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"George's Shorts: 15 Short stories" by George H.McVey

Book Description:  

Most if not all writers get caught up in writing short stories. 
They are a great way to hone the craft of writing. George McVey is no 
exception, when he isn’t writing westerns or fantasy Novels, or putting 
the words of a spiritual warfare booklet on the page, 
he often gets involved in a quick short story challenge or 
flash fiction contest. They are at times a welcome break. 

This booklet hold’s fifteen of George’s short stories and flash fiction entries. 
They range in genre from Christian Life to a couple of spooky thrillers. Some 
are very Christ centered some are just funny little ideas that made the page. 
A few have been featured on George’s short story blog “George’s Shorts” and a 
few have not. Even those that were on the blog have been spruced up a little or 
added to a lot. 

So if you’re looking for a little light reading snack grab George’s Shorts (just 
ignore his screams). No matter what kind of tale your looking for he’s got one 
just for you. 
Want to know the truth about cats and dogs? Try “That little bit of fluff.” 
Wonder what would happen if ninja’s had repulsive technology? 
Then “Repulsed” is the story for you. 
Need to challenge your walk with Christ? Try “The Christian Experiment.” 
Honestly George is a BIG guy there’s plenty in those shorts for everyone! 

My Review:
The very first book that I read of George H. McVey was a Western, and before reading that book,  I was always like I don't like Westerns and I am not going to read them. Well after reading his book my mind was changed. I am not sure if I would like other westerns but I definitely like his Westerns.

I said all that in the first paragraph to say this,"Well George H. McVey has once again made me rethink my preferences and and dislikes with the stories in his book "George's Shorts: 15 Short stories". This book has Sc-ifi and Fantasy and Romance and Christmas stories. Though I liked some of the sci-fi stories in this book, I am going to have to say Sci-fi isn't my favorite, but at least I might be able to tolerate it a little more!

Some of these stories have a little bit of George's real life in the stories and I have to say that some of these stories have me a little disappointed that they ended so soon. I know they are short stories but when I was reading them, I forgot that fact. 

My favorite stories in the book  are "Sowing and Reaping" and " The Christian Experiment" which are stories about Christian Life.

Remember the story of Johnny Appleseed, well you just got to read how he became Johnny Appleseed. I promise you haven't heard it told like this.

And to be quite honest there was one that I didn't like at once because it was about terrorist but it was not scary or anything, it was just to close to reality and I want to escape when I read.

But I recommend this book for just 99 cents to anyone that wants to see what these different genres are and you might just end up saying "I think my mind is changing it thoughts on these genres". Yes I have to be honest and say Christian and Christian romance and True Amish genres are still my favorite but Variety is the Spice Of Life.

I am giving "George's Shorts: 15 Short Stories by  George H. McVey five stars!  He kept my interest in Sci-fi.

I was given a copy for a honest review.

"Amy Lillard's Blog Relay and Amish Giveaway"

Welcome to LEG #5 of the Courting Emily blog tour. If this is your first stop, it’s probably best to follow the link below and go back to the first blog so you don’t miss anything. Remember: one lucky winner will receive a purple-themed basket filled with some of James Riehl’s favorite things.
Now on to the next segment…
(To go back to the beginning-- ) 

He let Johanna slide to the floor. She raced back over to her picture and picked up the orange crayon once again. “Dat, you’re doing it wrong,” she protested. “Corn isn’t purple.”
Emily turned back to his baby sister. “Corn can be any color your vatter wants it to be.”
Jah.” Johanna ducked her head. “Okay, then.”
But Elam could feel her frustration. They all suffered from it. Frustration that a once vibrant and healthy man had been reduced to coloring stalks of corn in a child’s workbook.
Suddenly he wanted to march over to his father and snatch the paper away. It hurt. Plain and simple.
As much as Elam understood God’s will, he didn’t understand how to accept it. He couldn’t see why his father with so many gut years left of his life needed to be reduced to a child.
He held his place and refused to allow himself the anger. “Emily.” He cleared his throat. “Can I talk to you for a moment?” 

