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"His Brother's Bride" (Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Book 2) By George McVey

Book Info Lyla Duntston has come to Sanctuary, Montana to be courted by and marry Glenn Williams. She wants a marriage like her parents have, but when she meets Glenn he is cold and standoffish. He'd told her he was shy but this farmer isn't shy he's clueless. Can she give her heart to this man or will his handsome brother steal it? 

Greg Williams returns home after four years as a cowboy to start his own ranch. He just happens to arrive as his brother's Mail Order Bride gets off the stagecoach. He's smitten at once. Will he step aside for his brother, or will he think of his own wants and desires to woo His Brother's Bride

My Review

"His Brother's Bride" (Mail Order Brides of Sanctuary Book 2) By George McVey is just as good as the first book in this series. I guess a reader can enjoy the book as a standalone but personally I recommend reading book 1"The Pastor's Replacement Bride" first because it is a continuation of the first book.

What I loved about this book : The charters were real people, I mean they are like us and not super heroes and such. The plot is who is the right brother for Lyla. This book is written so well that you can actually feel Lyla's struggle as she tries to determined who should be courting her.

The character I didn't really like to much is Glenn, yes, I cannot like a character and be ok with it because after all Glenn isn't really a real person except in the author's mind.  Ok, you are asking why I didn't like Glenn is because he really doesn't act like he wants to be bothered with courting, his  chores were more important!

My favorite character was Greg because he has learned from his past four  years and wants to do the right thing.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author. These opinions are my own. 

I am giving "His Brother's Bride" five stars!


George McVey always wanted to be a Superhero, sadly no radioactive storms or animals have been a part of his life. One day while spinning a tall tale for his family, some suggested once again that with all his experiences in ministry, and his imagination he should be writing books. This time it was like lightning struck him and he decided why not.

Since then George has been hard at work using his creative imagination and writing several books. He's still adding to his bibliography to this day. You can find them all on his page

George lives in the wonderful state of Almost Heaven West Virginia. A few years ago he moved from a single family home to a deluxe apartment in the sky, well the fourth floor anyway. He lives with his wife of thirty years, and a service dog named Daisy Mae. He is visited often by his three children and two grandsons.

If you ever come to visit him you will probably find him setting in his lazy boy recliner or at his desk in the corner office, working on some writing project. If not a teaching book,then a novel. If he isn't working on a novel either then he will be working on a short story or blog post. If he isn't doing either of those then he is either asleep or eating his other two favorite past times.

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