amish novels that focused a little more on the horse and farming aspect of Amish life, I decided to try to write what I wanted to read.

Some authors choose to write Amish fiction. I became an author because I had wonderful experiences with my Amish neighbors and wanted to share them with the world. Oh, and I’m a man that enjoys a little romance in a movie or book.

3. In Thanksgiving Frolic, Monroe has a pride problem with the "fastest horse" and the "prettiest girl." Was it a deliberate show of how the Amish are just people like the rest of us who just live a little differently, or was that accidental? Why did you choose this particular theme for this story?

Humans all struggle with the same things. No, it wasn’t a deliberate example. In fact, it didn’t occur to me that anyone would take that away from this story. It’s always fun when people see something in my stories I didn’t think about. I’ve been so blessed with Amish friendships for so many years, I sometimes forget what will surprise readers. I chose this theme because my goal is to write what I’ve witnessed in ordinary Amish life. It is quite common for young Amish men to be tempted to have pride in their horse just as English boys might be with a car. And, single boys everywhere notice pretty girls.

I feel quite certain that Amish people will enjoy the Thanksgiving Frolic, and ask me as they do about my other novels, “Is this a true story?”

Thank you book lovers for reading my answers to these questions. Please take a moment to visit my Amish Horses website:

You can find me easily on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, just type in Amish Horses. My books focus on Amish and horses, with a Christian foundation, and a touch of romance.

Social Links:


Thomas Nye is giving away  One eBook copy of Under the Heavens, Book I of the Amish Horses Series and  One paperback copy of Amish Park  : To be enter for enter one  just comment below and tell one thing you like about the Amish or horses and please said which book  you would like to be entered for,   and LEAVE CONTACT INFO, IF NO CONTACT  INFO AND I DON'T KNOW  YOU , I WILL CHOOSE ANOTHER WINNER! 

Spotlighting Saundra Staats McLemore and a Giveaway

About Saundra Staats McLemore
Saundra Staats McLemore is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and the Ohio chapter of the ACFW. After thirty-three years, Saundra is recently retired as President/CEO of McLemore & Associates, Inc., a nationwide sales and marketing business she built in 1984. In her spare time, she loves to garden, and she can be seen throughout the summer working in her flower beds. Saundra has written two novels so far in the Staats Family Chronicles Series: Abraham and Anna and its sequel: Joy out of Ashes. To date, there are six novels in the Christmas Hotel Series: Christmas Hotel, Christmas for Lucy, Christmas Redemption, Christmas Pact, Christmas Love and Mercy, and Christmas Hotel Reunion just released by Desert Breeze Publishing on September 01, 2017.

Born and raised in the state of Ohio, Saundra is married to Robert, and Anthony is their only child. The other two members of the family are the cat Charley, and the Cocker Spaniel Daisy.

#1--What is the most difficult scene that you ever wrote? Why was it so difficult? Was it based on a personal experience?

In Christmas Pact, I wrote about a soldier who was killed in Vietnam. I used information provided by the United States Army for my family in 1970, when my brother Specialist Four Gerald Martin Staats was killed in battle in Vietnam. The scene was quite difficult to write, and the long ago memories flooded back. My brother was buried the day after my nineteenth birthday.
#2--Do you find writing energizing or exhausting?

A little bit of both. When the words come it's like an overflowing fountain. At such times, I can write for hours. However, some days I just can't find the words to say what I want and then writing becomes extremely frustrating. I usually take a break from writing for several days and read books that have piled up in my TBR (to be read) stack. I enjoy reading books by other authors, especially in the summer. I'll sit in my back yard swing and read, listen to the birds, and look at my flowers. My backyard is my summer sanctuary and quite peaceful. Soon the words will flow again.
#3--As a writer, who would you consider your mascot/avatar/spirit animal? Why?
The mama bear is fiercely devoted to her young. I am a "Mama Bear" when it comes to my stories. Each of them has a particular subject. In Christmas Hotel the subject is depression and trust. In Christmas for Lucy the subject is child abuse. In Christmas Redemption the subject is the humanity of the unborn child. In Christmas Pact the subject is PTSD and forgiveness. In Christmas Love and Mercy the subject is cancer and specifically leukemia. In Christmas Hotel Reunion the subject is dealing with tragic events and Alzheimer's. In all these stories the message is clear. Put the Lord first and everything will eventually fall into place. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths" (Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV).  As a "Mama Bear", I fiercely protect the message of these stories, and I hope the stories will inspire others.
#4--Has being a writer affected how you read other books?

Many times, yes. Before I was a writer, I could overlook typos, poor word choice, and head- hopping. I'd fix errors in my head and move on. Now, if the book is confusing, I usually lay the book aside, and I begin another book. I wish I could tell writers just starting out to hire one or two editors before ever sending a book to a publisher. I personally have used the same editor before all eight of my books were sent to my publisher or if I self-published. I want as much polish as possible before the publisher's editor has to tackle the story. 
#5--Who is your biggest supporter? Tell us about them, and why they are such an amazing person.