This scene gave birth to James’s love of purple. I can’t think of a better color for him to be obsessed with.

Ready for more? Join me over at Brittany McEuen’s blog.

But first, don’t forget to leave a comment here to be eligible for the drawing. Don’t know what to say? Tell me if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? (I would go to Tuscany, even though I hate to travel.) Or you can just say “hey!”

This contest runs January 29, 2015--February 5, 2015. Any comments left after midnight EST will not be eligible for the drawing. 

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"The Greatest Is Love "(The Men Of Freeman Book 1) by Kitra Kasper

 Kitra Kaspar/ The Greatest Is Love
ISBN: 978-1-62135-323-2| List Price: $4.99|Format: ebook | Page Count: 338 What happens when city doctor Joey Winters meets country lawyer Brad Freeman? Nothing, because Joey is determined to stay unattached. Rural Freeman, Oklahoma is not in her life plan, which means falling for a handsome small-town lawyer is out of the question. Too bad she forgot to tell her heart. However, when Joey’s painful past haunts her, she realizes she will never have a meaningful relationship with any man unless she battles her demons. She knows she needs help but believes God abandoned her long ago. Add in a gorgeous banker named Evan, and the doctor’s life seems to spin out of control. Can Joey trust in God? Does He even care about her?

Author Bio:
Kitra grew up in Alva, Oklahoma. She attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University, graduating with a degree in English and Spanish, and later, a masters in guidance and counseling. After teaching for thirty years, Kitra retired in 2011, devoting herself to writing. Her first book, The Greatest Is Love was published by Astraea Press in August of 2014. Currently, Kitra is working on the sequel Lost Sheep.

Kitra lives in Waynoka, Oklahoma, with her husband of thirty-one years. They have three grown children and two grandchildren.
A closet writer all her life, Kitra finally found her niche with inspirational romances. In a society filled with pain and suffering, Kitra feels it's important to tell uplifting stories that show God is big enough to heal any hurt circumstances beyond our control or our own bad choices can create.

To learn more about Kitra and her writing, visit her at . . .Facebook:
Amazon link:

My Review: 
"The Greatest Is Love "(The Men Of Freeman Book 1) by Kitra Kasper is the first book in the "The Men Of Freeman" series and let me say right off I will be reading the next book!. “ The Greatest Is Love” was a great read. It is a Christian novel but it deals with real issues but it doesn’t have any inappropriate scenes but it might not be appropriate for young teens as it dwells with premarital sex and child abuse. I want to say once again the scenes are nor graphic, but it did pull at my heart strings.

This book is a Christian Romance but so much more. It is also a story about forgiveness and trust and learning to let go and let God have control.

Dr. Joey signs a contract to be Freeman’s town doctor for two years and she is determined not to fall in love with the town’s lawyer, Brad Freeman. But God and the Brad’s family have other ideals.

Evan, Brad’s cousin is determined to beat Brad in winning Joey’s heart. 

This book kept me reading every word because I just had to see a happy ending and I knew how I wanted the story to end! I can’t tell you if it ended that way or not but I can recommend that you read and find out.

This book has a sweet little 4 year old boy who steals Dr.Joey’s heart and even this reader wanted to reach through the pages and give him a hug. 

Can Dr. Joey let go of her past and learn to risk being in a relationship where she doesn’t have to always be in control.

Brad is a bit of a kidder and I love his humor. 

Yes this book is an emotional read but I think that is what’s so good about it, you can believe the story and isn’t that why we read?  I know we want to read sometimes to escape reality but sometimes isn’t it good to read something that pulls at our heartstrings and then lets us know that good does come from heartache? I’m giving "The Greatest Is Love "by Kitra Kasper five stars.

I received a free copy of this book to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am part of the CWA Review Crew.

