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The Sisters of Corinth (The Emissaries: Book 2) by Angela Hunt

About the Book

Book: The Sisters of Corinth (The Emissaries: Book 2)

Author: Angela Hunt

Genre: Biblical Fiction

Release date: May 21, 2024

“Angela Hunt takes her craft to new heights–and depths–as she fully immerses us in the lives and struggles of first-century followers of Yeshua.”–Tamera Alexander, bestselling author on The Woman from Lydia

When the new provincial governor arrives in Corinth, the esteemed Chief Magistrate Narkis Ligus, father to Mariana and Prima, is delighted. He sees a golden opportunity to propel himself to greater power and fortune by uniting his and the governor’s households through the marriage of one of his beautiful unwed daughters to the governor’s firstborn son.

Yet complications quickly arise in Narkis’s own family. Mariana, his stepdaughter, holds steadfast faith in Yeshua, rendering her hesitant to marry a man devoted to the Roman gods, despite Narkis’s urging. On the other hand, Prima, his daughter by birth, yearns for a life of wealth and status and is willing to go to great lengths to secure a marriage that fulfills her desires–even if it means betraying Mariana to do so.


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This was such a inspiring story about characters that might have early followers of Yeshua. It was easy to keep turning the pages and cheering on Mariana and at the same time hoping that Prima comes to belief in the one true God.  My heart strings was pulled for each of the characters in this novel. I was reminded again on what a person is capable of doing when they are searching for love and wealth and status. Yes, a few tears was shed over a death.  But I really loved reading this( it is about when David's and Bathsheba son died, no it isn't part of the story, another character was using this story to bring comfort to the grieving mother) "Who knows? Adonai might be gracious to me and let the child live." But now that he has died, why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? It is I who will be going to him, but he will never return to me."...... David said "It is I who be going to him....At the end of this life, my lady, you will go to your son, who is waiting for you."  Reading that was a comfort to me.  This story made me glad that I am free to worship how and where I choose without fear of being killed for it. 

Yes, this book has sorrow, comfort, and love and betrayed and hope. 

And it ends with a cliff hanger, I can't wait till the next book comes out. 

There are questions at the end of the book for a book reading group.I also suggest reading the author's note at the end of the book, it is questions that readers has asked her about her novels. 

I received a complementary copy from the author and Celebrate Lit and these opinions are my own. 

I haven't read the first book in this series but after reading "The Sisters of Corinth (The Emissaries: Book 2)" I have put "The Woman from Lydia: Emissaries, Book 1" on my To Be Read List. 

About the Author

Angela Hunt is a New York Times bestselling author of more than 160 books, with nearly 6 million copies sold worldwide. Angela’s novels have won or been nominated for the RWA RITA Award, the Christy Award, the ECPA Christian Book Award, and the HOLT Medallion. Four of her novels have received ForeWord Magazine‘s Book of the Year Award, and Angela is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from both the Romantic Times Book Club and ACFW. Angela holds doctorates in biblical studies and theology. She and her husband make their home in Florida with mastiffs and chickens.

More from Angela


Thank you for helping me kick off the book tour for THE SISTERS OF CORINTH. This book is the second in my Emissaries series, but don’t worry—it reads like a stand alone.

The series features Gentiles who became believers in Christ through the ministry of Paul. The first book was about the woman called Lydia who lived in Philippi, and this book is about two step-sisters who lived in Corinth, the “Vegas” of the Roman Empire. What happened in Corinth stayed in Corinth, if you get my meaning, and there was a LOT going on in that pagan city.

I couldn’t help but think of Cinderella’s story as I wrote the opening of this book. The novel begins when the two sisters hear about the new governor coming to Corinth. He has a handsome and eligible son, and Narkis, the head of their family, is determined that one of his daughters should marry him. Prima is like her father, power-hungry and pretentious, while quiet Mariana is a believer in Yeshua. There’s a great deal of primping and preparing, scheming and scowling as the banquet draws near, and you’ll never guess which daughter the young man chooses—or maybe you will.

I hope you enjoy THE SISTERS OF CORINTH and thank you so much for taking part in this book tour. I am so grateful!


Angela Hunt

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"Lessons from Women of the Bible: A Daily Devotion for Preteen Girls Vol 1" by Kathy Cassel

Life Lessons from Women of the Bible is a daily devotional for preteen girls that explores life stories of God’s daughters from the very first woman, Eve, to beauty queen Sarah, bondmaid Hagar, scheming Rebecca, feuding sisters Rachel and Leah, homeless Naomi, and more. Each facing challenges not so different than today’s girls still confront on a daily basis. Jealousy. Bullying. Sibling rivalry. Mean girls. Losing friends and loved ones. Making good choices.All while learning how to follow God's perfect plan and path. 