My mother was always my biggest supporter. She was an amazing woman who taught me my letters and some reading/phonics before I started school. She loved to recite nursery rhymes and poems, and passed the love on to me. When my first novel was published, she was my biggest cheerleader, and so proud of me. I miss her very much. She passed away just five weeks shy of her ninety-sixth birthday in 2015. 
#6--What was the best advice you ever received about your writing? Something you keep in mind still today OR What was the best writing tip you ever read, learned, etc. 

I have received several tips that I use in my writing, but I'll list two. 

  1. Put yourself in the story and become a part of the scene. In other words, use your five senses. Do you smell something cooking on the stove, is a spider crawling up the wall, are birds chirping? Was the dog's fur soft or rough or the taste of the stew? You get the picture. 
  2. Also, when you quit writing for the day, and the chapter is complete, write the first sentence of the next chapter. The next morning, you'll have a thought to begin the new chapter. Write something--anything! Poor writing can be corrected, but a blank page is useless, and it can easily cause writer's block.  
    #7--Do you have a favorite inspirational quote/scripture/poem that you feel motivates you? What is it, and how does it affect you?

    "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (Philippians 4:13 KJV). I live by this verse. When I think something can't be done or feel it's beyond my abilities, then this verse comes to mind, and I will seize the day. I'll place all of myself into the project; be it writing or mending a relationship, or fighting for something in which I believe.
    #8—Of your eight books, which story was the most difficult to write?

    Christmas Hotel Reunion, the sixth and final book in the Christmas Hotel series was without a doubt the most difficult story. In the novel, there is a woman who is a victim of the horrendous disease: Alzheimer's. Why was it difficult to write? Twenty years ago, my dad succumbed to Alzheimer's. I watched a virile man of 6'1"and a leader in his profession regress to infancy. It was heart-breaking, but it was a story I knew one day I had to write.

    Saundra Staats McLemore is giving 2 eBook gift copy of Christmas Hotel Reunion  away to be entered just comment below and tell why what Christmas mean to you ! BE SURE AND LEAVE INFO TO REACH YOU. IF NO INFO AND I DON'T KNOW YOU I WILL PICK ANOTHER WINNER !

"Charming the Troublemaker" by Pepper Basham Book Tour and GiveAway

About the Book

Genre: Contemporary Romance  
Release Date: November 1, 2017

Troublemaking never looked so good… When Dr. Alex Murdock is demoted to a university in rural Virginia, the last thing he expects to find is a future. But country charm never looks as good as it does on Rainey Mitchell. Rainey Mitchell doesn’t need a high-class flirt in her wounded world, but trouble and temptations wafts off the new professor as strong as his sandalwood-scented cologne. When circumstances thrust them together to save her tutoring clinic, can the troublemaker find the hero inside and encourage the reticent Rainey to open her heart again.

Click here to purchase! here

My Review: 
 Both "Charming the Troublemaker"  and  "A Twist of Faith" by Pepper Basham  in the  (Mitchell's Crossroads) series clearly shows readers that first assumptions are often wrong.  

"Charming the Troublemaker" is the second in the series and can be read and enjoyed without reading  "A Twist Of Faith" . I am glad I read "A Twist Of Faith" first because it first  introduces the reader to  Dr. Alex Murdock, who is the main male character in "Charming the Troublemaker"'

This story is a love story and a story about forgiveness and how sometimes things are not what they appeared.

really enjoyed reading these two stories and how a second chance at love and God can change people. 

Both of these books are about people who have had painful hurts.  

These stories also have children who help the hurting process as well as the landlady.  This landlady is amazing, I mean she has wonderful advice and she even cooks for the ones who lives in the house that is being lent out. 

So what do you need to have a really good read, if you want love, forgiveness, mystery, dislike of the hero and the heroine at first sight and children, and a dog who won't leave, you don't have to like any further because these two books have all these things and more.

I am giving "Charming the Troublemaker " five stars.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

About the Author

Pepper Basham is an award-winning author who writes novels inspired by her love for history and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her Penned in Time series has garnered recognition in the Inspys, Grace Awards, and the ACFW Carol Awards. Her contemporary romance novel, A Twist of Faith, received 4-stars from Romantic Times, and most recently, her newest release, The Thorn Healer, received a Top Pick from RT with 4 ½ stars. Her newest contemporary romance, Just the Way You Are, releases in April 2016. You can get to know Pepper on Facebook, or over at her group blog, The Writer’s Alley, or Instagram.

