Friday, September 19, 2014

" Mercy Fight" by T.L. Gray "

Book Description

 August 19, 2014
He feared no one…but himself.
Recovering from a past shaped by violence, Matt Holloway has sworn to live a different life than his parents did. Matt has found a purpose that keeps his lingering pain and fear at bay: helping others to heal. Yet the nightmares continue to haunt him.
Grace has lived a life of luxury, sheltered by her family’s money and connections. When a betrayal forces her to question everything, she leaves her family and accepts an ambitious position in a career for which she may not be ready.
When the two first meet, they cannot deny their instant, intense attraction. While Grace is willing to take another risk with her heart, Matt remains chained by his past and struggles to trust their future together. Fighting to save the children they’ve pledged to help, Matt and Grace must learn to overcome the pain in their past and find their true courage.

Author Bio:
T.L. Gray is the kindle best selling author of the Winsor and Set Apart series. Her mission is to provide clean, culturally relevant romances that incorporate messages of hope and healing.
She currently serves as a pastor's wife in Ennis, Texas. When not chasing after her three amazing kids, T.L. Gray can be spotted with her head in a book. Writing has given her a platform to combine her passion with her ministry.
T.L. Gray is currently working on book 2 in the Set Apart series.
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My Review: "Mercy's Fight" is an honest  look (though fiction) at spousal and child abuse and the aftereffects. Even though they are hard subjects to deal with this book is an excellent  read! I would recommend this book to adults and real mature older teens! This book is a clean romance with lots of kissing but deals with drugs and alcohol and violence and murder!
Don't let my first paragraph make you not read this book! 
This book made me feel happy and angry and sad, not necessarily in that order. I was hooked from the first chapter, I had to get to the end to see if Grace and Matt overcame their pasts. You will have to read this excellent book to find the answer for yourself.
There was times I wanted to yell at the characters in the story. I wanted to say,"Come on you know that isn't right and why are you acting that way and just tell someone so you can heal"!
This book was a book chosen for an online book discussion or I probably wouldn't have read it only because I didn't know about it or T.L.Gray but I am glad it was chosen because now I have another favorite author and would read more of her books. I know she is working on book 2 in this "Set Apart Series" and I hope her readers get to know more about Grace and Matt and the other characters as well as new ones.
I guess you know by now I have given "Mercy Fight" by T.L. Gray" five stars.
A  copy was provided to me for review purposes. 

 I have included a book trailer  for you to enjoy:



  1. Great review Debbie! I am looking forward to reading this book. On my wish list!

    Judy B