Better yet, each devotional gives insight on how to handle daily problems right here and now in the twenty-first century. So go ahead! Open this book and prepare to tag along with some of the most fascinating new girlfriends you’ll ever be blessed to meet.

This is a book of 90 short devotions. Each day starts with A Bible scripture. Then it has the name of the Woman that the day's devotion is about, ( example Hagar: There Will Always Be Girl Bullies). Then it talks about that women and explains how that topic and how it relates to maybe something that the reader is going through. And then each day ends with "Thinking It Through", which is questions or a positive thought and /or a positive action to take. 

Yes, this book is for preteen girls but I think even us older girls could possibly learn a few things as well. The devotions on Eve deals with learning to accept ourselves as God created us and  another example is Miriam and when squabbles happen, ( and if we are honest, who doesn't have squabbles, young or old or in the middle, as age doesn't discriminate when it comes to disagreements.  I guess, it does in a way because when you are older and more mature, you should be able to handle disagreements  in a better way but I still say this book is a good reminder of good ways. 

I encourage you if you have a preteen, get a copy of this book for them. 

I received a complimentary copy from the author and these opinions are my own.

Kathy Cassel profile image
Kathy Cassel is author of more a dozen fiction and non-fiction titles for preteens and teens, including 2021 Selah Award finalist Freerunner and the iParenting award winner Christian Girls Guide series. Kathy has lived on three different continents with her USAF husband, has eight children, five adopted from Haiti and the United States, and six grandchildren. To better relate to her characters, she enjoys learning their skills such as whitewater rafting, scuba diving, and riding a motorcycle, but draws the line at sky diving.

Marcus and the Emperor’s Coin by Dennis Conrad Audiobook

About the Book

Book: Marcus and the Emperor’s Coin (In God We Trust: Book 2)

Author: Dennis Conrad

Genre: Christian Children’s Picture Book

Release date: December 2, 2023

Marcus and the Emperor’s Coin is an exciting adventure in the Ancient Roman Empire at the time of Christ. Eight-year-old Marcus and his father are on a mission for the Emperor and visit a mine and a mint where coins are made. Marcus himself makes a denarius, a coin with the emperor’s image.

Marcus goes to Jerusalem where he sees Jesus hold a denarius saying, “Give to the emperor the things that are the emperor’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” What will seeing Jesus mean for Marcus, and will he ever be the same again?


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  I read "The Two-Cent Piece", a picture book about the two-cent coins that were used in the United States about the time of the Civil War and have been wanting other books from the author so I was really glad when I received "Marcus and the Emperor’s Coin". by Dennis Conrad.

"Marcus and the Emperor’s Coin" is a picture story book about a clumsy boy who is afraid he will mess things up for his father. They are a mission to deliver coins to Jerusalem and on the way, he learns how silver is mined, and coins are minted. I think children will really like the colorful pictures. I will be giving both of these books to my grandsons. I like that at the end of the book there is a short glossary of terms used in the story and Bible verses and questions that can help learn about the story that each coin has because each coin tells a story. These books are a great tool that can be used as a teaching tool both for history as well as a little spiritual. The spiritual isn't really heavy because these books are written for younger children. I hope they are more books coming to this series "In God We Trust". 

This review is for the audio verse which I enjoyed. I didn't like the ding on the audio version, (I am assuming it a symbol to turn the page if you are following along with the print book for younger readers). 

I received a complimentary copy from the author and Celebrate Lit and these opinions are my own. 

About the Author

A former coin collector for over fifty years, Dennis combines his love for the Bible, children’s literature, and sharing stories about the history behind coins.

Dennis retired as a professor of speech communications from Barstow Community College. He and his wife served as English and public speaking teachers ten summers overseas.

Dennis became a sustaining member of the Numismatic Association of Southern California in 1979. He is also a life member of the American Numismatic Association.

Dennis is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and a Fellow of the National Writing Project.

More from Dennis

James L. Rubart narrates Marcus and the Emperor’s Coin on Audible.

Rubart is the best-selling, Christy Hall of Fame, CAROL, INSPY, and RT Book Reviews award winning author of sixteen novels.

His voices for the characters make the story come to life.

When first released, Marcus and the Emperor’s Coin became a #1 Release on Audible.

The book by Dennis Conrad became a number one bestseller in two categories: Children’s Christian Historical Fiction and Children’s Christian Learning Concepts Fiction.

Marlene Bagnull, Author and Director of Write His Answer Ministries says, “This story behind the familiar Bible story of Jesus’s words about the coin someone handed him will hold the attention of boys and girls and encourage them to consider what they can give to God.”

