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"Halo Found Hope " by Helo Matzelle Blog Tour and a Giveaway

Author : Helo Matzelle
Genre : Memoir
Book Description:
"Machines beeping, the blur of medical staff running, a crash cart 
whizzing into an ICU room, was there any hope? 

A young woman lay, packed in ice, as doctors attempted to somehow 

stop the swelling in her brain that threatened to take her life… and her
 family waited. 

Six days turned into eight weeks. She awoke to discover that she was not the same. She saw two of everything, couldn’t feel half of her face, couldn’t hear from one ear, and could not speak. She couldn’t even tell anyone that she felt hopeless… or could she? 

Halo Found Hope is the story of a beautiful, busy wife, and mother of three whose life 
changes instantly with the diagnosis of a rare brain tumor. An exceptional ENT, a brilliant neurosurgeon and a dedicated medical team tackle the tumor, setting off a series of 
unbelievable miracles.  
Helo’s story is not one of survival, or of salvaging a life through a broken body. It is not about endurance through pain, but victory because of it. While the family heard her silence, God heard her prayer. Helo’s story is simply this: Wherever you are and whatever you are going through, God is right there. He doesn’t need to be recognized by you, to be there for you. He can replace fear with courage and discouragement with determination, if you let Him. Halo did, and that is how she found hope.” 

"Christian readers will find in these pages a powerful testament to the power of faith 
in dark times, and even agnostics will be uplifted by the joie de vivre of this 

remarkable woman.” — Kirkus Reviews

MY REVIEW: I am going to start this review with a quote from the book 
"Life-changing is too simple to describe this story and what God is capable of 
doing for all of us. No obstacle is too large, no affliction too grave, to separate us from the love God has for us. Life here is simply a dress rehearsal, but when we allow alterations to be directed by God, the new us discovered, is incredible."

This story is amazing! Helo tells her story honestly and lets us see the real person before and after this life changing event in her life.

She describes her illness and her medical treatment in easy to understand language. She gave just enough info to make this reader want to read her story
and rejoice with her.

This book is so interesting and insightful that I was quoting quotes from it's pages and posting them on my Facebook wall. This isn't a quote from the book but it is a post that I posted while reading the book and I believe it so much that I added it to this review, Man, I am telling EVERYONE, YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK, "Halo Found Hope" by Helo Matzelle. In fact I dare you too and then I dare you to remain the same, even while reading it I find myself changing! I am going to add one more of my Facebook quotes "I am reading "Halo Found Hope" and oh my, I find something I want to quote on almost every page. You should see the things I am underlining, yes I underline in my books, especially the ones that I think I will keep to reread!" 

I encourage everyone to read this book, Christian or not. It will inspire you to 
look at your trials and tribulations in a different way. 

I really like the way that she shared that she had doubts and was human and 
learn to trust and lean on Jesus. I know I haven't even began to give "Halo Found Hope" justice but I hope you will read this book and find hope in your struggles. We all have them, some are big and some are little but we all need hope and Helo shows how she found her's. 

I am going to give my mother this book to read, she has cancer, and I believe if 
she takes to heart some of the things Helo says in this book she will be 

This book is definitely a five star book and more if they could be added!

I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit and the author for an honest 

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"Light Bird's Song" by Sydney Betts with a Q&A INTERVIEW AND A GIVEAWAY

Book Description:
 Light Bird gave little thought to danger: she was the only daughter in a family of men renowned for courage. She spent her days in the pleasant company of her mother, grandmother, aunts and cousins, and evenings listening to stories about The Creator. Only one thing marred her happiness: a tall warrior who was determined to have her. Each summer he visited her village and each summer her father turned him away, but in the Spring of 1839 he brought an altogether different threat ... 

Seeking vengeance for the murders of his wife and son, her father’s fiercest enemy trailed the prints left carelessly by their attacker – and followed them straight to Light Bird! 