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"Out of the Storm" by Crystal L. Barnes "An anthology featuring the winners of the 2014 "Storming the Short Story" contest"

Out of the Storm

An anthology featuring the winners of the 2014 "Storming the Short Story" contest, sponsored by a chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).Contemporary category:

1st place: "Squall Line" by Jim Hamlett (Contemporary)
2nd place: "Dorothy's Carol" by Terrie Todd (Women's Fiction)
3rd place: "A Rumspringa Storm" by Steve Hooley (Amish)
4th place: "Tempest Tossed" by Annette O'Hare (Women's Fiction)

Speculative category (Fantasy / SciFi):
1st place: "The Grumpy Chronicles" by Susan Lyttek (Fantasy)
2nd place: "The Great Storm" by Karla Rose (SciFi)
3rd place: "Oddman" by Carla Hoch (SciFi)
4th place: "Aperture" by Linda Kozar (SciFi)

Others category:
1st place: "Just West of Clovis" by Ralph D. James (Western)
2nd place: "Husband Hunting" by Crystal L. Barnes (Western)
3rd place: "Detention" by Gretchen Engel (YA / Fantasy)
4th place: "Fire in a Storm" by Angela K. Couch (Historical)

Proceeds from the sale of the anthology will be donated to the Scholarship Fund of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).
My Review: This is a book of 12 short stories and I really enjoyed all of them except the SciFi ones, but I have no doubt that readers who do like that genre would enjoy these stories. My favorites are the first story in the book "Squall Line" by Jim Hamlett (Contemporary) and the last story in the book"Fire in a Storm" by Angela K. Couch (Historical).
I usually like longer stories but this was a nice change! The stories all had to do with a type of storm.
 I have to say that "The Great Storm" by Karla Rose (SciFi) left me wanting to read more and the ending wasn't enough of an conclusion for me! 
  "The Grumpy Chronicles" by Susan Lyttek (Fantasy) is a new take on "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.
There is even an Amish short story for the Amish genre lovers! It was a great story about a new beginning!
The whole book was a real fast read and the mixture is one that any reader would enjoyed and if a reader hasn't tried any of these genre this book would be a good one to buy to try a different genre.
These stories are clean and no cursing or bad scenes and they are Christian based but even non-believers would like them.
I am giving " Out Of The Storm" four stars.
 I was given a pdf copy for an honest review!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

" The Mysterious Doll"by Linda Weaver Clark

Book Description

 December 3, 2014

Amelia Moore, the founder of the Moore Detective Agency, specializes in missing persons. Her cases have taken her to some very interesting places and put her in some dangerous situations, but she always solves the case. With the help of her partner, Rick Bonito, the business is flourishing.

Pauline Jones is confused why her boyfriend took off without telling a soul where he was going. But that isn’t all.
Sam Whitaker is accused of stealing a valuable porcelain doll from the museum. His disappearance makes him look guilty, but Pauline is convinced he is innocent. When Amelia finds Sam, she realizes they need to prove his innocence. Where is the antique doll and who has taken it?

About the Author:
Linda Weaver Clarke travels throughout the United States, teaching people to write their family history and autobiography. She has traveled to seventeen states and given over 450 workshops. Clarke is the author of several historical sweet romances, a mystery/adventure series, a children’s book, and a cozy mystery series. All her books are family friendly.
Explanation:Some  people have asked me what a cozy mystery is and why it's different from a regular mystery. So here is the explanation:
What is a “cozy” mystery? It should be a G-rated story with no swearing or sex. It has many twists and turns and must have very likeable characters so that it can be turned into a seriesA cozy mystery focuses on the plot and characters, and the main character is usually an intelligent woman.