Marcus and the Emperor’s Coin opens the door for teachers, parents, and grandparents to have the salvation conversation with the next generation.

Receive Monthly Activity Sheets

Want to encourage the child in your life to learn more about coins? Sign up at so your child can become a Junior Coin Collector. Receive free, monthly activity sheets like a crossword puzzle. There is a Coin Hunt section where children can search for and find coins in change for their collection, and a Vocabulary Builder section with coin collecting terms.

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Adult--O-Nomics:How To Nail It On Your Own by Tez Brooks


About the Book

Book: Adult-o-Nomics: How To Nail It On Your Own

Author: Tez Brooks

Genre: Nonfiction (self-help)

Release date: April 30, 2024

Launching out and making your way in life can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

One study revealed that over fifty percent of young adults boomeranged home in the first five years. Often, this is caused by underestimating how many curveballs life throws. You may not want to return home, and helicopter parents don’t help as they sympathetically offer to cushion you in the name of “setting you up for success.” But you know there’s nothing more rewarding than making it on your own.

Mom and Dad couldn’t teach you everything. Your peers can’t offer the wisdom of experience. Even mentors don’t often know what you need guidance for. You need preventive counsel; information obtained before a crisis hits. Well, you found it! Within these pages is experience and know-how collected from famous personalities and others who’ve forged the path ahead of you; from all different ages and walks of life.

This mix of ancient wisdom (adapted from God’s Word) and modern advice from contemporaries will place you ahead of the curve as you increase in know-how and understanding for more effective adulting.

Adult-o-Nomics is a gift book to yourself or others. It’s a collection of 500 short quotes, scriptures, and suggestions for those leaving home for the first time. Topics cover everything from practical housekeeping, automotive maintenance, and career advice, to romance and spiritual living.

If consumers in the target market read Adult-o-Nomics, they will:

  • Discover practical tips for becoming independent.
  • Handle setbacks and trials with know-how, confidence and courage.
  • Understand societal norms for more effective life skills.
  • Learn how to walk closer to God.

Because the book will:

  • Inspire readers to step out and take risks.
  • Encourage young adults to mature and grow a thick skin.
  • Produce a growing dependence on God rather than others.
  • Offer peace in the midst of turmoil and stress


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"Adult-0-Nomics" by Tez Brooks is a book of 500 tips and truths for adulating with integrity. This is a book that shares Biblical principals as well.

Some of the tips are right on and some of them are funny to me! Some seems silly to have to be in a book, ( should already know) Maybe because I have been adult for too many years, sometimes it seems like more years than it has actually been, but here here are just a few that I thought I would share with you all. 

Tip #1 Dress like an adult and people will treat you like one.

Tip# 7 Guys, making your bed, scrubbing soap scrum off the tub, keeping the sink hair-free,these are all signs of a responsible man. Girls love it.

Tip# 13  Never allow friends or family to sit in with you during a job interview. Employers want secure applicants.

Tip# 24 Never argue with a police officer. They risk their lives to keep you safe; respect them, be polite, and comply.File complaints later, if necessary.

Tip#47 Never confuse abuse with love. This can be difficult if you've already been abused by a loved one.

TipTip#48 Understand the whole world could end up seeing that seductive selfie you posted- even Grandma and your pastor.

Tip #58 Never answer a text when you're anger. Pray, then wait until the next day to respond.

Tip #67 No matter how good the hand soap smells, never walk out of the restroom while sniffing your fingers!

Tip #96 If you work from home, pajamas seldom lead to success unless you're the CEO of Victoria's Secret.

Tip#112 Family traditions can be annoying. But one day you'll fondly remember those ugly sweaters and Aunt Susy's gelatin mold.

Tip# 156 Don't put God in a box. He'll bust out. Be open to unusual encounters with Him.

Tip#165 Always give it your all. Except when donating blood.

Tip# 167 Don't judge a book by it's movie.(you all know I love this tip lol)

Tip# 194 It's better to share a bag of fries with a good friend than a steak with someone who doesn't care about you. (see Proverbs 15:7)

Tip# 417 Respect books and read them.

Tip# 413 When you compare yourself to others,  you're telling God that Handiwork  isn't 
good enough for you.

Tip# 300 don't just listen to a sermon or read your Bible and forget about it. Apply it to your life see ( James 1:22)

 I know I share a lot but the ones I didn't share are worth a read and considering also. 

I think this were be a great graduation gift and one worth buying even if you are an older and mature adult. 

I am 64 and enjoyed this book and even learned a few things.

I received a complimentary copy from the author and Celebrate lit and these opinions are my own. 

