Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Lost and Found In Cedar Cove" by Debbie Maccomber

"Lost and Found In Cedar Cove" by Debbie Macomber is a five star short story.  In this original short story available exclusively as an eBook, Macomber shares a sneak peek into her new series set in Cedar Cove, which features Jo Marie, before she becomes the owner of the beloved Rose Harbor Inn.

Jo Marie Rose was a widow, Her husband Paul was a soldier, but she married him knowing the risks.

She was the owner of Rose Harbor Inn and her dog, Rover, who she had adopted from the shelter, was quite happy and secure
 there. She just wanted to make improvements that were above her capabilities and so enters Mark Taylor, a local handyman. It was while they were discussing plans for one of these changes that Rover is discovered missing!

Travis Kilroy and Amanda Palmer are complete opposites, He is a jock and she is a geek. They are in a tutor situation and a classmate walks in and assumes they are on a date!  Rover stands by Amanda's car and won't let her leave.  So as most love stories goes Travis asks  Amanda for a real date saying. "I'm done searching for your x. He's gone, and I don't know y." I just love this direct quote from the book.

There are two negatives in this book for me, there is a swear word ( a body of water). I know not all would mind but for me and others this is a problem. The second negative is that this book is so great that you want to read the rest of the series and if your tbr pile is as large as mine, that is a negative!(not really lol) 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

"First Impressions" by Sarah Price

Set in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, book one of The Amish Classics series is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice, covering the same issues of manners, upbringing, morality, education, and marriage within the Amish community.

SERIES DESCRIPTION: The Amish Classics Series is a retelling of novels by Jane Austen in a contemporary Amish setting. The main story lines are accurately followed but told within the Amish culture and religion.

 I just finished "First Impressions" by Sarah Price and loved it. I got the movie Pride and Prejudice well actually 2, just not sure which one would be the best to watch) from the library so now I am going to read a little bit of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, which is what Sarah's book is based on but an Amish version, then watch the movie tonight or tomorrow. I don't have to read Jane Austin's book to understand Sarah's book, but being the addict ( book) I am you all know I must read the inspiration for Sarah's book. 

With all the above said I give " First Impressions" by Sarah Price five stars.  Sarah took a classic (one that I haven't read and made me want to read it). I haven't finished reading the classic or watched the movie but from what I have read and watched I can see that Sarah followed the book but from an amish point of view. Once again I am glad that Sarah's book did not disappoint this reader.

If you have read the classics " Pride and Prejuice" by Jane Austin then you will want to read " First Impressions" by Sarah Price, and even if you haven't but you love the Amish genre you will want to add this book to your library. If you are a Sarah Price fan you will definitely  want to read, or better yet own this book.

This is a love story between Elizabeth and Frederick Detweiler but they don't like each other at first.  The main reason is that they think each other to full of pride.  Elizabeth has four sisters and her mother wants them to get married and makes sure every one knows. This story shows that "First Impressions" are sometimes wrong.

I was given a pfd file for my honest review and I have given it and I don't usually buy a book if I have a copy in any form but this one will be the exception I will buy an ebook and it will have a place of honor in my kindle library.  Well done Sarah Price!

Friday, April 18, 2014

"Where Two Hearts Meet" by Carrie Turansky

Where Two Hearts Meet
By Carrie Turansky
Two Sisters, Two Heartwarming Romance novellas
There’s no better place for romance, forgiveness, and new beginnings than the Sweet Something Teashop.
Tea For Two
Allison Bennett, co-owner of a financially strapped teashop in Princeton, New Jersey, receives a large anonymous check that saves her business. But she has no idea who sent it. Could it be from Peter Hillinger, the wealthy businessman who owns the shop next door and wants to win Allison’s heart? Or is it from Tyler Lawrence, Allison’s old boyfriend, who returns to town claiming a renewed faith and a changed life. Allison doesn’t know whom to trust. Should she follow her head or heart, or is there Someone else who can guide her toward the best path for her future?
Wherever Love Takes Us
After twenty-five years of marriage, Matt and Tessa Malone are struggling to recover financially and rebuild trust following a business failure. Then Matt inherits property in Oregon, and he wants to move the family there to make a fresh start. But Tessa can’t imagine giving up the cozy teashop she co-owns with her sister, or leaving her friends and family in Princeton. Whose dream will they follow, and how much will it cost their family? Can they resolve their differences and rebuild a love that seems lost?
Tea for Two was orginally published in Wedded Bliss, and Wherever Love Takes Us was originally published in Kiss the Bride. These two novellas have been expanded and updated and put together in one book. I hope you enjoy them!