MyReview: "The Mysterious Doll"by Linda Weaver Clark is the fourth book in the Amelia Moore Detective Series and continues to follows Amelia Moore and her partner Rick Bonito. You don't have to read the other three books to like and enjoy " The Mysterious Doll" but I suggest reading them in order to follow the blooming relationship of Amelia and Rick. Yes these stories are mysteries but they are also a clean romance.
In "The Mysterious Doll" Amelia and Rick are looking for a valuable porcelain doll along with Sam Whitaker, who is accused of stealing the doll.
This book has more danger for Amelia and Rick than the other three but it is still family friendly ( this book has more guns shown but no one is shot). 
Why did Sam just leave and not tell his girlfriend he was leaving and what is so important about the doll? Who are are the three men that shows up everywhere Amelia and Rick are?
Rick and Amelia found time to do some of the things that are on their bucket list. I really like these books as there are tense moments and humor. I like the fact that each book shows Rick and Amelia growing closer as a couple.
These stories always has a surprise ending and the culprit is always someone this reader never suspects, this story was no exception to that fact!
Once again the scenes and what the characters are feeling are well described so the readers feels like they are watching the story take place instead of reading!
I feel "The Mysterious Doll" is my favorite of the four books. Maybe because the ending totally caught me off guard.
I feel I have too say that even though these books are family friendly, in this book there is more kissing and one scene that some might find inappropriate and the flirting between Rick and Amelia might be wrong to some readers.  I don't mean to imply that anything is wrong with these stories because there isn't! Even with saying that I love reading these books and cannot wait to read the next book and hope the author gives me a chance to review it for her as she did this one. I am giving this book five stars.
I was given a ebook copy for an honest review! 
I strongly recommend this series to any reader of clean romances and mysteries that aren't too  mysterious!

Monday, January 19, 2015

"The Missing Heir" by Linda Weaver Clarke

Book Description

 September 20, 2014

Amelia Moore, the founder of the Moore Detective Agency, specializes in missing persons. Her cases have taken her to some very interesting places and put her in some dangerous situations, but she always solves the case. With the help of her partner, Rick Bonito, the business is flourishing. 

Dell Murphy has passed on and left a fortune to his nephew. He wants his nephew to continue his work at the orphanage in Mexico, but there is one problem. Neal Woods is missing! If Amelia and Rick can’t find him soon, the fortune will be turned over to Dell’s brother and sister who intend to close down “Uncle Dell’s Orphanage.” If that happens, where will the children go?


Some  people have asked me what a cozy mystery is and why it's different from a regular mystery. So here is the explanation:
What is a “cozy” mystery? It should be a G-rated story with no swearing or sex. It has many twists and turns and must have very likeable characters so that it can be turned into a seriesA cozy mystery focuses on the plot and characters, and the main character is usually an intelligent woman.

About the Author
Linda Weaver Clarke travels throughout the United States, teaching people to write their family history and autobiography. She has traveled to seventeen states and given over 400 workshops. She is the mother of six daughters and has several grandchildren. Clarke is also the author of six historical sweet romances, a mystery/adventure series, a new cozy mystery series, and a children’s book. All her books are family friendly.
MY REVIEW: "The Missing Heir" by Linda Weaver Clarke is the third book in the "Amelia Moore Detective Series" and like the other two stories this book doesn't disappoint.

Amelia and her partner Rick are hired to find Neil Woods, an doctor who runs a orphanage in Mexico.  He has to be found fast or the inheritance that Uncle Dell has left to him will be turned over to Dell's brother and sister who will shut the orphanage down. Will they find Neil in time? 

These books are mysteries with humor and just a little nerve tension action, just a enough to keep you turning the pages to see if they get the case solved and how. 

Amelia and Rick travel to Mexico and do some things that are on their bucket lists from the previous two books! You will still enjoy "The Missing Heir" even if you haven't read the other two books in this series.

I think these books are great reads because you get to laugh and also have a little adventure and see a romance develop that is clean!

I love the author's descriptions of the scenes and how she lets her reader know exactly what  the characters are feeling.

In this story, someone is hired to keep Neil Woods from being found and this reader was really surprised when I found out who did the hiring and who was hired.

I recommend this series to any reader as they are family friendly.  The scenes with the children will touch your heart if you love children. One of the characters even read the the book "Are You My Mother" to a little boy.(No it isn't the real mother). Guess I need to close this review before I give a spoiler alert.