Guest Post from Pepper Basham

I have a thing for underdogs. Misfits. Lots souls who desperately need to find where they belong. I can’t help it! Call it a ‘fix-it’ mentality or an awareness that God rescued me and now I want to rescue other people…even fictional characters, but I’m definitely a softy for those characters that people are less likely to root for. Catherine from The Thorn Bearer/Keeper became my first rescue…and I just HAD to find another. I guess that’s how Charming the Troublemaker came into existence. Dr. Alex Murdock desperately needed to be rescued. In a bad way. If you’ve had a chance to read my first book in the Mitchell’s Crossroads series, A Twist of Faith, you’ll know that Alex doesn’t seem to be made up of much hero material. He’s a flirt, a little arrogant, and…well, kind of like a lost puppy. As book 1 grew and came to a close, I knew Alex and Rainey’s story would be next…but I immediately ran into a real problem. Who in the world was Alex Murdock? We really didn’t get to know him very much in book 1. He zoomed in a few times, ruffling feathers and then finally showing off some interesting kindness/compassion in the end, but…he was still a big-time flirt. So the question emerged: Can a flirt be a hero? What is Alex hiding behind that ready smile and sense of humor? Why does he seem so lost? The answers were surprising!! Just wait. The Mitchell family draw him right in, as they did with Dee, and his world is forever changed. And then there’s Rainey. Strong-willed and independent, she is deeply wounded by her ex-husband’s betrayal. Though she gives off all these ‘confident’ vibes, she hides her insecurities behind a tough exterior in a desire to keep people at a distance – well, everyone except her family. Alex rocks her world with his ready charm. And she sees beyond the plastic grin to recognize another wounded soul. Throwing them together into a book has been a hilarious and heart-stirring adventure, I wasn’t prepared to encounter. They’re so much fun! AND…he’s ADORKABLE!! Seriously!! He is SUCH a dork, but makes me grin. And…he looks like Armie Hammer 😉 Let me just give you a hint to some of my favorite scenes: Anything with Sarah! Underoos All of the scenes in Rainey’s house And those in Mama Mitchell’s Okay, I like the WHOLE STORY…and I can’t wait to see what you think too.

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To celebrate her tour, Pepper is giving away a grand prize of a paper copy of A Twist of Faith, a mug from the Blue Ridge Parkway, one driftwood scented candle, one mango scented candle, and a Troublemaker snickers 😉 highly appropriate. Chocolate with a nutty personality :)!!

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"Cowboy Christmas Guardian" by Dana Mentink Book Tour and GiveAway

About the Book:

Name of book: Cowboy Christmas Guardian
Author: Dana Mentink
Genre: Isnpy Romance Suspense

Someone is dead set on stopping Shelby Arroyo from doing her job: assessing mineral rights in a mine in gold country. But after rancher Barrett Thorn rescues her from an attack, the handsome widowed cowboy seems to feel responsible for her. That is, until he discovers she’s from the family that he’ll never forgive for his wife’s death. As the threats against Shelby escalate, cowboy honor and an unexpected attraction keep Barrett by her side, even at his own risk. And since Shelby won’t back down, Barrett must protect the brave, loyal woman he has no business falling for…a woman someone wants to kill by Christmas.
Click to  purchase your copy.

My Review: 
"Cowboy Christmas Guardian" by Dana Mentink is a short 221 page book. But the action in this story makes it seem like a much better book.  I had to keep reading just to see if the hero and heroine survive all the danger they kept finding themselves into. 

This story is about a cowboy but the story isn't about a usual cowboy story because this cowboy, Barrett is a rescuer of a damsel in peril more than a rustler of cattle.

This story is a clean love story but is also a story about forgiveness and how 
unforgiveness causes bitterness and how that unforgiveness can cause a person to not want to do the right thing.

If you want to read a story that is action packed from the first sentence to the last chapter then "Cowboy Christmas Guardian" is a book that you will want to read!

One scene  have me tempted to skip ahead to see how and if Barrett and Shelby got out of the trouble they were in. I was really thinking Oh, I am not going to like how this is going to end! I am happy to say I didn't give into the temptation 
but I cannot tell you if I like the ending or not. But I will say the ending was a surprise.

I am looking forwarded to reading the other three stories in the (Gold Country Cowboys) series. 

"Cowboy Christmas Guardian" is five stars. I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions  are my own.

About the Author:

Dana Mentink is a two time American Christian Fiction Writers Carol Award winner, a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award and a Holt Medallion winner. She is a national bestselling author of over thirty-five titles in the suspense and lighthearted romance genres. She is pleased to write for Harlequin’s Love Inspired Suspense, Harlequin Heartwarming and Harvest House. Besides writing, she busies herself teaching third grade. Mostly, she loves to be home with Papa Bear, Yogi, Boo Boo, a nutty terrier, a chubby box turtle and a feisty parakeet.

Guest Post from Dana Mentink

Howdy, readers! I am thrilled to be bringing you this four book Gold Country Cowboys series that takes place in an area near and dear to my heart! My family and I have enjoyed many adventures in this amazing area, from exploring gold mines, to climbing through caverns, and soaking in the incredible history. As a matter of fact, we recently enjoyed a train trip on the historic V and T Railroad which took us past abandoned mines and even some active ones where people are engaged in modern day treasure hunting. California’s Gold Country is a fascinating place filled with secret treasures. I hope you will enjoy some wild adventures with four cowboy brothers who have some secrets of their own. God bless you all!

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In honor of her tour, Dana is giving away a copy of Cowboy Christmas Guardian in print or ebook, a horse scarf and a $25 Amazon gift card! Click the link below to enter!