Author Info: 
Sydney Tooman Betts and her protagonist-husband currently reside in the Shenandoah Valley near the extensive cavern system that inspired the setting for several early chapters of her second book, Light Bird's Song.
While single, Ms. Betts (B.S. Bible/Missiology, M.Ed) was involved in a variety of cross-cultural adventures in North and Central America.  After marrying, she and her husband lived in Europe and the Middle East where he served in various mission-support capacities.  Her teaching experiences span preschool to guest lecturing at the graduate level and serving as the Sunday School Superintendent, Children’s Church Director, or Women’s Ministries facilitator in several evangelical denominations. 
Before penning her first novel, A River too Deep, she ghost-wrote several stories for an adult literacy program. Currently, she is a published free-lance writer, and an editor and writing coach for Stonebridge Publications.
My Review: 
"Light Bird's Song" by Sydney Betts is a standalone novel but I am glad that I read " A River Too Deep" first. The stories are two completely different stories but Light Bird is the daughter of the main characters in "A River Too Deep" so it makes the story more interesting to me. So I have to be honest and say even though I enjoyed reading " Light Bird's Song " and that it kept me turning the pages , it was not my favorite of the two. I still encourage you to read it. It has lessons to learn about fear, love and longing.  It is also A Biblical Fiction novel with lots of Biblical Scriptures but it is not preachy, ( I only added that line in so if you don't like Biblical Fiction, you will still enjoy this book if you like stories about Indians and even if you don't). These two books are not your average Indians stories either, yes there are the hunts and the arrows but it is more a love story and how faith can help you overcome all obstructions. 
I really encourage every reader to read these books and see what good can come out of a bad situation. I am giving "Light Bird's Song "5 star.
I was given an ebook copy for my honest review and these thoughts are my own. I liked the books so well that I have purchased a set for my mom, who does not use social media.
The author has agreed to a Question and Answer time on this blog. Ask her a question and she will answer. And she has agreed to give either an ebook or a print copy of either "A River To Deep" or "Light's Bird Song" to one commenter. I will pick a winner by Random.Org on November 3. So please leave your email so we can contact you if your name is drawn.
If you want to see my review for "A River Too Deep" here is the link

A River Too Deep is currently on sale at on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Softbacks are $13.17 and e-books are just 99 cents--great for stocking stuffers!
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"The King's Highway" (Days of Dread Trilogy Book 1) by Carly McAdoo Blog Hop and Giveaway

Book Description: Genre: Christian Dystopian

A mysterious dead man directs the small band on their journey to a much safer corridor he dubs The King’s Highway. 
Airplanes are falling out of the sky, and all things electric rendered useless after a mysterious flash. It tests the grit of fifteen-year-old Jackson Allison when the care and safety of his younger siblings fall solely to him. No one knows for sure what’s happened, but danger lurks if they stay. With a fierce determination to keep his thirteen-year-old sister McKenzie and nine-year-old brother Cooper safe, the high school freshman is compelled to leave their Irving home in the shadow of the DFW Airport for their grandparents’ farm a hundred-plus miles northeast. 
Thrust into a lawless, chaotic world, he’s guided by an ever-changing cryptic note at leads his growing troupe along the King’s Highway. Bullies, Russians, wild animals, gang-bangers, and kidnappers thwart their progress while a lack of drinkable water and food is a constant concern. Will he ever get his people to safety in the Red River Valley in far Northeast Texas? 

About the Author
Award winning author brings her new Christian mid-grade release, book one
in the  Days of Dread Trilogy THE KING’S HIGHWAY. The prolific,
bestselling novelist loves singing new songs the Lord gives her and
painting. In 2008, her high school sweetheart-husband Ron moved her to the
woods of Red River County. Caryl counts four children and sixteen
grandsugars life’s biggest blessings believing all good things come from
God. Praying her story gives God glory, she hopes each one ministers His
love, mercy, and grace to its readers. She and Ron live in Clarksville,
Texas with two grandsons, Christian and Benjamen.
My Review: 
The King's Highway (Days of Dread Trilogy Book 1) by Carly McAdoo is a book that really kept this reader on edge, wanting to know what was going to happen next. I had no idea what the book was about when I signed up to be on the book tour, I just knew I liked the author's ( Texas Romance Series) and thought I am sure this series would be just as good. Well, I was not disappointed, it was good!
This novel, I think is written for middle grade scholars and though I am way past middle school I was devouring the journey these children were on.
I must warn future readers, if you don't want to read about things that are going on in today's world such as murdering, thieving and drug use, don't read this book. Even though I have given this warning, it is a Christian book with no cursing and no sex scenes. Just a true picture of what is happening more and more in today's world. 
What would you do if everything you know was suddenly missing in your world, electricity and water and even your sense of safety? Well that has happened to Jackson and "his people" and he must lead them to safety! The journey is unbelievable. Is it an alien or a shape shifter or is it God leading them and keeping them on the King's Highway? 
I have one complaint, the book leaves you wanting more and we have to wait! 
I am giving the book five stars.
I was given a Advance Reader Copy by Celebrate Lit for my honest review! The opinions are my own! 

