Friday, February 21, 2014

"Rosemary Cottage"by Colleen Coble

"Rosemary Cottage"by Colleen Coble is another five stars novel by Colleen Coble. It is the second novel in the ( The Hope Beach Novels Series).

I really liked the first one " Tidewater Inn" but  "Rosemary Cottage" was much better. Both of these novels were a mystery and a love story, but "Rosemary Cottage" had twists and turns that kept me turning the pages.  The ending was such a surprise!

Amy Lang's family has owned Rosemary Cottage for years and at the start of the book Amy returns to the cottage to look for clues to what really happened to her brother Ben. The police had ruled his death was due to a shark bite but the body has never been found. She believed he was murdered and his girlfriend Gina was killed by a boat running over her, but the police can not find the boat.

Raine is Gina's daughter being raised by Gina's brother, Curtis. Raine is also Ben's daughter but Curtis don't  want Amy to know because he is afraid Amy and her parents will try to take her from him.

This novel reintroduced the main characters from "Tidewater Inn" but this is a novel that could be a stand alone!

The reader will not be bored reading this story! 

This story leads you in one direction and then another, this is a good thing because you don't really see the end till the end! 

And it has a love story in between the pages also! TRUELY A WONDERFUL BOOK!

"The Alliance Of Isian" by Serena Clarke

"The Alliance Of Isian" by Serena Clarke gets five stars from me.

"The Alliance Of Isian" is the second book in (The Isian Series). I enjoyed this book but not as much as the first one, " The Treasure Of Isian". Some of the characters from this book is reintroduced in this second book!

In this book, the kingdoms of Isian and Tandori musts make an alliance with each other to break the power of the evil prince who wants to wants the kingdoms to fall. In order for this alliance to happen, one of the Princess of Isian must marry the prince of Tandori.

The marriage happens and there are plots to murder Princess Gabrielle and the newlyweds are not sure they can ever really love each other. They are determined to try for their countries.

This book is a fantasy tale mixed with a love story and a mystery. The middle and the ending of this novel was really exciting to read! I wanted to finished the tale to see if Prince Alec and Princess Gabrielle  was able to overcome the evil prince.

I was given a copy of this book for an honest review!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Tidewater Inn" by Colleen Coble

Just finished "Tidewater Inn" I give it 5 stars.
I love Colleen Coble's novels!

I was surprised by all the twists and turns in this story. Never would have guess who the real kidnapper was. If you have read :The Rock Harbor Series" you will love that Bree and Samuel are in this story and their help is needed again. In this story Libby learns she has a family she never knew she had when her friend and business partner is kidnapped and the sheriff of the town thinks she is the guilty one. She starts to fall for the sheriff's cousin but wait oh no is he only staying close by her and offering help to get info. This book has mystery and history and romance all in it. I recommend it.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Treasure of Isian" by Serena Clarke.

Just finished reading "The Treasure of Isian" by Serena Clarke.I am surprised I am giving this book 5 stars. It is not my normal kind of read but I enjoyed this book. Prince Garin sets off to find The Magical Treasure Of Isian after his younger brother Prince Rogan tells him the secret of it. The secret is that it is a treasure that will grant your every wish. Prince Garin and his servant Elani ( a girl of 17, which for the last 13 years had been his servant and who is secretly in love with him) doesn't even know what the treasure is, only that he wants it. Prince Garin and Elani encounters giants and elves and centaurs. The centaurs tell them the treasure will not be what they are expecting. Elani must killed a water-witch and free Prince Garin from dragons and find the magical looking glass of Isian. Then the seer tells her " You do not know who you are and that finding the glass is your special mission. They find help from a old friend of Prince Garin's father. They do discovered the treasure and it is a surprise to all. The ending is the best surprise of all! If all fantasy was written like this I might read more fantasy, I will be looking for more of her novels to read! This book was given to me to read for an honest review!

Friday, February 14, 2014

" The Dawn Of Christmas" by Cindy Woodsmall

" The Dawn Of Christmas" by Cindy Woodsmall gets 5 stars from me! The only complaint I have is that it ended too soon!

This book could be read anytime, not just at Christmas, I didn't even feel like it was a Christmas story, it was more an Amish romance than a Christmas story to me! Christmas is mention of course, part of this story happens on Christmas Day!

