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"Trinity Icon" by Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson/ Trinity Icon
ISBN: 978-1618081087    | List Price: $15.95 print/ $2.99 Kindle | Format: Paperback and Kindle | Page Count: 400 pages

Poland's past and present collide in an epic quest for peace and treasure. 
In Central Europe, Poland has rejected plans for an anti-missile shield—until a threat from beyond their borders causes disaster. During testing, an Iranian ICBM veers off course with tragic results, and the Polish government turns to NATO—and the United States—for protection. With the defensive shield now back on the table, National Security Advisor Willis Avery envisions an even broader network of emplacements. His strategy depends on the cooperation of the breakaway states—and the help of Captain Michael Neill. Tasked as a liaison, it’s Neill’s job to convince the republics. He enlists the aid of an old friend, General Andrei Ulyanov—and, if he can keep her alive, dynamic and beautiful journalist Viktoriya Gavrilenko. The stage is set for increased tension when the Russians threaten an arms race. Avery is targeted, and along the way, Neill becomes caught up in the search for a lost religious icon, foretold by legend to restore the faith of a disheartened people .

Author Bio: Steve Wilson is a multimedia designer for a large metropolitan newspaper, and has worked in advertising for over 25 years. He is a prior service Marine, now serving as a Master Sergeant in the Air Force Reserve.

Over the course of his military career, he has received the Iraq and Afghanistan Campaign Medals, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, and the Air Force Commendation Medal. In 2010 he was named the Air Transportation NCO of the Year. His ties to the armed forces—as well as short-term mission trips—have taken him to Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Europe and the Pacific, as well as the former Soviet Union. These experiences have helped to shape his story lines.

Steve is also the author of Red Sky at Morning and Tempest of Fire, both military/espionage novels in the Michael Neill Adventure series. He is the father of two grown sons, and lives in Florida with his wife.

To learn more about Steve and his books, visit his website: or his blog.  You can also find him on Facebook. You can purchase your copy of 
Trinity Icon on Steve's WebsiteAmazon, or at Barnes and Noble.

My Review:
"Trinity Icon"is the third book in the (Michael Neill Adventure Series ) and I have enjoyed reading all three. “Trinity Icon was not as fast reading for me as the other two but I still enjoyed reading it.

"Trinity Icon” reveals more facts about Michael Neill’s father’s death. We also learn the history of a legend about a raid by Swedes and how through the ages, survivors’ descendants continue to search for an icon missing from the church where Father Jakob was murdered on a snowy Christmas Eve in 1655. The journalist,Viktoriya Gavrilenko, whom Michael met previously in Odessa, Russia is following the story and has assassins trying to end her life. Michael is sent to Poland to help protect her and to enlist Poland’s help to combat Russia’s tactics.

“Trinity Icon” as well as the other two books in this series allows the reader to travel to different countries and learn about Marine Corps policies and tactics in a safe and fun way and not too technical and without giving away “ how things are really done”.

I am having a hard time picking out my favorite story line of “Trinity Icon” is it the romance between Marine Staff Sergeant Christina Arrens and Michael and that they try to deny the attraction because of the Marine Corps rules, or is it the ending. I was totally surprised, I really didn’t see it coming! Maybe, I should just say I loved the entire book  and the series and hope you check them out for yourself. This reader likes to think men like Michael Neill does exist and is protecting our world.

“Trinity Icon” by Steve Wilson gets five stars!

There is a fourth book coming soon and you know I will be reading it as there are still more secrets to be revealed.

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