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CelebrateLit is having a great giveaway. The prize is a book by Caryl McAdoo for you and one for a friend!The giveaway ends October 25 at 12:00 am PDT.
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Promise to Keep: A Novel (Promise of Sunrise 3 ) BY Elizabeth Byler Younts

World War II Marine Joe Garrison returns home from war longing to be a father to his deaf daughter, Daisy, only to find that she is attached to Esther Detweiler, the Amish woman who has raised her since his wife’s death in this touching historical romance.

Orphaned as a child, Esther Detweiler is used to caring for herself and her ailing grandmother. They made the best out of a hard life and poverty without asking for help. They even take in her shunned cousin’s deaf daughter, Daisy, when her mother dies and her father goes off to war. When Esther’s grandmother dies, Daisy is all she has.

When war veteran Joe Garrison returns, all he can think about is recovering from the horrors of war and building a relationship with his seven-year-old daughter. Daisy, however, is unwilling to leave Esther, whom she loves. Joe and Daisy get to know each other again, but Joe struggles with nightmares and fatherhood is proving to be more difficult than he imagined. Esther loves Daisy and despite her Amish ways, Joe finds himself drawn to her as a woman and not just a caregiver.

As their love blossoms, Joe decides to send Daisy away to a school for the deaf which propels their lives into turmoil and a battle for love and family.

Elizabeth Byler Younts is an Air Force officer's wife and a homeschooling mom with two young daughters, currently living in central Pennsylvania. Elizabeth was Amish as a child and after her parents left the church she still grew up among her Amish family and continues to speak Pennsylvania Dutch. Elizabeth is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writers of America.

Elizabeth's first book SEASONS: A REAL STORY OF AN AMISH GIRL, her Amish grandmother's memoir, was an #1 Amazon Bestseller and winner of a BRAG Medallion. PROMISE TO RETURN, her first novel in the Promise of Sunrise series through Howard Books (Simon & Schuster), is a finalist for a 2014 RITA Award. Through her love for storytelling and her Amish heritage, Elizabeth shares with readers worldwide authentic stories filled with little known Amish history, faith, and romance.

Go to to learn more.

"Promise to Keep"by Elizabeth Byler Younts is the third and final book in the (Promise of Sunrise Series) and my favorite of the three.  I have read all four of Elizabeth Younts's book, the first one," SEASONS: A REAL STORY OF AN AMISH GIRL" , isn't part of this series,but is the first one I read and made me a fan of her work.

"Promise to Keep" is a novel that ends the (Promise Of Sunrise Series) beautifully. I knew how I wanted this series to end and I wasn't sure it would end that way and I am not going to give any spoilers and tell you if it ended the way I wanted it too or not, you have to read it yourself but you won't be disappointed, I will tell you it did end in a way I didn't see happening but I was happy with it ending that way! 

Elizabeth Younts knowledge of the Amish makes her novels so real and she write so well that I could see the scenes play out in my mind as I was reading the words she had written. 

"Promise to keep" is a novel filled with loss and betrayal and love. I felt the tears start as I was reading this novel. I had tears for each character and yes there was a few tense moments involving "Daisy" a deaf girl, but that will be all I will say about that, don't want to give anything way.

"Promise to Keep" can be a stand alone novel but I strongly urge you to read the other two as well to get the full story of Joe and Elizabeth and Daisy.

I hope I have convinced you to read "Promise to Keep"and if you are not already a fan of Elizabeth Younts you become one.

I am giving "Promise To Read" 5 stars.

I was given a copy of "Promise To Keep" by the author for an honest review. These opinions are my own. 

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"A River Too Deep" by Sydney Betts

Book Description: 
In the spring of 1817, Alcy Callen and her father visit a step-uncle they have long presumed dead; but instead of enjoying a loving reunion, they are plunged into treachery and deceit.  Nothing is as they expected and little is what it seems. Even the man who helps her escape is not the reliable suitor he appears. 

Alcy is caught between gratitude and fear, unable to avoid her rescuer’s attentions or understand the responses they stir.  Neither can she tell what sort of man he is or what he intends to do with her in the strange place they are going. Will he keep her for himself or will he sell her to the highest bidder? 
Of one person only is she certain, but will he come for her before it is too late?

