Tuesday, January 28, 2014

" God Loves Broken People: And Those Who Pretend They're Not" by Sheila Welsh

" God Loves Broken People: And Those Who Pretend They're Not" by Sheila Welsh is a five star book.

I saw Sheila Welsh at a Women of Faith conference and have looked for her books ever since and found this one at my local library and I am not disappointed.

This book is about how to turn your brokenness to God to allow Him to show you how  strongly He loves us.

This book is about brokenness but I don't believe you have to be in a broken state to get encouragement from it!

Sheila uses her life's struggles and real life examples of other's people life to show how brokenness is really a sign that God does loves us. In fact pain and brokenness are a sign that He does loves us and she proves that in this book.She uses Biblical scriptures to prove this fact.

I really like the chapter on the meaning of "Communion".

This book will have you saying I didn't think my pain and brokenness could do that or it is  for this purpose!  I was so moved by this book that I kept updating my Facebook status with quotes from it!

I will think of pain and trouble in my life differently after reading this book! I will recommend this book to everyone that I can.

I even brought the ebook version after reading this so I can refer to it again. And at the end of the book there is a Bible study for each chapter.

Friday, January 24, 2014

"Street Justice Charlie's Angel ((Christian Mystery Series book 1)" by Samantha Fury

Street Justice Charlie's Angel ((Christian Mystery Series book 1) by Samantha Fury is a five star book! 

This book is about an undercover agent named Angel and a Christian girl named Charlie who is attacked by her sister's boyfriend and she ran away to Chicago and is befriended by a girl who is a prostitute. Now I know what you all are thinking after you read that, but I assure you that this book is clean and no inappropriate scenes or words. There is a little kissing is all.

Angel is trying to get evidence on Rico to arrest him but his father is released from prison and ruins Angel's plans. Jerry, Rico's father ,was saved while in prison and hires Charlie to work for him. He is trying to help women and make their lives better. 

Angel and Charlie try hard to fight their attraction for each other but it is getting harder and harder to do.  I think Angel's character is funny in that Charlie has to be a nurse to him, that is how they meet and that is all I can tell you about that!

Then enters the man, Charlie ran away from, intending to do more harm! 

This story kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next and if Jerry was really a new man and if he could make Rico see the Light and turn around before he got put in prison. 
A couple of things that Jerry does really surprised me, I didn't see them coming! 

Once again I want to stress there is no inappropriate scenes (unless you don't like even a little kissing or a little flirting) and there no curse words at all in this book! 

I think this is a book that Christians and anyone that likes a love story and a police story would like!

I think if you read this book you will be like me and want to read the other two stories in this series!

I was given a copy of the ebook  by the author for an honest review. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"The Chance" by Karen Kingsbury

" The Chance" by Karen Kingsbury is a five star book! I have to say another "Wonderful" book by her! It won't disappoint her fans! Her books are so good and so true to life. Ellie and Nolan are best friends and are 15. But then everything changes, Ellie's mom has done something that has made Ellie's father kick her out of the house and then he moves Ellie and himself from Georgia to California. The night before Ellie and her father move, Ellie and Nolan write each other a letter and bury it beneath "their tree". They make a promise to return in eleven years to read them. But it seems everything changed! Do they make it back to that tree? Ellie has a lot of trouble to overcome and Nolan has his own heartaches! Nolan is a pro basketball player but never gives up on God! Ellie has given up on God! This is a book about love, forgiveness and miracles! Yes this book has the tears falling but it leaves you with joy in your heart! I love how the characters all found out how good and wonderful forgiveness truly is! This story has a lot of twists and turns to make this more than just a love story! I love how Karen Kingsbury pulls all the characters into the ending and makes you really feel like you are watching the story unfold not just reading words!

Monday, January 13, 2014

"Murder, Plain and Simple: An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery" by Isabella Alan

"Murder, Plain and Simple: An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery" by Isabella Alan is another five book!

Again this story is an Amish book but anyone thats like a good clean murder story, will like this book! These stories keep to the Amish theme but I don't feel they are overly Amish in the storyline. 

Angela Braddock inherits her late aunt’s beautiful Amish quilt shop,  and leaves behind her career and broken engagement for a fresh start in Holmes County, Ohio. But when she gets ready for the reopening of the shop, An Amish man claims to own the shop. 

The deed is missing and then the man is found murder in the shop and Angela thinks she is the main suspect and she is attracted to the sheriff. This story is as good as "Plainly Murder: A Penguin Special from Obsidian". The twists and turns in this book kept me guessing as to the murderer was.

The only reason I read these two books was because "Murder, Plain and Simple was the book for online book discussion in one of the book club I am in and I have to say I am not disappointed, and I am now a fan of Isabella Alan aka Amanda Flower, and will be reading more of her books.

There is a little hit of romance between the sheriff and Angela too, not really developed in this book, but I'm hoping maybe in the next book coming.

I still loved the dog Oliver in this story. The author's makes his antics so funny! 

As in the other book I really really (yes really ) I didn't see who the murderer was till the story told me!  I was engrossed in this story from the beginning!

"Plainly Murder: A Penguin Special from Obsidian" by Isabella Alan

"Plainly Murder: A Penguin Special from Obsidian" by Isabella Alan is a five star book.  Isabella Alan is the pseudonym for Amanda Flower. It is an Amish story but even if you don't like reading Amish stories you would like this one!  

Angela Braddock is at her Aunt Eleanor’s traditional Amish quilt shop on a visit from New York when her Aunt gives her a quilt to give to another lady and asks her to found out what really happened to the lady's son fifteen years ago.

The other lady refuses to accept the quilt and claims that the son's death was just an accident. But was it?
Angela is determined to found out what really happened and why!