Sadie leaves her parents home to get over a broken heart when she catches her fiancee Daniel cheating!  She comes home for a visit and fines Levi hurt after falling off a horse. Both Sadie's and Levi's  family are pressing them to get married so they come up with a plan  to make their families think they are courting, but the plans backfires and then Daniel comes back into the picture and causes more problems.

There is also a side story about Josh and Beth having a baby.

This book was a feel good story!

"Shadows In My Room & What's That Noise: Bedtime Stories" by Linda Weaver Clarke

"Shadows In My Room & What's That Noise: Bedtime Stories" by Linda Weaver Clarke

This is a children's book! I give it 5 stars, but my granddaughter who is 10 read it and gave it a c, (Tori is ten so it is geared for much younger children. The pictures were really cute! I think every little girl ( and boys as well, except the stories are about a little girl ) should have this book as part of her collection!

Bedtime Stories: In each of these stories, a mother helps her little girl understand her fears at night.

Shadows In My Room: Kayla sees shadows in her room that disturb her. Her mother answers all her questions about each shadow that she points to, and helps her to calm down and go to sleep.

What’s That Noise: Amber hears noises that disturb her such as the wind and thunder. Her mother teaches Amber to use her imagination by turning something fearful into something fun.

I was given a pfd copy by the author for a honest review!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Q & A with Stephanie Landsem and enter to win a kindle fire Hdx

Stephanie Landsem writes historical fiction because she loves adventure in far-off times and places. In real life, she’s explored ancient ruins, medieval castles, and majestic cathedrals around the world. Stephanie is equally happy at home in Minnesota with her husband, four children, and three fat cats.  When she’s not writing, she’s feeding the ravenous horde, avoiding housework, and dreaming about her next adventure—whether it be in person or on the page.

Stephanie is the author of " The Well" and " The Thief"  both books are great! My reviews for both of these books are
There is a link to enter to win a kindle fire at the bottom of this post

Stephanie has agreed to let you ask her questions and she will answer them!

This Q & A will run from today Feb. 13 till Monday the 17th!

"The Thief" by Stephanie Landsem

"The Thief" by Stephanie Landsem gets five stars from me! " The Thief" is the second book in "The Living Water Series"

This book focused on Longinus, a Roman centurion, whose friend was killed in the first book of this series ( The Living Water series) and Nissa, a Jewish woman with a secret,who is the sister of the blind man healed by Jesus when he put mud on his eyes and told him to wash in The Pool Of Sloam! Nissa has given up on God because He hasn't protected her like she feels he should have done!

I so loved reading this book, I kept turning it pages to see if "The Thief" aka, The Mouse got caught by Longinus. Longinus wanted out of Jerusalem, but while he was there, his main purpose was to nab The mouse and her Greek partner.

This book is Biblical fiction but deals with the characters you don't hear much about in the Bible. 
This book has The Crucifixion Of Jesus within it pages, but it is told by Longinus and Nassa's 
view of  it and their part in it!. 

I loved reading how Nissa and Mouse and Longinus characters and all the other characters were affected by meeting each other and Jesus. I felt as if  I was there watching these scenes taking place while I was reading this story.

This story had me thinking" I don't see that coming and now that it did, I am glad of it"!

I think if you took the time to read this novel, and "The Well" you will feel like you have a little more insight into the characters that lived in Jesus's time on earth.  This book is a stand alone but some of the characters from "The well" are reintroduced in this book" 

There is A Reading Group Guide for book groups at the end of the book.

I was given a copy of this book by the author for my honest review and to be a part of the "The Thief" Launch team.

" Christmas Oranges" by James A Stump

I loved this story! It was a short story but it really encourages you to do for others!
I requested another book titled "Christmas Oranges" and it was about a little orphan girl but the library sent me this one instead! But it was worth the five minutes it took me to read it!

Steve is in a nursing home and tells the author a story about oranges and how one act of kindness changes a family's life

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"The Well" by Stephanie Landsem

This book is another five story novel. It is her debut novel. It is the first in  "The Living Water Series. I received the second novel in this series " The Thief" to be part of the tour release, and I wanted to read this one first, and I wasn't disappointed. If you are a fan of Jill Eileen Smith , I'm sure you like this book.

"The Well" is Biblical fiction. It is about the woman at the well and how her life affects her daughter and her son. Mara, the daughter, has to take care of them all and then one day Nava and Mara's lives are transformed when she meets Jesus at the well.

