Sunday, September 15, 2013

"Stopped Cold" by Gail Pallotta

"Stopped Cold" by Gail Pallotta gets 5 stars from me.
This book is a book that teens and parents should read! This book teaches parents the lesson that you shouldn't push your children to be more like you then themselves. The lesson of this book is encourage your children to be all that they can be but not to push them to be someone or something they aren't. This book shows that just because a person is in a leadership rule, we shouldn't trust everything they say but pray and ask God what is right.
This is the story of the McWhorter family told by Margaret, a teenage girl. Her father pushes her brother Sean to be as good as he was in football. One day Sean collapsed into a coma. The hospital finds drugs in his system! Where does he get the drugs, the answer will surprise you!
"I received a free PDF copy of this book courtesy of TBCN for my honest review.

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Great review Debbie!

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