I was given a free ebook copy of "The Missing Heir" by the author for an honest review!

I am giving this book five *****

Saturday, January 17, 2015

"The Journey Home" by Hope Kesler


 December 7, 2014
In the eyes of the community, Birdie Miller is a loyal daughter and a church member in good standing.

Birdie knows this is a lie.

Soured to the faith by an unhappy childhood, she made the difficult decision to leave her home and not make final vows to the church. But when a terrible accident injures her mother, Birdie is forced to return home, where her father’s act of deceit results in her vowing to follow a path she’d planned to reject.

Caleb Troyer is as certain in his commitment to the Amish path as any young man can be. He’s mapped out his future, and those plans include marriage, a home and possibly church leadership.

When the woman he loves derails those plans by choosing another, he decides to start fresh in a new community, so he takes a position left vacant by the young farrier killed in the same accident that injures Birdie’s mother.

For Birdie, the arrival of a handsome single man of marriageable age does not interest her. For how can a man of such deep and certain faith find common ground with a young woman who feels every inch a prodigal fraud?

As Caleb grows to understand Birdie, he longs to help her. But can a man of faith reach the heart of a spiritually wounded young woman with a reputation for rebellion? Is the spiritual path home lost to Birdie forever, or can love’s light guide the way?
My Review:

"The Journey Home" by Hope Kesler is about an Amish woman named Bertie. She leaves the Amish community because she doesn't agree with her Father and is just about to immense into the English world completely but then an accident happens and returns back to her parent's home and joins the Amish culture once again!

This book shows that the Amish isn't always the way we perceived them to be! The bishop, Birdie's father, is an angry person and deserves to be put in his place or maybe in a pile of horse manure! How can a person like this remain Bishop?

Caleb feels God is telling him to take a job that is left open due to the same accident that hurt Birdie's mother. Birdie and Caleb don't have much in common at first but can that change?

The ending is the best part of the whole story, she finds her way home but you won't believe how it is reached!

Okay I loved the story but I don't know if it is because of errors in the printing of the ebook but there were quite a few mistakes in the writing, like words left out and words printed twice but I am still giving this book five stars!

I was given a pdf for my honest review!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"The Whistle Walk" (Ironwood Plantation Family Saga Book 1) by Stephenia H. McGee

Book Description

 December 17, 2014
A Mississippi Plantation: Civil War pits country men against one another and tears a nation asunder. Life and death are held in the balance where everyone is a slave to something.

One is born free, yet lives as a soul in bondage…
Lydia Harper never intended to purchase a slave. But when she witnesses a woman being beaten in the street, all her pretenses begin to unravel. A bride to a man she barely knows and bound by her secrets, Lydia will risk everything to save a stranger. Amid the War Between the States, the mistress of Ironwood faces the battles in her own heart and discovers strength in a way she never imagined.

The other is born to serve, yet holds the spirit of freedom…
Ruth, standing on the threshold of desperation, has lost everything she holds dear. After being pulled from the dirt, she is no longer a field hand but the personal maid to the lady of Ironwood. Ruth soon realizes adversity pays no mind to the color of skin. When propriety slips, she discovers they have more in common than she dreamed possible. In a time when fear brings the South to its knees, two women will forge a friendship in the fires of redemption and thrust Ironwood into a new future – where the battle for freedom has merely begun. 
Author Bio:


Stephenia McGee is a wife, mother of two very active little boys, author, and chairman of Spirit Horse Ministries. A portion of all her book sales go to help the ministry provide spiritual and emotional growth and a quality education to at-risk young girls. Stephenia currently lives in Mississippi with her husband and sons where she writes stories of faith, redemption and life steeped in southern culture.

This book is a great retelling of The Civil War from a fictional angle. I was reminded of "Gone With The Wind" but I liked "The Whistle Walk" a little better because it told the story from both a free woman and a slave.