Shem is in hiding from the Roman soldiers and is sent away to his grandparents and meets Mara.  He feels he has caused more problems to befall Nava and Mara. He sets out to help Mara find Jesus after Mara is stoned at the well for her crime.

Mara believes Jesus is the Messiah but Shem does not, but when Shem meets Jesus the second time, his life is forever changed!

I can't put this book down once I started reading it. I could see the scenes unfold in my mind as I read this book! It sure makes the reader rethink the story of the woman at (The Well). Yes I know it is partly fiction, and the woman's children isn't mention in the Bible but after being married five times and committing adultery, she probably had children, and they were probably looked down upon  as well.

I cannot wait to read the other two stories in this series.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

"Through the Eyes of a Child (God Created It All)" by Pam Funke

Book blurb:

God created the heavens and the earth. He created all of the plants, animals and birds of the air. He created man. When God was finished He looked at all that He had created and saw that it was good. Come see the world through the curious eyes of a child.

Pam Funke is the grand-daughter of a Pastor and was brought up in the church. Her love of reading led her to write for the enjoyment of others. She lives in Hinesville, Georgia with her son and daughter. 

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This book is five stars! This book was written for children but even adults can get lessons from it. It  is only 64 pages but  packed full of "Truths". The pictures are something that you can talk to your child about also.

A mother and her daughter Bella are on the beach and Bella finds a sea cucumber and asks her mother where it came from and that prompts the mom to tell stories about God using animals,  A click eyed beetle, a lizard, a seagull,a mamba,

These animals are just like little children and ask questions like "Who is God and why is he concerned with me" and others. These stories explain who God is and how He is there watching over them and protecting them.

These stories touched my heart and spoke to me as well, even adults need reminders that God loves us and protects us.

I highly recommend this books to all children and anyone that needs a gentle reminder that God loves  us.

I was given a ebook copy for my honest review!

" The Divine Secrets Of The Whoopie Pie Sisters Book 3" by Sarah Price and Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell

Sarah Price and Whoopie Pie Pam Jarrell have joined together to write three five star books. But that shouldn't be a surprise since all their books are five stars.

This book is about Four Amish sisters who owns Whoopie Pie Place,(a bakery that is known far and wide.) These sisters each have their own problems and it is easy to identify with each one. These books are not the average Amish love stories, these books are about how the Amish have problems likes us Englishers.

This story deals with the problems of owning a bakery and it also tells about the four sister's daily lives.

I have enjoyed reading each books. Each a little better than the one before it, but I think to fully understand the plot in this third book you need to read the first two, which really is no problem at all since these are easy reading and short (the first two books  have 103 pages and this book has 150 pages).  The only thing I didn't like about this book was it ended the trilogy and I want to read more about these four sisters and their's lives, and especially Lydia.

This story picks up right where book 2 ends. The secrets are finally revealed and each sister learns that some secrets should remained secret but some are best revealed before the wrong conclusion is drawn! If you want to know what I mean by that statement, read these 3 books and find out Sadie's secret and how keeping it a secret backfired!

This book is definitely calling for a fourth one in the series!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Plain Again" by Sarah Price

"Plain Again" by Sarah Price is another five star book! No surprise for Sarah's Price fans!

This is a series for lovers of Amish fiction and those who like clean romance and love stories!

"Plain Again" is the third book in the "Plain Fame Trilogy".  This book picks up where book 2 ends. Amanda is at her parents Amish farm in Pennsylvania to help her mom and dad after her father's accident.

Alejandro, aka Viper, is still performing and doing guest appearances and interviews.

This book lets the readers see into a star's personal life and married life while being away from their spouse. I was really swept into the feelings of both Viper's and Amanda's life. I wanted to shout at Mike, Viper's manager when he tried to cause trouble between Amanda and Viper.

I could see these scenes unfold in my mind as I was reading this book. I think this book would be a great read by itself but I feel reading all three just enhances the stories!

The stories told in the media about these two, are real life for stars today!

Can love overcome all lies and tricks and two very different lifestyles? I believe Sarah Price in this series proves it can.

I felt anger and sadness and hope and then anger and than hope and then I felt like singing (pun intended) when I finished the book, because I was happy with the outcome!

The only thing I disliked about the series was it ended. I want to read more about these two.

I was given a copy of this book by the author.