Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Redeeming Grace" by George McVey

" Redeeming Grace " By  George McVey is another 5 star book.

"Redeeming Grace"  is the third book in the Redemption Tales by George McVey and I have enjoyed all three and looking forward to the next one in the series! 

Nathan Ryder in a sermon tells the congregation "  Are you aware that God has the right to change our lives without us complaining about it! I am; it's why I continue to wear this badge and to preach the Gospel. Yes, Nathan Ryder is an unusual preacher, one that carries guns and shots his mark every time but he is also a preacher who shows mercy and follows God.

In this book Nathan and Timothy are still hunting for Diamond Dale but a new outlaw comes to town and makes more trouble for Nathan. As if that isn't enough trouble for Nathan, his own father is adding to the trouble and has a secret he isn't telling to Nathan. There is also a lady from Grace's past who stirs up trouble and  Nathan is force to make a choice!  Did he make the right one, only time will tell.

I was surprised at some of the twists this story took but I am can't say I am really disappointed with the ending, it just took me by surprise, and left me with questions. Which is the reason I think I like this series and want to read the next one because it is like a cliff hanger in the movies, we cannot help but want to see what happens next! All the books in this series are like that!

I think everyone should read this series even if they don't like Christian fiction and/or westerns. Anyone that like Christian fiction and/or westerns would enjoy reading Nathan's story.
You should give yourself a treat and escape into the West for a while.

I was given a pdf file  by the author for my honest review!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Indebted" by Braxton Degarmo

“Indebted” by Braxton Degarmo is a 5 star novel from beginning to end!  I will have to be honest and stay there are a few curse words but they are words that the characters would use. These words are not the F" bomb, taking God's name in vain and any explicit sexual content.

This book goes back and forth describing the life of Alice Cummings and the modern day life of the mega-selling author Myra Mitchell.

Alice Cumming is a daughter of an an an abusive, alcoholic father who sells her baby in the middle of the night. Alice runs away from home and tries to find him.I couldn’t put this book down because I wanted to get to the end to see if she would find her baby and if she and the child would live happily ever after!

Myra Mitchell liked to party and after receiving a life-changing diagnosis, wants to write a final book. She wants this book to be about her favorite cartoonist , Betsy Weston, who has disappeared from society.

I also wanted to finish this book to see if Myra Mitchell could finished this book!

This book is not your typical everything is happy and fairytale endings! But, I must say that I am happy with the ending! 

This book is a mystery that I didn’t see coming together the way it did!

I was given a copy of this book by Bookfun for review purposes.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

An Amish Family Christmas” by Murray Pura

An Amish Family Christmas” by Murray Pura is wunderbaar . I wish I could give it more than five stars.This book is a great book to read for entertainment but it is a book to make you really think. I have read it twice and it has made me think about my thoughts on several issues. And the money I spent to purchase this book was well spent. ( I added this in this review because I don’t like to spent more than a few dollars on a ebook, but since I really like Murray Pura’s books and he likes to give out copies of his books and I have won a few of his books, I decided to risk it and spend the money. I have to say again I was not disappointed.)  This was the book for an online book discussion and I will say anyone that hasn’t read this book is really missing out on a book that really touches on what is a really heartfelt subject for all people rather Amish or English, or any race or Nation. 

Naomi has just lost her parents and sister in a wreck caused by a drunk driver, and her brother Luke is in a catatonic stupor from head injuries. She is angry and confused and feels alone. Her sister-in-law is there to help her but at first Naomi want listen to her because even through she is married, she claims she has no husband. Why would she claim this? It is because Micah has joined the war and helped to save lives. The Amish do not believe in this this. Micah is shunned because he won’t repent and say he was wrong!

But Micah returns and does Naomi hold to the bishop’s rule of shunning or does she hold on to her wedding vows? This  book is truly a book of love and forgiveness and honest soul searching! 

But then a tragic happens to one of the community's own! And opinions are changed!

I just love the ending! I really wish real life was like fiction! But then again maybe I don’t because then fiction would not be able to teach us anything!

“What Once Was Lost” by Kim Vogel Sawyer

“What Once Was Lost” by Kim Vogel Sawyer is definitely a five star novel. I think this is my third book that I have read by her and they are all winners. They all make you feel that love is possible and that God wants the best for us. Her books are Christian fiction but I think even unbelievers will enjoy reading them as they are not “preachy” but in this story especially Kim Vogel Sawyer makes the readers aware that “ we are all in need of forgiveness and points out several truths that Christians aren’t anybody than others.

Christina Willems provides for a group of displaced individuals at Brambleville Asylum for the Poor until a fire breaks out. This fire is the beginning of a new life for all of the individuals as well as Christina. I had to keep reading this story to see what happened to them all. My favorite character in this story, beside Christina and one of the heroes, Levi,( a mill owner,)is Tommy. ( a blind boy, I just felt his pain throughout the pages). There is actually two heroes in this story.

This story had a ending I did not see happening! What the villain, Ham intended for harm backfired and all the individuals ended up with a happy outcome! 

