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Red Zone - There is no overtime in the game of murder" by Kelli Hughett with an interview!

Book Description

  1.  October 31, 2014
There's nothing random about this murder.

When Marcy Farris comes face to face with a murder victim at a high school football game, she's plunged into a game no one wants to play. Despite police conclusions, she knows it wasn't a random murder. Could she be the next victim? To defeat her opponent, she'll have to tackle painful memories of her husband's suicide. He may have made one too many enemies before he died.

Struck down by an injury in his prime, former NFL linebacker, Jack Briggs, wonders if there's life after football. The game changes when he meets Marcy. She's his heart's number-one draft pick. Now, Jack's got to prove to Marcy they're on the same team. 

There is no overtime in the game of murder. Marcy and Jack must discover the madman behind the murder before the killer has a chance to score the game-winning drive, and exact his revenge on Marcy.

Sometimes, an athlete's biggest play is made off the field.

About the Author 

Kelli Hughett's love for the game of football and heart-pounding romance combine to strengthen the voice in Red Zone. Kelli earned a degree in Women s studies from Bear Valley Institute of Denver in 1998. A home school mom-turned-suspense writer, Kelli writes suspense with His fingerprints all over it. She is a member of ACFW, the Colorado chapter, and is involved in two critique groups. She is a back-to-back Genesis finalist 2011/2012. Kelli thrives on public speaking, teaching and writing children's Bible curriculum.

Interview with the author:
Is this your first book? 
Red Zone is my first published book, but not the first one I’ve written. NO ONE should be subjected to the first book I wrote. Not unless they want to read it to Guantanamo prisoners. 

What are you working on now? 
Right now, I’m reworking a previous novel to include another NFL scandal plot. It’s titled, End Zone. (For now) It has been hard to pick up an oldy moldy manuscript and fall in love with it again, but I’m getting there. I’m also toying with a Regency suspense set in England. (if I could go back in time, that’s where I’d land) It’s not ready for sell yet, but the characters have captured my heart already.

What is your least favorite part of the writing process? 
Marketing.For.Sure. It’s hard to do things I would not normally enjoy or pursue in order to sell a book. I LOVE speaking to women and could do that all day long, but blogging? Not my fav! Give me a book signing any day. I guess I’m more interested in personal face-to-face encounters rather than stale social media ones. I appreciate REAL people. I value real relationships. 
I LOVE writing. Please, just let me write.  

 When did you write your first book and how old were you? 
My first book titled, Katherine, was written when I was in fifth grade. I remember being in raptures as I imagined it out and designed the cover. Somehow, it greatly resembled Anne of Green Gables.

Are you a plotter or a pantster? 
I’m SUCH a pantster! I do some plotting, occasionally on sticky notes…then I lose the sticky notes and just start typing. I think about book plots when I’m in that place between asleep and awake. Sometimes I remember what I planned, sometimes I don’t. I stare at the screen a lot, asking myself, “What will happen next?” 
What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
 I live in Colorado, in full view of the Rocky Mountains. I love hiking and camping or just hanging out in mountain towns. I’m a complete nut for period films from B.B.C. I’m a voracious reader. I love reading my favorite books over and over again. I enjoy being with my husband and best friend, Kirt. I love planting, but not weeding, my garden! 

Where do you see yourself in ten years? 
I will be finishing up homeschooling my youngest and freedom will be on the horizon. I hope to be making a part-time living from writing. More in love than ever with my husband and my God. In ten years, I’ll be more patient, kinder, more thoughtful and less selfish; I’ll show more mercy. I’ll understand God’s grace better. I hope I’m a better wife and mom and friend. (And I hope it have at least ten books out!)  

Do you have suggestions to help me become a better writer? 
Become a student of society. 
Austen was so amazing because she possessed the uncanny ability to pierce societal norms in an entertaining story. Watch trends and try to catch them in the essence of your book. Predict trends. Capture something MARKETABLE and then make it yours. Not the other way around. 
I’ve heard don’t write for anyone but yourself, but I’m not sure I agree. If you want your writing to be liked, published, you need to write on the edge of society. Your soul isn’t for sale, but you book is. If you want to get noticed, write to society.
Also, participate in critique groups. I knew very few writers who flourished without some critiques from their peers. Almost everything I’ve learned about writing, I’ve learned at the feet of other writers. 

 Do you like to create books for adults? 
For sure. I would rate my books PG-13. Most of my books begin/end with a murder and I like a little suspense and gore at times.(How can I kill this character that will make my reader look under the bed tonight…?) I always include a romance theme: My books aren’t racy, but I believe humans are created as sexual beings—it’s how they handle that fact that I find fascinating.   

If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would you choose? 
For Red Zone, I’d choose Dean Cain (Superman) as Jack Briggs and Evangeline Lilly (Lost) as Marcie. Evangeline would have to gain at least ten pounds. LOL.  

My Review: I have to say I am surprised that I liked this book because it is about football, and anyone that knows me knows that I dislike football and want nothing to do with it. The book is more than football, it is about love and trust and betrayal.
This story kept me reading. I couldn't put it down. I read it in one setting! 
This story has many twists and turns that the reader will want to finish it, just to see if you guessed the bad guy right! Well ,I really had no idea who that really was and was totally shocked which makes a great read!
I will definitely be reading her new book! 
I was given an ebook copy by Avid Reader Reviews.com in exchange for my honest review.


Unknown said...

I know you don't like football Debbie, but it sounds like you enjoyed this book.

Debbie Curto said...

Yes it was great!