About the Author

Whether he’s working as a missionary journalist,

coaching aspiring writers, or writing devotions, Tez’s passion for walking with God is evident. His book, The Single Dad Detour won Book of the Decade with Serious Writer Academy and recently, featured him in “50 Authors You Should Know.”

As a multiple award-winning author, filmmaker, and international speaker, Brooks was recently named one of the Top Writing Coaches by the Coach Foundation. His work appears in Guideposts, Power for Living, The Upper Room,, Clubhouse, Focus on the Family, and more. Tez is a member of Colorado Authors League and president for two chapters of Word Weavers Intl. He and his wife serve as full-time missionaries based out of Colorado Springs. They have four children.


More from Tez


Q: Adult-o-Nomics shares insights and encouragement from high school and college students, parents and your own experience as a youth pastor and father of four. What led you to write it?

I wrote it because I see so many young adults struggling with anxiety after moving out on their own. By asking around, I realized it that anxiety comes from a lack of know-how. It’s so stressful to attempt something with little to no information. Google makes it so easy to avoid asking real people by just looking it up online. The trouble is, that alienates us and it doesn’t give us everything we need. People don’t know what they need to learn. I thought it would be nice to have an easy-to-read gift book filled with one-liners and tips – something you could pick up when you have a free minute just to learn something new. Many don’t have time to invest in reading a complete “How-To” book but 30 seconds of advice is easier to digest….bite-sized pieces. So I wrote it!

Q: Would you be willing to share a little bit about your observations from watching young people launch from home?

I have observed a lot of young adults boomerang back home after a few years because they underestimated the cost of living or they forgot to plan for unexpected expenses. But we’ve all had stuff happen that caught us off guard, right? It’s impossible to anticipate everything. But parents who want to be a safety net to rescue their kids don’t really help. Helicopter parents cause their adult kids to lack confidence and become overly dependent upon them. Im not saying parents shouldn’t help in time of need. Im saying help by all means, but with clear expectations and specific end dates. One parent I know bought their daughter a security camera for her apartment so they could watch her sleep and wake her if she overslept for work. Ugh! Another dad insisted on talking to his son’s professor about his grades. It’s my hope this generation will find the peace that comes from total dependence on God and total independence from Mom and Dad. Anxiety doesn’t have to be the norm for those launching out for the first time. Adulting should be a rewarding right of passage, not a dread.

Q: Many young people think living on their own is going to be either really difficult or super easy. You had a difficult event that affected your launch. Can you share with us, what was your experience as a young college student?  

Soon after I graduated high school, my mom died unexpectedly after a minor surgery. I went off to college five states away with little to no experience living on my own. My mom prepared me a little bit before she died. I knew how to do laundry and clean a bathroom but not much more. I experienced a lot of trial and error as I adapted to life away from home. When I returned home after that first semester, my dad had already re-married and started a new life that I was not a part of. My step-mom was not the nurturing type like Mom, and it was clear I needed to take care of myself. It wasn’t easy but I made it. So I have an understanding of young adults trying to adapt to adulthood. It’s way harder for them now than it was for me. Anxiety doesn’t have to rule us though. It’s my hope they will find comfort from some of the tips others have provided in this book.

Q: Adult-o-Nomics is filled with practical advice on topics like romantic relationships, employment, car maintenance, housekeeping, what food to keep in your fridge, and even financial tips. But you also include physical, emotional and spiritual advice? Why are these important?

In the end, our spiritual condition is all that matters. If we get that correct, all the other areas of our life will fall into place. But yes, I do address physical, emotional, and other aspects because these things are vital to our success. Let’s face it, if we know how to get hired for a job but don’t know how to respond in a healthy way to criticism from our employer, we’re not going to have that job very long. Many of the tips in the book are connected and play off each other.

Q: Anxiety is a common issue for this generation. They deal with it more than other generations have. This causes some young adults to delay, avoid, or even abandon their launch. Do you have any advice?

Yes, there’s no need to avoid your launch when God is in your corner. If you have large financial debt and you’re delaying the launch temporarily, that makes sense. I’d pray about how you might trust God to be your Provider. God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life. He’s in your corner, cheering you on!

Q: What’s the most important thing a young adult needs to know before they move out? If you could pick one thing to tell them, what would it be?

I’ve said it before, learn total dependence on God. Seek his face. Be sold out to Him…all the rest will work itself out.

Q: What is your next book?