Author Info: 
Sydney Tooman Betts and her protagonist-husband currently reside in the Shenandoah Valley near the extensive cavern system that 
inspired the setting for several early chapters of her second book, Light Bird's Song.
While single, Ms. Betts (B.S. Bible/Missiology, M.Ed) was involved in a variety of cross-cultural adventures in North and Central America.  After marrying, she and her husband lived in Europe and the Middle East where he served in various mission-support capacities.  Her teaching experiences span preschool to guest lecturing at the graduate level and serving as the Sunday School Superintendent, Children’s Church Director, or Women’s Ministries facilitator in several evangelical denominations. 
Before penning her first novel, A River too Deep, she ghost-wrote several stories for an adult literacy program. Currently, she is a published free-lance writer, and an editor and writing coach for Stonebridge Publications.

My Review: 
"A River too Deep" by Sydney Betts is one of those books that you can't say enough about. I was kept reading from the first page till the last.The story was very easy to read and understand and true to life.  The main character is Alcy who is rescued and taken to his  hunting grounds by a Indian. She kept longing for a certain gentleman to come and take her back to her own world and away from the Indians. But is that want she really wants? The story is told from Alcy point of view.
The story is told with lots of details that makes this a very interesting historical fiction novel. It is also  Christian fiction, with lots of Biblical references without it being preachy ( which is a great way to read a fiction) .
Alcy learns that sometimes God uses loss and change to give us the best he has for us. 
Alcy helps the Indians learn God's ways and helps them learn about His book!
"A River Too Deep" is a story that I believe will stick with most readers long after the last page is read and the book is closed! I really believe that if you take the time to read "A River Too Deep" you will not be sorry! I recommend this book to all lovers of Christian Fiction as well as Historical Fiction genres as well as stories that involved Indians. 
I am giving"A River Too Deep"by Sydney Betts five stars but if I could I would give it more. I know this is a short review but all I can add to it is "You need to read this yourself and discover why I will be thinking about Preying Eagle and Alcy,( aka Eyes Like Water) and the other characters for a  long time.  This novel would make an excellent movie. I have"Light Bird’s Song" in my to be read list and will be reading it soon. 
I was given a copy of "A River Too Deep" for an honest review. These opinions are my own!

To purchase "A River Too Deep" go here:

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BLOG HOP,Giveaway : "Lilacs for Juliana" by Carrie Fancett Pagels"

Book Description: 
Petite Juliana Beauchamps possesses a vivid imagination, which comes in handy as a librarian. When a handsome giant of a lumberjack comes to town and rescues her from possible tragedy, she’s shaken by the event. A dashing beer baron, from Milwaukee, also pursues Juliana’s attention. Meanwhile, a library trustee determines to push out the female librarians. 

Set in 1891, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Book Three in The Christy Lumber Camp Series focuses on Richard “Moose” Christy, the youngest of the sons, as he prepares to manage his first lumber camp. When Yost hires Juliana to organize his personal library, and her letters from Wisconsin suggest foul play, will Richard need to save her once again? And will his secret need to be revealed to win her heart?

Author Info: 
 "Yooper" Carrie Fancett Pagels writes Christian historical romances about overcoming. Possessed with an overactive imagination, that wasn't "cured" by twenty-five years as a psychologist, she loves bringing characters to life. Carrie and her family reside in Virginia's Historic Triangle, which is perfect for her fascination with history. Carrie enjoys reading, traveling, baking, and beading--but not all at the same time!
My Review:
"Lilacs for Juliana"is book three in "The Christy Lumber Camp series" by Carrie Fancett Pagels. It is a really enjoyable read. It is a standalone title but I recommend reading the other two novels in the series

"The Fruitcake Challenge"  and "The Lumberjacks' Ball" because the characters from these books are also in this book.

 ""Lilacs for Juliana" is really a love story between Juliana Beauchamps and Richard Christy. Richard is aka (Moose or a real life Paul Bunyan).
I really like how Juliana ends up with her "lilacs". 
I have said this book was a love story but it isn't your typical love story as Juliana and Richard have obstacles to overcome.  
I recommend "The Christy Lumber Camp series" by Carrie Fancett Pagels to anyone who likes history with a little folklore and a truly fun read!  
I have given each of the three titles in this series five stars.