My Review:

Where Two Hearts Meet" by Carrie Turansky is a five star two story novella.

It contains the stories "Tea For Two" and "Wherever Love Takes Us". These stories are about two sisters, Allison and Tessa, who owned the Sweet Something Teashop.

In "Tea For Two" Allison is worried about her shop because the weather is keeping customers away. Then Tyler moves back in town and wants to rebuild their relationship after leaving without a word six years ago, can she trust him again. This is a special little romance about forgiveness and trust and really learning what love is.

In"Wherever Love Takes Us" Tessa is bitter about her husband's past business dealings. When Matt learns he has inherited an old resort lodge and wants to move to Oregon, the bitterness becomes more forceful and it takes accident to bring Matt and Tessa together again!

Both of these stories are only ten short chapters but so full of life's lessons and real life. If you apply the lessons learned in this novella, you will improve your Christian walk even through the book is fiction.

These stories are sweet and a little bit of humor in "Tea For Tea" with a Kiss the Cook apron!

I have to say my favorite of the two is "Wherever Love Takes Us"stories.

I was given a copy for an honest review.

About this author

Carrie Turansky is the award-winning author of eleven inspirational romance novels and novellas. She has been a winner of the ACFW Carol Award, the International Digital Award, and the Crystal Globe Award. Her next book will be The Governess of Highland Hall, releasing 10/15/13. She lives in central New Jersey with her husband, Scott, who is a pastor, author, speaker and counselor. They have five young adult children. Carrie leads women’s ministry at her church, and when she is not writing she enjoys gardening, reading, flower arranging, and cooking healthy meals for friends and Family.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Wild Mint Tea" by Valerie Comer

"Wild Mint Tea" by Valerie Comer is another five star book. It is the second book in the Farm Fresh Romance Trilogy" .

"Wild Mint Tea" begins with Claire Halford applying for the job of  temporary chef at Enterprising Reforestation.

Noel Kenzie is the owner of Enterprising Reforestation, a tree planting service, who doesn't hire Claire because of the instant attraction, they both feel.

To soften the blow of Noel not hiring Claire, Noel asks his sister Amber to have her wedding at Green Acres and that is a big order.

The attraction gets stronger for both Claire and Noel but there is a problem, Claire can only love a guy whose first prioporty is to love God and serve Him with his whole being, and Noel isn't that type of guy.

This book like the first book ( "Raspberries and Vinegar" ) in this series is about family relationships and how your relationship with God is the most important one you can have.

There is danger and the three friends, Jo and Claire and Sierra are faced with the possibility of losing everything they have worked to build due to a fire.

I absolutely loved the ending of this story.It was a wonderful surprise.

These books are easily read and so enjoyable that any reader of romance would like them even with them being Christian genre. I recommend these books! They are a mixture of romance and humor and real life.

There is a recipe for Taco stew, which is mentioned in this story. There are discussion questions at the end of the book. 

I was given an ebook copy by the author for my honest review and I hope I am lucky enough to review the third in this trilogy "Sweetened With Honey'. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Rebekah's Treasure" by Sylvia Bambola

Forced to flee war-torn Jerusalem in 70 A.D., Rebekah and her husband, Ethan, each take something of value: Rebekah, the cup of the Last Supper; Ethan, a copper scroll detailing the whereabouts of a vast Temple treasure. Ahead, separation and danger face them. Yet, amid the chaos of war there is love and faith and hope as Rebekah and her family struggle to survive, and in the process discover where their true treasure lies.