It’s a book based on the pre-marital counseling I have done. It’s called “Is Calling Us to Marry?: 100 Questions for the Well-Prepared Couple”

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Secrets of the Wilflowers by Sarah Talbert

About the Book

Book: Secrets of the Wildflowers

Author: Sarah Talbert

Genre: Historical Fiction/Biblical Fiction

Release date: April 30, 2024

In the heart of ancient Ur, where the gods cast shadows and tradition weaves the fabric of life, Secrets of the Wildflowersunfolds the captivating tale of Miu, a spirited young woman determined to bloom amid the constraints of her culture, family, and the ancient deities that hold sway.

When tragedy strikes, and her beloved brother becomes a sacrifice to the gods, Miu embarks on a courageous journey to break free from the shackles of societal expectations and unearth her true purpose. Inspired by the resilient wildflowers that thrive against all odds, Miu is driven to forge her own path and create a name for herself.

As Miu navigates running her own tavern, friendship with an unlikely courier, and supporting an abandoned child, she finds herself crossing paths with Abram, a figure of significance from the Bible. In their encounters, Abram imparts profound wisdom, revealing that, like the wildflowers, Miu is created to be unique. Yet, he guides her to embrace the very boundaries that enable her to flourish.


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 Reading again. And I haven't liked this book since the beginning but here Iam on page 292 and I read this. The book I am reading is "Secrets of the Wilflowers. by Sarah Talbert

"The wildflowers hold a secret".  ...........
The wildflowers weren't created to grow in the chaos waters, so they don't. They weren't created to grow in the shade of a city so they don't. They were created to grow in the open, drinking in the sunshine. If if they creep outside of those boundaries their roots are strangled or drowned. The wildflowers' secret is it they live within their boundaries. We are no different. Yahweh has given us boundaries in which we should live. When we stray to the bank of the chaos waters or hide in the shadows of someone's approval, then our roots are drowned or choke out.

When  we live within the rules Yahweh gives us,they bring life to us. It is only then that we can leave a city and follow him to places we don't know. It is only then that we can run taverns and lead people.  It is His love and His correction that guides us to places where freedom grows. It is not freedom to do as we wish, but it becomes freedom to do what we were created to do."

okay, the part about the tavern is because it is what the book is about.This is a story about Miu's search for freedom from her cruel father and god's that only use people for their own use. And in the story she becomes a tavern owner and then learns about the one true God that wants her because He loves her and not because He wants to use her like all the other gods.

This book is Historical and Biblical Fiction. And I defined liked the ending better than the first part and am giving this book 4 stars. Because I think other readers would enjoy the book.

I received a compliments copy from
the author and Celebrate Lit and these opinions are my own.

About the Author

Sarah Talbert, a devoted storyteller and explorer of faith, employs her creative writing to inspire spiritual growth. Through historical fiction and other writings, she shares compelling narratives aimed at deepening readers’ connections with Jesus. Sarah cultivates community through discipleship, hospitality, and storytelling, alongside managing a copywriting business that amplifies the voices of other enterprises.


More from Sarah

Secrets of the Wildflowers: Comparing the Ancient Near Eastern Gods with Yahweh

In the ancient civilizations of the Near East, people had a fascinating relationship with their gods. They earnestly sought the blessings of the gods, such as prosperity, reputation, and fertility, but the interactions were often unpredictable. Prayers and offerings were done with a sense of expectation, but people were always aware of the capricious whims of the gods.

When examining the relationship between humans, the gods of the Ancient Near East, and Yahweh, there are two key points to consider:

-Fragile Relationships with the Gods:

Did you know that in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, people believed that the gods held power over every aspect of their lives? They turned to their gods for blessings and protection, whether it was for a great harvest or a happy family.

The main reason behind writing “Secrets of the Wildflowers” was to compare and contrast the gods of Miu’s time (the main character) with Yahweh. Miu faces difficulty dealing with the unpredictable nature of the gods while also desiring to pursue her own path, but also needing the blessings of the gods.

-Yahweh’s Guidance and Certainty:

Enter Yahweh, the God of Abram, who presented an unmistakable difference from the uncertain association between humans and the gods in the Ancient Near East. Instead of leaving humanity to figure out the fickle nature of the gods’ goodwill on their own, Yahweh intervened in a significant manner.

Miu eventually discovers that Yahweh wants a relationship with her. He has pursued her from the beginning of the story. She just needs to learn if she wants to bloom free like a wildflower, or if she wants to follow him.

By following Yahweh’s laws, Abram and his people found peace, prosperity, and a divine relationship with God. Obeying His commands blessed them with divine favor and the assurance of His presence.

In conclusion, Miu and everyone she encounters must come face to face with a god who is unlike anything they’ve ever heard of. After losing and redefining freedom, Miu discovers that true freedom is found in working together with others and utilizing her God-given skills within a relationship with a loving God.

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