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"Finally Accepted" by Toni Shiloh

There’s only one thing Chloe Smith has ever wanted: family. Yet the DNA results she’s received havethrown her life into a tailspin. Her utmost desire has ended up being the catalyst for shaking her faith. She doesn’t even know who she is anymore, and she’s certainly too messed up for her longtime crush to give her more than a second glance.Darryl Jones is struggling between his past and the grace God so freely offers. His sins feel too big for him to handle, let alone expect the woman of his dreams to accept. Chloe is the only woman he’s ever wanted and the one he doesn’t deserve.As they form a tentative relationship and examine their faith, Chloe and Darryl ache to know they are finally accepted and fully loved.

Toni Shiloh is a wife, mom, and Christian fiction writer. Once she understood the powerful saving grace thanks to the love of Christ, she was moved to honor her Savior. She writes to bring Him glory and to learn more about His goodness.

She spends her days hanging out with her husband and their two boys. She is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and the president of the ACFW Virginia Chapter.

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"Finally Accepted" by Toni Shiloh is the third book in this series and my favorite of the three, This book can be read as a stand alone and enjoyed, but  I really recommend reading all three in order to get the full impact.

This is a story of the characters not feeling worthy of being loved because of past mistakes and because of race. This is a story that really is three love stories in one, the love between a man and a woman, God and His creature and love between friends and family.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

"A Higher Ransom" by Aleigha C. Israel

Back Cover Copy: 

Two lives so vastly different from each other... are about to be given a choice that will change the course of their lives forever. King Raymond is ruthless. He will stop at nothing to see that every Christian is diminished. But Anna Haddington doesn’tunderstand why she must keep quiet about her faith. When her plans to stay with her aunt in Carpathia go quickly awry, Anna finds it takes all that is in her to trust God with the outcome. This is a story full of mystery and sacrifice that will leave you questioning whether you have what it takes to give up everything for Christ, even your very own life. Discover the account of three lives, all so different from each other. And find out how one person’s decision can affect the lives of so many. Will Anna stand strong and not waver in her faith? Or will she crumble under the rule of the heartless king?

ALEIGHA C. ISRAEL writer of inspirational fiction and poetry is an author of multiple books and enjoys sharing God's love through the powerful art of storytelling.Aleigha loves being a Community Assistantat the Young Writers Workshop and teaching writing classes to her talented students.When she's not daydreaming about a new story idea or playing with her sidekick "Marley" (a Pomeranian mix) she can usually be seen travelingwith her family's gospel bluegrass band, “Fret Not” or making personalized author swag for her business Literary Treasures.She doesn’t have to search very hard for inspiration.Living in the Israel household, it’s guaranteed there’s an adventure waiting around every corner

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"A Higher Ransom" by Aleigha C. Israel is a wonderful book about standing strong in your faith and is also a perfect showcase of what Christ's love is like.

I won't pretend and tell you that this book is all about smiles and joy because the Christian's life isn't.  But, I will say that it is a perfect example of how Jesus wants us to trust completely in Him. 

Yes, this  story makes this reader wonder and ponder if she could stand firm and true to her beliefs if faced with the dangers Anna had to faced because she wouldn't deny her faith.  This book shows that all Christian should be praying that they have the courage and faith to be true to the Lord when we face trials.

"A Higher Ransom" is the first in the series. I have the other two books and will be reading them soon.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own. 

"Give Me Thine Heart" by Andrea Boeshaar

It's 1814 and Moira Kingsley loathes the man her uncle, the Baron Tyrus Kingsley, wishes her to marry. When at her engagement party she meets Mr. Samuel Stryker, she soon guesses he’s from the American Colonies. After she stumbles onto a deep secret, Sam must make an impossible decision. Kill her or kidnap her?

Ultimately, he whisks Moira from England and she considers herself saved from a fate worse than death, especially after discovering her fiancĂ©’s darker side. But will she be safe in the war-torn United States? However, it’s the on the voyage there that Moira learns she possesses attributes she’d never imagined existed within herself.