"Rebekah's Treasure" by Sylvia Bambola is definitely a five star novel! 
This book is about the fall of Jerusalem and so much more! It is of family struggles and hopes as they tried to do what they think is right as Jerusalem is being destroyed!  It is historical fiction at it's best!  Sylvia Bambola sent a copy of this book to my mother as well and she loved it, because she has no computer my mother is going to write her a personal letter. Just threw that little bit of data in this review so you will all know that I'm not alone in my opionion of this great story.

This story is written as if Rebekah and Ethan are writing the story, each chapter is written in their point of view. 

It was interesting to read Rebekah's view of the last supper and the cup that Jesus drank from.  This same cup is the treasure that she takes with her when she is forced to leave Jerusalem, but is it her greatest treasure?  This cup is believed to have healing power, but does it, or is the belief in the Master Jesus what being healing!  This belief brings a lot of trouble for Rebekah. It was also just as exciting to read about Ethan's hunting for the treasures that was removed from the Temple.

So is this cup and the treasures from the temple, the real treasure or is something else?  I know what the answer is and if you read this book, you will too.

This book has a lot of heartache in between the pages but you will appreciate more of  what the "Believers" went through as they tried to follow Jesus after he was crucified. ( not that the story is about that ). I kept reading because I wanted to see how the story ended and I'm thrilled with the  ending, except I want to read more about Aaron and Esther, (two of Rebekah and Ethan children).

This book is historical Christian Fiction at it's best.  I will be reading more of Sylvia's work.

I was given a copy  of "Rebekah's Treasure" by the author for an honest review.

Born in Romania in 1945, Sylvia Bambola lived her early years in Germany. At seven she relocated with her adopted family and saw the Statue of Liberty and America for the first time. But the memory of those years in Germany inspired her to write Refiner's Fire, which won a Silver Angel Award, and was a Christy Finalist. Her frequent moves as an "army brat" gave her an opportunity to see America and fall in love with her new country. Bambola has authored six novels, has two grown children, teaches women's Bible studies, loves gardening and is learning the guitar.

Monday, April 7, 2014

"Raspberries And Vinegar" by Valerie Comer

"Raspberries And Vinegar" by Valerie Comer gets five stars from me. I was given a copy of the second book in this series ( A Farm Fresh Romance)  and  even though they can be  stand alones, I have to read series in the order they are written so I have to get this book and I can say I don't feel like I wasted my 99 cents.

Josephine Shaw and her two friends buy an old farm in Idaho together with the purpose of growing their own food and proving to those around them that they can make a difference with Christian  beliefs. There ideals are almost working except they cannot get rid of their mice problem and they don't want a cat. This story is a really funny clean romance!

Zachary Nemesek is their next door neighbor and the grandson of the lady they bought the farm from. He is a veterinary and doesn't agree with there ideals. Jo and Zach are attracted to each other, but Zach's grandmother is in the nursing home where Jo works and she is trying to get rid of all unhealthy snacks and the sparks fly. 

Will the three girl's friendship last and will Zach and Jo end up together or Zack and one of the other girls? I know and so will you if you read this book!

This book isn't all roses and sunshine either, There is a section that is really heartbreaking but I think that is what makes this such a wonderful story as well as the romances in this book.

At the end of the book Valerie Comer gives the recipe for the Raspberry and vinegar tea that is drank in the story.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Esther Queen of Persia" by Jim Baumgardner

 Jim Baumgardner/ Esther Queen of Persia
ISBN: 978-0988410718| List Price: $16.95 | Format: Softcover & ebook | Page Count: 304

Hadassah, the beautiful, Jewish teenager from the city of Susa in Persia, is taken by force to the palace of King Ahasuerus. His command to find the most beautiful virgins in his kingdom, and bring them to the house of women, has placed Hadassah under the supervision of Hegai, the king's custodian of women. Hegai and his servants, have one year to prepare each virgin for one night with the king. Although Hadassah was taken from her home by force, she refuses to become bitter. She accepts being called Esther, but inside remains always, Hadassah. She continually wonders why she is there, yet remains faithful to her God, and to her identity. It is years before the answer is revealed. Her people face annihilation, and it falls upon her shoulders to stop it. Her first thought is to shirk her duty, but Mordecai, her cousin, will not allow it. His words, '"Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"' brings her to her senses.