This book was hard to put down because I wanted to see what happened next. This book made me cried at some of the scenes. 

This book is a story of friendship between two women in a time when these two shouldn't have been according to the customs. 

I was given a pfd file of the book for an honest review and even though the story line sounded like a story I would like, I have to say I had no idea that I would like it so well and want a copy of the print book to keep on my shelf. This book should be made into a movie, I think it could be a favorite for history fans and romance fans. 

This book is also a love story but that story is secondary to the courage that Ruth and Lydia has to accept.

There are surprises in this book, that I personally didn't see coming but I am so glad that they happened. 

If I would have lived back in the days before the Civil War, Ironwood Plantation is the type of plantation that I would have wanted to be a part of, the slaves weren't treated badly but I am glad that I was born after that time as no one should be the properly of another man!

"The Whistle Walk" starts out in narrative language but as the story progresses it is written so well that you don't notice it being narrative. I could actually see the scenes unfold in my mind.

I recommend this book to all readers. 

" The Whistle Walk " is the first book in the "Ironwood Plantation Family Saga" and the second book promises to be just as good as the first. Stephenia is well on her way to being a great author and is one of my new favorite authors! 
I am giving "The Whistle Walk" five stars!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

"Hope Reborn" by Caryl McAdoo

Historical Christian 'Western Adventure' Romance NOVEL, Hope Reborn, is Book 3 in Caryl McAdoo's Texas Romance series scheduled to debut Jaunary 9th, 2015.

Set in 1850, it tells the story of May Meriwether, a successful New York dime novelist thinking life is slipping away unfulfilled. She's bored with the same old heroes and heroines and stories and Uptown social circles. Then she spots an interesting article in the Tribune. Texas Ranger Levi Baylor and his Captain Wallace Rusk have captured the Comance War Chief Bold Eagle. 

The wheels start turning. Throwing caution to the wind, she charges her companion Chester to arrange passage to Texas for the both of them. The Rangers will be wonderful hero models for some fresh stories wrought with adventure and intrigue. May couldn't know the troubles she'd find in Texas and what she could lose there in the new wild west state.

Hope Reborn follows Book 1 Vow Unbroken set in 1832 and released by Simon and Schuster's Howard Books March 4th, 2014 wherein Levi is the orphaned nephew of Susannah Baylor, a gritty young widow scratching out a living from the untamed Tejas prairie. 

And Book 2 Hearts Stolen that debuted September 5th, 2014 indie published by Ron and Caryl McAdoo. Twelve years have passed and young Levi Baylor is now twenty-six and making quite a name for himself as the Ranger who always gets his man. 

Dispatched to the peace camp of Comanche Chief Bold Eagle to pick up the stolen white woman bargained for in Sam Houston's treaty, But the beautiful redhead he spots Sassy Fogelsong, a girl from back home he happens to notice, but her name isn't on his list.
Author BIO:

In April, 2012, Caryl met Mary Sue Seymour at NETWO’s Spring Conference and wrote her first historical Christian romance set in the 1800s especially for the agent. (Whose maiden name was remarkably ‘McAdoo’!) Mary Sue offered representation in August, and VOW UNBROKEN sold in October to Howard Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. It debuts on March 4, 2014.
Six months later, book two in the Texas Romance series debuted, HEARTS STOLEN set in 1839-1844, Then two months later a new Biblical fiction series The Generations was born with volume one A LITTLE LOWER THAN THE ANGELS, the story of Adam and Eve, Cain and Sheriah, and Abel in Paradise with a kindly old cherub named Namrel!
Caryl, also known as Grami, has fourteen grandsugars (one more than she has books now) and enjoys painting and gardening. A proclaimed psalmist, she’s dedicated to serving God, loving praise and worship and that He frequently gives her new songs. Caryl believes all good things are from Him and prays her new books will minister His love, mercy, and grace to her readers.