Links to the other blogs in the blog hop are below!  Be in to win!!! Stop by each link (at least 7 of them to qualify for the GRAND PRIZE!!!) and leave a comment and your email address in a safe format!  You might be the winner of a KINDLE! And a paperback copy will be given to a winner at each blog stop! 
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"The Great Thirst Archaeological Mystery Serial" by Mary C. Findley

From Book 1:  Small town science teacher Keith Bradley climbs into a red Tesla with English teacher Talia Ramin for the field trip of a lifetime. At stake is a missing copy of the Scriptures on gold tablets. At risk is the trust of an ancient order sworn to keep the tablets safe. 
Talia's archaeologist aunt and uncle may have lost their last clue to artifact thieves. A government ultimatum might undo every lesson they have taught their students about keeping the Word safe. 
from Chapter Eighteen – “Are You So Selfish?” 
“What?” Keith jumped up. “What are you saying? We’re supposed to take the kids’ Bibles away from them? Their prayer journals? Their memory cards?” 
“There’s no need to be defensive.” Doctor Williams glared up at him. “Please be seated. You will only be borrowing them, to get them scanned. And we want materials from everyone in the community. Parents, grandparents, ministers – Anyone who studies the Bible. Don’t you see? This will become a resource people all over the world can use, for all time. Mr. Bradley, your prayers, your thoughts, your study of the Bible could teach someone in Thailand, Mali, Alaska – someone in a spaceship traveling to Mars – these insights will become eternal.” 
“But it’s voluntary, right?” Talia asked. “People don’t have to give us their Bibles, do they?” 
“This program fails if it doesn’t accomplish the critical goal of gathering all the possible data,” Doctor Williams insisted. 
“What exactly do you mean by ‘this program fails’?” Keith’s dad demanded. 
“It doesn’t fulfill the requirements,” Doctor Williams said. “It doesn’t qualify for the grants.” 
“You mean we lose everything we’ve gotten from implementing the Bible as Literature program?” Principal Bradley choked. 
“Really, there’s nothing scary or unreasonable being asked for here. Are your Bible studies secret? Why does the idea of sharing them with the world disturb you? Are you that selfish?” 
From Book 2: The mystery archaeologists suddenly appear and Keith learns firsthand about the quest for the Golden Testaments.He finds himself with more questions than answers. What do these people want with him?. He doesn't see how he can travel to Greece, Turkey, and who knows where without neglecting his family. The lure of ancient technology and the chance to unravel a mystery like no other can't make up for the deadly peril of an underwater attack and a terrifying phone call. Is he really ready to pay the price for preserving and spreading the Word if it means putting his family in danger?
From Book 3: In Association with The Edge Books. Keith and Talia's Guardian contacts finally unlock secrets of the holographic map but no one imagined the cost of following the clues. The Ax of Britomartis reveals an unexpected power but they can't use it when they are thrown out of the country. Accusations, heartache,. strife, and even romance can bring the quest grinding to a halt. When the black van changes from pursuer to prison, Keith needs help not even Talia can give. Jenny Kaine might just find out what she needs to know to destroy the Word once and for all. 
Keith stepped over to the intercom by the door. “This is Mr. Bradley. Ms Ramin and I need a monitor for our class, room 205, please,” he said, and released the button. “Ms. Ramin, please join me in the hallway while we wait for relief.” 
Talia hefted her duffel bag and followed him out without a word. 
“So, if Naddy and Sophie are okay, or at least going to be okay, what’s wrong?” Keith demanded, grabbing Talia’s bag from her and almost dropping it. “Whoa. This is heavy even for you. What’s going on?” 
“I’m leaving,” she whispered. “I can’t do this anymore.” 
“Can’t do what? Talia – Ms. Ramin – Do you feel bad about paying the ransom? Why? I mean, yeah, it sucks, that you had to do it, to give in to those bastards, but Naddy’ll make it back up in a couple of days at the tables, right? He’s like, the James Bond of Poker, right?” 
“He plays Baccarat.” Talia pushed away the smile that tugged at her lips. “I can’t keep lying to you. I can’t keep any more secrets from you.” 
From Book 4: A shocking event convinces Keith that he has to risk arrest to protect their Bradley Central students. A stranger questions their Britomartis findings and only a trip to Pakistan will solve a new mystery -- that of the daughters-in-law of Noah. Cherub Rider has a mission Keith isn't sure he can go along with -- protect Keith at all costs, even if it means leaving Talia behind. They have to depend on the mysterious ancient amphibian skin for a totally unexpected, possibly lifesaving, mission. Is the Morse Code message tapping ALIVE real? Is a bag of gray dust the end of all their hopes to prevent the Great Thirst?
From Book 5Jenny Kaine resurfaces with a one-time offer that kicks Talia's warrior instincts into high gear. A terrifying betrayal and a violent attack drive Keith and Talia and the whole Mexico Expedition into lockdown. Talia's stunning revelation and crushing mishap may end any hope of unraveling the tangled Web of AraƱa. A tablet update sparks turmoil and terror as students respond to "activation orders.' One conflicted father may hold the key to understanding more about the enemy -- if he lives to tell his tale.