I really recommend this book if you want to see what good can come from what seems impossible odds!

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review”.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Unforeseeable" by Nancy Mehl

"Unforeseeable" by Nancy Mehl gets five stars from me. 

'Unforeseeable" is the third and final book in the "Road To Kingdom Series" and it is my favorite book in the series! With that being said, I wish there were others books coming in this series. 

There is a serial killer in town. Callie is engaged to the new Mennonite pastor, Levi and he falls under suspicious. And Levi knows something but won't tell Callie. And Callie wonders if Levi is only marrying her to fulfilled the requirement that pastors are married.

Callie's begins to remember things from her past that she has blocked from her memories and begins to question "Who Am I really"

There is a new women in town, and there is something about her that has Callie afraid!

This book certainly had me fooled on who the bad guy(s) was or were! There are twists and turns in this story that kept me turning the pages to see how it all ended up

In ending this review I want to include some of life’s important life Callie learned and it applies to us readers as well.
On page 146 “ No matter what happens around us, we can rest in the joy inside our hearts. The fruit of the Spirit is alive in us. We just need to allow it to overpower our circumstances.”
On Page 222-223 “ Callie, a lot of people never find the people God created them to be. They’re too busy trying to live up to other people’s expectations, or they try to create themselves in the image of a person they admire or envy. Just because we respect someone or think their life might be more exciting than ours doesn’t mean God created us to be just like them. Sometimes we have to ignore the people in our lives so we can hear the voice of God.” “ That sounds rather selfish. Aren’t we supposed to prefer others before ourselves?” “Sure. But making a decision to put someone else first out of love isn’t there same thing as putting them first out of fear. Because you’re afraid they won’t love you if you don’t act the way they might want you to.”
On page 287 “ I’m beginning to see that we can’t substitute God for certain clothes, rules, church, or even towns. I’m not saying any of those things are bad, but I’m realizing that things and places don’t make us holy or safe. And they certainly don’t define us.”

I was really surprised to see these truths applied to this fictional story. That is what makes this such a great story, it has truth and fiction, and the ending isn’t want I expected either. This entire series is just fantastic. 

I was given a copy of this book by the author,Nancy Mehl, for my honest review.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"A Christmas Gift For Rose" by Tricia Goyer"

"A Christmas Gift For Rose" by Tricia Goyer" gets 5 stars from me!

This book is more than a simple Amish Christmas story. It is an Amish story and A Christmas novel but so much more it is a story about life and the power of love.

  I read this book because it was the book for an online book discussions in two Facebook groups. I was surprised that it was so inspiring to me! I read  most of this book in one setting!  I learned lessons that I am going to try to remember in my own life. Things such as faith and trust and belief in yourself and the ones you love is so much more important than what your community or others are telling you! Another lesson from this book is not everything that seems bad is (Rose learns that and realizes that she has the best of two worlds).

It is war time and Rose's boyfriend Jonathan has enlisted to help the English.  Rose struggles with feelings that something isn't right about herself.

She has decided to ignore her feelings for Jonathan and listen to the community and their distrust of him.

But then Rose learns a secret about herself and learns that God is the one we should listen to and things aren't always the way they appear to be.

This is a story of love and trust. This story makes the reader believe in the power of pure love for one another.

I highly reccommend this book to everyone, whether a fan of Amish fiction or not, because I don't think the basic for the story line is really Amish but one of love. Yes, I keep pointing out the love in this book because it the love that is in plain throughout this book.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

" Joy Comes To Dinsmore Street" by Linda Wood Rondeau

" Joy Comes To Dinsmore Street" by Linda Wood Rondeau gets 5 stars from me.

This story has a few words that are a little strong and the story lines are a hard subject to do with ( like sucide and rape and how girls are tricked into believing things that aren't true!   But it is a Christian book and it is a Christmas story with a twist.

It took me awhile to get into the story line but once I did I enjoyed it!

This story is about three women who have secrets that have been kept from their loves ones too long and is now threatening to bring new emotional hurt into another innocent little boy's life if not brought out into the opening with their loved ones!

This book reminds us that God can and will take the garbage of our lives and turn it into something good if we let it.

The secrets are told at Christmas when someone comes to visit.  It is this visitor's visit that finally brings Joy and hope and faith back into Colin's life. And Hence the title!

This book does not end with a happy ever after line or does it give you that impression but the characters are working on it and thus makes it a happy story for me!

I was given an pdf copy by the author for my honest review

Friday, November 1, 2013

Give away of the book "A Christmas Gift for Rose" by Tricia Goyer or an giftcard

In celebration  that my husband is still working and that Christmas is Coming and that I'm in the giving mood I am offering a giveaway of not just one but 2 ebooks . If you don't have an EReader I will gift  a gift card in the amount of 5 dollars.   To enter all you have to do is tell me what you like most about Chistmas.
You have to leave a email address. If your name is drawn and I don't have an way to get in touch with you. I will choose another name. And please say if you want the book or gift card. This gift card will be to Amazon  or Barnes and Noble through email.
I know it is early (but is it really)
Merry Christmas