Oh my, I don't know how to start this review other than to just come out and say, I am so glad I read "Hope Reborn" and the other two books in the "Texas Romance" series. There is going to be a fourth book also. I am eagerly awaiting it!
"Hope Reborn' continues telling the stories of the character's life that are in “Vow Unbroken” and “Hearts Stolen”. I think “Hope Reborn” can be enjoyed as a stand alone novel but I am glad that I read the first two books first as “ Hope Reborn” mentions the story line in it’s pages.
When May Meriwether arrives in Texas she gets more than she planned on. She went there to write a new novel but finds love also.
“Hope Reborn” and the other two novels in this series are books that a reader could read over and still be like “Wow” I really like this story.
“Hope Reborn” is a Christian romance but the characters have faults just like we all do and these novels are written so well that this reader could picture the scenes in my mind.
There was surprises in all three novels that I really didn’t see coming, but they just made the stories seem more believable.
Like I have already stated these stories are of the Christian Genre but I believe anyone that likes stories about Texas Rangers and Western Adventures set in the 1850’s are going to enjoy this series!
I hope I have enticed you to read these stories, especially “Hope Reborn” because if you read this then I know you will want to read the other two.
May and Henry are in love in “Hope Reborn” but Henry cannot marry an unbeliever. May thinks God is just a fairy tale and the Bible is just a book written by old men. Will there love survive this hurdle or does May go back to New York and forget the only man she has ever loved.
If I haven’t sold you yet on “ Hope Reborn” I really think you should know the ending but I cannot tell you that, I can only tell you that I loved it and disliked it at the same time! Yes it has an ending to the storyline but has a cliff hanger leading into the next book in the series.
I am giving “Hope Reborn” 5 stars!
 I received a free copy of this book/Ebook/Product to review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations. I am part of The CWA Review Crew.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"Worth The Time" by Laura Jackson

 Book Description
 January 6, 2015
Christian fiction for Young Adults.

Waltham Academy series, Book 2. Book 1 is "Worth the Wait" by Laura Jackson.

Doesn't anyone feel she's worth their time?

Routinely ignored by her single mother, high school senior Lindsey Hamilton hides her loneliness behind a mask of flirtatious self-confidence that has many boys wrapped around her finger. However, during community service required for graduation, she meets a shy guy with a haunted past who barely gives her the time of day. Why doesn't he like her?

Then the father she thought had abandoned her before birth wants to meet, and she discovers everything she believed about him is a lie.

How will Lindsey learn to trust so she can realize that she has been loved all along? 

Author Info:

I love books---reading and writing them. As an elementary school librarian, I get to spend most of my day sharing great books with kids. After work, I write my own stories to share.

When I'm not surrounded by words, I love watching sports. I'm a huge Rockets fan, and I love the Texans. 

I'm passionate about Jesus, books, trees, and cupcakes. 

I love to hear from readers, so please find me on Facebook, Twitter (LauraJackson80), Goodreads, or on

My Review: 
I really liked "Worth The Time" by Laura Jackson. I read book 1"Worth The Wait" and so I really wanted to read this one, the 2nd in the "Waltham Academy series"and I liked it better than the first one. This story is Lindsey's story, a character in "Worth the Wait. 

This story tells why Lindsey did the things she did in "Worth The Wait. This book is in the genre Young Adult and it is Christian Fiction but teaches life lessons well and is missing the things I disliked in book 1, here is the link if interested

This book can be a stand alone but I am glad I read book 1 before reading this book as it start up where book 1 ended.

I would recommend this book to teens and adults alike. 

This book deals with many teen issues, like rejection, blended families, inattentive single parent, and being ridiculed in front of your friends, and handles the issues very well, no graphic details.

Lindsey's learns to forgive her self and learns that she is worthy.

This is a really good clean love story! 

This book was really "Worth The Time" I spent reading it and I am hoping there is a third!
I  know how I want the third book to go if there is one!  But I guess that remains to be seen! 

"Worth The Time is getting 5 stars!

I received a complimentary copy of this book  from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.