Thursday, December 31, 2015

"Voice in the Wilderness "(Against All Enemies Book 1 )by H. L. Wegley

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What if your blog could save the nation, but posting to it might cost your life?
As catastrophes drive the US into martial law, all eyes are on America, waiting to see what emerges. KC Banning, network specialist, discovers President Hannan's tyrannical plans and is branded a terrorist, sending her fleeing the Beltway to find her childhood soulmate and protector, Brock Daniels. Brock, a writer and man of faith, gives CPR to a dying nation through his blog, which is read by military members still loyal to the Constitution. But starting a grassroots insurgency while reconciling KC's and Brock's broken relationship proves difficult. When Hannan sends Special Forces to kill Brock and KC, starting a war in the Central Oregon desert, reconciliation, like staying alive, might be impossible.
Two extraordinary people ... born for a time such as this.

Set in Washington DC and near Crooked River Ranch in the Central Oregon desert, Voice in the Wilderness, Book 1 of the Against All Enemies Series, is a political thriller, with romance, about two people who must decide if they're willing to sacrifice their lives to prevent the USA from becoming the Dystopian States of America.

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Author Info: H. L. Wegley served in the US Air Force as an Intelligence Analyst and a Weather Officer. He is a Meteorologist who, while working as a forecaster and a Research Scientist in Atmospheric Physics, published extensively in the scientific literature. After earning an MS in Computer Science, he worked more than two decades as a Systems Programmer at Boeing before retiring in the Seattle area, where he and his wife of 48 years enjoy small-group ministry, their grandchildren, beach hiking, snorkeling Maui whenever they can, and where he writes inspirational thrillers and high-action, romantic suspense novels. Besides his scientific publications, he published one non-fiction work, Colby and Me: Growing up in the '50s, a humorous collection of the childhood adventures of an early baby boomer. Check out his author site at

Author Inview:"

My Review: "Voice in the Wilderness "(Against All Enemies Book 1 )by  H. L.Wegley is a novel about  how a corrupted president is talking over the country. This story is fiction now but it very well might be truth in the near future if we don't wise up and elect the right people into office.

This is one book that this reader couldn't put down once I started reading it. I was hooked from the first line "UR being  set up. Watch your back, PL. More later. B" From that first line the action is intense.

This is a political thriller with a romance in the middle. Yes, there is violence in this story but it is not overdone and not too graphic. And the romance is clean.

This story shows that there are still people who honor there vows! It also shows that childhood friends can remain friends even after many years of no contact.

I like the fact that the heroes uses a blog to "save the day" because it shows that everyone can do something to make things right.

The ending made this reader want to read the next book like right now but it isn't published yet,(but isn't that the woo of all readers?)

Can KC Banning and Brock Daniels undo the damage done and save the country and themselves?

Now here is some interesting facts about the book that I got from the author H.L. Wgley, 
I know a bit about meeting that someone special when you're still a kid. I've known my wife since we were 3 or 4. She's a lot like KC, freckles, reddish hair, slender Irish girl. Next year we celebrate our 50th. So, you can see where I got the backstory about Brock and KC. What a blast it was to write the childhood part!
B Here are a couple of things about my wife that she has in common with KC -- temper hovering near the boiling point, heart on sleeve, will die for what she believes. All I had to do was give KC some computer skills (my wife is computer-phobic), and I had my heroine.

I think it is really neat that a author can use real facts in a story!

Another fact in this story that is brought out is that God loves us and We are good enough, here is a quote from the book, that I posted on my Facebook wall "You got more than that. You're going to have a scar, Kace. Not gonna be perfect anymore." "I never was. See the freckles." She gave him a weak smile, then pulled his hand away from her head and held it."Brock, we all have scars from life. Some on our bodies,some deeper inside, in our hearts. Scars from things like someone telling us we're not good enough." ......" We've got to live our lives and find happiness in spite of them".

I read the 383 pages in one day, like I said it was turn the page action!

I received a copy of "Voice In the Wilderness " from the author for a honest review, which I have given. I was not required to give an favorable one just an honest one!

I am giving "Voice In The Wilderness" five stars.

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Samantha Fury said...

Thanks for sharing. I made the covers for this series and I haven't had a chance to read it yet. The covers turned out great and it sounds like the story is a page turner. Congrats to H. L. Wegley for a job well done.

Debbie Curto said...

You should read the book Samantha!

H L Wegley said...

The people you put on the covers do some amazing things, Samantha. Thank you for bringing them to life! And, happy new year!

Debbie Curto said...

I agreed the cover is great and I cannot wait till the next book!