She also becomes increasingly aware of the man who is both her abductor and rescuer.

About Andrea Boeshaar

Andrea Boeshaar has been married for more than 40 years. She and her husband have 3 wonderful sons, 1 beautiful daughter-in-law, and 5 precious grandchildren.

Andrea's publishing career began in 1994 when her first novel was released by Heartsong Presents (Barbour Publishing). She went on to write numerous romances for the book club and was voted one of the line's "Favorite Authors" several times over.

Over the years, Andrea has written books for such publishers as Summerside Press, Guideposts, Charisma House/Realms, and Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, Kregel Publications and Steeple View Publishers, LLC. She will have three releases in 2018: "Give Me Thine Heart" (July 2018); "Love's Guiding Light" (Sept. 2018); and "Her Hometown Heart." Next year, 2019, the third installment in her Shenandoah Valley Saga will release. Titled "There Is A Season," it will be available in May 2019. Also releasing is "A Captain for Christmas" (Nov. 2019).

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"Give Me Thine Heart" by Andrea Boeshaar is a very intriguing novella.  I was swept up in this story's adventure from the very beginning to the end. 

This is a story about spies and kidnapping and love.The ending had a very nice and unsuspected twist.

If you like short but complete reads that are also more than just a clean romance, then I recommend "Give Me Thine Heart" by Andrea Boeshaar.

I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.

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"An Unpresentable Glory" by Eleanor K. Gustafson Book Tour and GiveAway

About the Book:

Book: An Unpresentable Glory  
Author: Eleanor K. Gustafson  
Genre: Christian, contemporary, literary fiction  
Release Date: July, 2018

“I trusted you, and some day, you may know just how much you hold in your hands.” Linda Jensen leads a relatively quiet life in Westchester County, New York, as the owner of a highly acclaimed garden. Inherited from her parents, the garden is her pride and joy. It is not so joyful finding a strange man sprawled near her delphiniums! The mysterious man is sick, unable to do anything more than drink water—and beg for secrecy. Ignoring all alarm bells, Linda sees to his needs, but her caring act takes on unexpected significance, and unpresentable glory. Seeds of trust, and perhaps love, are planted in Linda’s garden haven. But as secrets are revealed and scandal hits the headlines, the act of caring for this man threatens to tarnish both of their reputations. Like weeds in Linda’s garden, circumstances threaten to choke out their fledgling relationship, and small moments prove to be the biggest influencers—on a national scale.

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"An Unpresentable Glory" by Eleanor K. Gustafson is a wonderful story of love at first sight and doing the right thing.

At first, I was thinking this book was going to be a political story and well, it is a little bit, but so much more.  I ended up liking the political angle more than I imagined I would.

If you want a book that isn't your run of the mill romance, then I say read "An Unpresentable Glory" by Eleanor K. Gustafson and you won't be disappointed.

I think this book is one that a reader could read a second or third time and feel like you still have more life lessons to learn from the weeds and gardens of life.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

About the Author

Ellie grew up in Branchville NJ, in a county with more cows than people. She attended Wheaton College in Illinois as a music major, then married a pastor/college professor/tree farmer/organist and writer. Together, they have three children and eight grandchildren. Music was Ellie’s first love until she tried on the cloak of writing and found it a comfortable fit. However, early writing attempts saw friends—and even her mother—advising her to stick to music as a career. She pushed manfully along, though, and An Unpresentable Glory is her sixth novel. “God first touched me through story,” Ellie says, “and made the bigger Story come alive. I love Him passionately!”  

More from Ellie

What’s An Unpresentable Glory about? Here’s Linda’s point of view: Linda Jensen, a noted gardener, finds a stranger sprawled near her delphiniums, obviously ill. She gets him into her house and puts him to bed, deciding that water is the only safe thing to give him. Water in, however, must come out. He is helpless; she must serve him; but in doing this unpresentable task, she feels the presence of angels. [See the book Preface for my personal experience with this.]   Jay’s point of view: Jay finds himself ill and helpless on the lawn of a wealthy but caring gardener. He can’t even reveal his real name. When he leaves at week’s end, he sees the relationship as hopeless because of who he is and enormous repercussions if the hidden week comes to light. Tragedy and disaster haunt him, but a dual set of mentors leads him through churning waters. Will he ever get back to the garden? * * * Linda’s sun tea was “mostly Darjeeling with lemon and a sprig of mint.” After reading her description, I tried it and found it tasty, indeed!  