Author Info:

Findley loves to write and draw, and has been known to do both tucked in the bend of an old pine tree. Cat and dog lover, former master of the universe of summer hikes, mountain stream swimming, and unorthodox campouts, she has traveled internationally and around the lower 48 multiple times. 

Sneak a peek at snippets from her real life in The Great Thirst serial, from the tiny school she attended in the foothills of the Catskills, to the college teacher who asked for student help to find the contact lost in her own eye, to a certain trucker couple who come to the rescue when help is desperately needed. She is the wife of a crazy smart man, mother of three kind of grownups, and currently rides shotgun in the US and Canada in a tractor-trailer. 

Younger readers can grow up with the Benny and the Bank Robber Historical Adventure series. Watch Benny learn to trust God while traveling across the American frontier from Philly to Missouri to the end of the Oregon Trail. 

Adult readers can discover suspense, unlikely romances, and history-making intrigue from the male point of view in The Baron's Ring, and Chasing the Texas Wind, and Send a White Rose. 

The Fifty Shades of Faithful series of short stories combines sensible and sizzling advice about relationships with a playful and purposeful edge ... Bondage, child trafficking, caregiver fraud, adultery, foster care, business partnership, and even sheep rustling. 

Join the search to quench the thirst as the serial archaeological mystery The Great Thirst cranks up the danger. Keith and Talia race to find ancient technology and the missing Golden Testaments before the last copy of the Word of God is gone forever.

Dig into Bible Study for all ages, explore the original Establishment of Religion, and climb aboard for a frantic but faithful ride through History, Science, and Literature from the beginning that will carry you to where truth lives. 

Praise for Benny and the Bank Robber: "Looked like a kids book. It really surprised me with a lot of interesting twists and being deeply spiritual."

Chasing the Texas Wind: "This story has many twists and turns throughout the plot and keeps the reader on their toes and they struggle, along with the characters, to solve the mystery of this intriguing tale."

Antidisestablishmentarianism: "This book will give you all the ammunition you need to get yourself straightened out and those you know and love. I recommend you get it and read it."

Fifty Shades of Faithful: "I liked the way the characters were not one dimensional but complicated, especially the men in the stories."

The Baron's Ring: "What I got was a story unlike any other. A story of love of family, love of community, a love of people...all intertwined with the love of God and sharing that love. I just could not put it down."

Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion: "For those who love medieval history, the Crusader period in England, all things knights and espionage, everyday estate life, and purity of period detail, you will find an absolute GEM in this story." 

The Great Thirst" "Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!"

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: "Fantastic Scriptural commentary. The writing shows a deep and profound understanding of the whole counsel of God."

Our "tough but you need it" blog is 
visit us on facebook at
Our YouTube channel is

My Review: This isn't my normal type of reviews because I am writing one review for five books because these are short stories meant to be a part of a bigger story. So I must warn my review readers that each story does end in a cliff-hanger.  The stories are written in a way that any mature reader of any age would enjoy them, the only reason I said mature was because of the subject matter, it is a clean mystery and love story, there are a few curse words ( two  or three but I can see where they are appropriate in the story, not just thrown in like some authors do). 

The stories really keep me turning the pages, I had to know who was the bad guys and why there were doing the things they were!  Oh, the love story in between the pages are just an added bonus for this reader who loves mystery and romance in the same story.

These stories are interlaced with Biblical verses and Biblical truths also, so I just have to give them all five stars. I really think any reader of Christian Fiction and Mystery Genres would like these books and enjoy them. I found myself thinking some of  the things happening in these books might just became real in real life before long, ( like Religious Freedom might not be so free and we will have to fight for it like our heroes in these stories.

Ok, I have one complaint , there is going to be a sixth book and I have to wait for it, but such is a reader's life. lol.

I was given pdf files for review purposes by the author. These opinions are my own.