The facts aren't exactly adding up to be just an accident! Why did a marriage that was supposed to happened called off and why did one of the son'd best friend leave the Amish way of life?

This story will have you turning the pages to find out the why, who, how! 

You will love Oliver, Angela's dog and the characters in this story. This story is written so well with just enough details without making you wished the author left out some of the details and got on with the story. 

I really didn't see this story ending the way it did!

 I have the next book in this series "Murder, Plain and Simple: An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery"  read and this novella was a perfect lead in to the series!

Now on to the next review, on the book "Murder, Plain and Simple: An Amish Quilt Shop Mystery" 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

"Red Sky At Morning" by Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson / Red Sky At Morning
ISBN: 978-1-61808-035-6    | List Price: $15.95 print/ $3.99 Kindle/ $19.95 Audible Audio Edition | Format: Paperback, Kindle and Audio | Page Count: 288

Red Sky at Morning (the first in the Michael Neill series) is a novel of military/espionage, with ties to Christian fiction. It explores the dynamics of faith in uniform, which are often absent from books of the same kind. There’s action, military hardware, strong core values, and even a little romance. Neill’s adventures will hold the interest of young and old, and will encourage readers to value patriotism and embrace honor and integrity. 
Michael Neill was born and raised in Ukraine, the son of American missionaries. As a Marine Corps officer, Neill works counter-intelligence. He is fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, and brings his linguistic skills to bear on national security issues facing the U.S. The fact that he grew up in that part of the world also gives him an edge.
Neill’s faith guides his actions. He’s an individual who’s suffered his share of personal loss, and the different layers of his background are slowly revealed as the series progresses.

Author Bio:
Steve Wilson is a multimedia designer for a large metropolitan newspaper, and has worked in advertising for over 25 years. He is a prior service Marine, now serving as a Master Sergeant in the Air Force Reserve.
Over the course of his military career, he has received the Iraq and Afghanistan Campaign Medals, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, and the Air Force Commendation Medal. In 2010 he was named the Air Transportation NCO of the Year. His ties to the armed forces—as well as short-term mission trips—have taken him to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe and the Pacific, as well as the former Soviet Union. These experiences have helped to shape his story lines.
Steve is the author of ‘Red Sky at Morning’ and ‘Tempest of Fire’, both military/espionage novels in the Michael Neill Adventure series. He is the father of two grown sons, and lives in Florida with his wife.

To learn more about Steve and his books, visit his website: http://stevewilsonauthor.com/ or his blog.  You can also find him on Facebook. You can purchase your copy of Red Sky At Morning on Steve’s Website, Amazon, or at Barnes and Noble.

My Review:“Red Sky at Morning” by Steve Wilson is a five star book. It is the first in the Michael Neill series. I am eagerly awaiting the next novel in this series!

   I have to be honest and tell you that at first I was having a hard time getting into the story line but after a couple of chapters I couldn’t stop reading!  I am just not into war talk and airplanes but once I got past the intro (so to speak) I loved the story! 

The story starts out with an an unarmed American plane flying through Chinese/Russian skies.. The Russians then attack the plane without warning.  Then Michael,a Ukrainian speaking US marine is sent  to the Ukraine to investigate not only the shooting, but also the facility that is disarming old Russian warheads. This story has history,( not too much just enough to explain the story). 

There are secrets that are ready to be discovered and once they are should they be revealed to the public,(both the Ukrainian and the American).

The characters feelings and actions are explained really well and after reading this book, you think they sound like real people not just characters in a book. I don’t know anyone like Michael or the (yes they are )terrorists in this book but the story is so well written that you found yourself hoping all goes well. And when one of the terrorists and Michael’ friends was killed, I felt such sorrow like these characters were actually a real human being. 

Michael’s faith is definitely strong and is showed without a lot of preaching like some novels do and I only added this sentence in this review because I think everyone, Christian or not that likes war/spies/mysteries stories will really get caught up in the race to find the missing item! You know I cannot tell you what that item is! But if you want to know read the book!  This story has just enough details to keep you reading  and not get bored.
 Michael helps others, in particularly a retired school teacher, I am so glad he helped her! 

The ending is a cliff hanger! But a good one!

I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

"Redeeming Love" by Sophie Dawson and George McVey

"Redeeming Love"  by Sophie Dawson and George McVey is another five star book in the  Redemption Series. I have read the first three books in the Redemption Series by George Mcvey but this is the first book in the Cottonwood Series I have read but after reading this book I went and brought the other three books in the Cottonwood Series by Sophie Dawson.

Ever read a book that when you read the last word you think I want to keep reading this story , well I just finished one like that and it is the fourth in the series and they have all been that way, and I don't even like Westerns, ( well I didn't till I started this series by Pastor George McVey and now I don't want to stop reading about Nathan and the whole cast of characters, I would love to see this series as a movie, yes I would even watch this western till the end. 

"Redeeming Love" starts in the town of  Cottonwood where Diamond Dale is causing his latest round of trouble.  Diamond Dale is shot and kidnaps "Nell" to take the bullet out and Nathan and Tim arrives in Cottonwood and comes to the rescue.  Diamond Dale stirs up plenty of trouble in this little town and nothing is ever the same for this group of characters that I have come to love, ( yes I feel like I know these people ).

Not only is Cottonwood's citizens's lives changed,so is Diamond Dale's but not in the way I wanted it to be, but that is what makes these story seem like real life! 

I am glad that Nathan's life is going to end up the way I wanted to! But I am not going to tell you if he gives up the guns and the badge and returns to the pulpit or if he does neither of these things! I will tell you to get the series and read it, you will fine yourself cheering and laughing and holding your breath at the scenes in these books!

I was given a pdf file of this book by one of the authors for my honest review