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"Hannah Claire’s Wilderness" by Caryl McAdoo Book Tour and GiveAway

About the Book

Book: Hannah Claire’s Wilderness  
Author: Caryl McAdoo  
Genre: Christian Women’s Fiction

Right after she marries in 1970, love carries Hannah Claire to Nigeria, following her husband David to the mission field—for only two years, she thinks. Miracle upon miracle brings five-year-old African orphan Adaolisa into the young wife’s life and she becomes a mother. Can the love for a child keep her where she doesn’t want to be? The children of wickedness threaten to make her a widow; they threaten everything, and danger abounds! Only by obedience can Hannah and her revivalist husband survive and prosper in a land torn by violence.

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"Hannah Claire’s Wilderness" by Caryl McAdoo is the second book in the "The Revivalist Trilogy".

This is a love story and it does have plenty of kisses and passion in the pages, but it is written in a way that doesn't cause the readers to be embarrassed or ashamed.

In this story promises and visions comes true but not in the way that was imagined.

This book shows that God really wants us to trust Him in all things. I know this book is fiction but I really felt God was talking to me personally because it was a story of overcoming fear. I love the fact that God can and does use fiction to change a person's perspective and makes them a better follower of the Lord's way. Although Hannah's fear isn't the same as mine, this story showed me that God just wants me and you to surrender to Him in everything. 

This story is also about forgiving and receiving second chances. 

Thank you Caryl McAdoo for a great book that if a reader allows it words to penetrate deep inside their souls will change their outlook on what it means to totally surrender all to Jesus and be lead by Him.

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own.

About the Author

Caryl McAdoo prays her story brings God glory which is what she lives to do. Her award-winning, best-selling novels enjoy a lion’s share of 5-Star ratings from Christian readers around the world. With forty titles, it’s obvious she loves writing almost as much as singing the new songs the Lord gives her—listen to a few at YouTube. She and high school sweetheart Ron celebrated fifty years of marriage June 22, 2018 and share four children and eighteen grandsugars. The McAdoos live in the woods south of Clarksville, seat of Red River County in far Northeast Texas, waiting expectantly for God to open the next door.  

Guest Post from Caryl

Have you ever thought you heard from God, and acted on that in obedience—oft at great sacrifice—only to doubt that you heard Him at all when things don’t go as you’d planned? Actually, everything almost goes just the opposite, and your world is turned upside down. Did you really hear Him? That’s what my heroine Hannah Claire faces, when a two-year stint looks like it’s turning into a lifetime commitment. Though I’ve never been abroad to the mission field, I’ve faced much the same thing as Hannah, believing I heard Him and then nothing happening as expected! Personally, I’ve been waiting over thirty years, but have found great peace in that waiting and trusting God—knowing that He is on the throne and in control. I will never doubt that the vision He’s given, the call He’s placed on mine and Ron’s lives WILL come to pass, just as it did for Abraham. Hannah doesn’t have to wait that long, but her experience takes her to the depths of fear and depression before she comes to know her Heavenly Father is altogether trustworthy. The Shepherd walks her through the valley of the shadow of death and makes her to lie down in green pastures. He stills the raging waters and leads her beside them. Book three, King David’s Tabernacle, coming sometime in 2020, will bring the reward and give you glory bumps every step of the way as God makes Himself known in a mighty way, but first . . . there’s the refining. Gold is passed through the fire seven times to be purified. Silver as well, until the smith can see his reflection. Followers of Christ are all being made into the image of God’s Beloved Son, and we can rest in the fact that He who began that good work in us at salvation will be faithful to complete it until His coming again. I pray you will enjoy your journey through Hannah Claire’s Wilderness.  

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