Unlike many of the novels written about Esther, this book seeks to remain true to the Biblical account, while supplying additional historical information from the time period 486-473 B.C. The book has a five page Introduction, which gives insight into some of the things found in the story. It has a page, listing the months of the Jewish sacred calendar and the corresponding month of our modern calendar. Also in the back of the book is a listing of Scriptures mentioned in each chapter, along with a listing of works consulted in research for Esther Queen of Persia.

Author Bio: Born in Wichita, Kansas, Jim Baumgardner, raised by Christian parents, gave his life to Christ in 1957. The author continues to reside in Wichita with his wife Linda. They have three children and nine grandchildren. Jim has seven published books. Four are known as the Sarah books, which tell of the adventures of a girl named Sarah, set in the 19thCentury. The other three are Bible novels, including the author’s latest release Esther Queen of Persia. All of Jim’s books are primarily written for his grandchildren’s benefit.

To learn more about Jim and his books, visit his websites: 
You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +and Goordreads.

The news was just released that Esther Queen of Persia won a Finalist Award in the Book of the Year Awards for Adult Religious Fiction. It will go on to compete for the title of Book of the Year. You can read the full press release HERE

My review:“Esther Queen of Persia” by Jim Baumgardner is definitely a five star book. I believe it is one of my favorite Biblical Fiction novels that I have read in a long time!

While reading “Esther Queen of Persia” I felt like I was reading the story of Esther straight from the Bible with additional facts that aren’t in the Book of Esther. 

I have heard the story of Esther and how she became Queen of Persia but, since reading this novel, I can understand Esther’s struggle and why she is considered a courageous woman and a Woman for her Time a lot more clearer now. 

This book tells details about the customs and how the Persia Kingdom was managed! 

In between the pages of Esther’s story there are Biblical passages that aren’t part of Esther’s story but are reminders of what other’s members of God’s family have gone through. Reminders of Joseph and Daniel and 

This is also the story of Mordecai and how he struggled with Hadassah, aka Esther, being taken from his home into the King’s courts. 

I really think if you took the time to read “Esther Queen of Persia” by Jim Baumgardner you wouldn’t be disappointed and would be glad that you did!

You can purchase your copy of Esther Queen of Persia: A Courageous Woman for a Dangerous Time
on Amazon.

Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"A Plain Disappearance" by Amanda Flower

"A Plain Disappearance" by Amanda Flower is another five star story in (An Appleseed Creek Mystery). I think this book is my favorite of the series.

Like the other books, this could be a stand alone novel but it is enhanced by reading the other 2  novels first.

"A Plain Disappearance " starts out with Timothy and Chloe on a sleigh ride, enjoying the day. All too soon their joy is spoiled by discovering a body in the snow. While waiting on the police chef to arrive, they also discovered that Timothy's best friend, Billy may be the one responsible for the death!

Billy has disappeared, so Timothy and Chloe are on the hunt to find him. When they do find him, they learn he isn't really who he says he is, but that doesn't mean he is the killer!  There are a lot of scary moments when they finally catch up to where Billy has hidden!

The best part in this book is what happens to Curt,( one of the English boys set on causing trouble).

The ending in all three books were a surprise to me, but I have to say this ending was a Big Surprise. I had no clue who was the murderer. The twists and turns in this story kept me turning the pages!

The  ending left me wanting more in the series.

I haven't been disappointed in any of this author's books that I have read and am looking forward to reading more from her!