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"More Than She Dreamt"by Sandy Mauck Book Tour and Give Away

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About the Book

It was more than she dreamt.  But as the romance began to bud, she felt the thorns of a heartless beauty rise to tear it apart. 
Young widow, Katie Jensen, endures patiently under her oppressive uncle in desolate Arizona Territory. She tries to keep her promise to her dead aunt to be a witness and take care of her uncle but when his tirades grow worse, she gathers her two precious little ones and runs.
Making their way to an unknown land, they come to the town of White Rock, which is strangely like the place in the dreams Katie has been having. They are welcomed into the cottage of a kindly grandmother who takes in borders.
When Danny, the older woman’s grandson, comes home, he finds surprises in store: a crisis, a beautiful young woman, and her adorable children who bring laughter and life into all their weary souls.
Katie is filled with hope when an unexpected romance sparks but there is a vindictive raven-haired beauty and an old enemy conspiring to put it out—permanently.
Will God give Katie rest as she and the family pray for their enemies?
Can she stand strong in her faith when fear overwhelms her?

About the Author                      

Sandy Faye Mauck writes Historical Romance in the light of the gospel and with the heart of her Savior.
Slip into a comfy chair with a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and travel back to the first years after the turn of the century.
Enjoy faithful Christian characters who have come through a spiritual wilderness into a place of hope. Stories of charming romance sprinkled with humor and topped with redemption. And be sure not to put the cup too close to the edge of the table because there are enemies lurking about.
Sandy lives in her own happily-ever-after with her Bible doctrine writer husband in the west they love. They have five children and nine grandchildren. She enjoys crocheting (a different kind of yarn) and is also a professional artist.

Guest Post from Sandy Faye Mauck

Hi everyone! Sandy Faye Mauck here! Today I launch my book on Celebrate Lit!
They say to write the book that is missing from your bookshelf. So I did. I wrote a story that brought the purity of a Christian romance with a touch of humor and endearing characters who live what they believe, with real enemies and redemptive grace.
More Than She Dreamt is set at the time just after the turn of the century. Probably my favorite time travel place if I had to choose because of the interesting changes and the lovely clothing and yet there was indoor plumbing, and lights, LOL!
My greatest writing inspiration (other than my Lord), was my favorite author, Grace Livingston Hill. She could tell a story, make you feel you were there in every sense. Grace could bring romance, excitement, and enemies and then touch your heart with a truth of God’s word that would penetrate your heart. I hope to do this as I write my heart and I add humor because that is who I am.
I hope you enjoy this Celebrate Lit Blog Tour and the special personal giveaway at the end!

My Review:
 "More Than She Dreamt"by Sandy Mauck is a fantastic book!  The fact that this book is a debut novel is really hard to believe. I mean if her first novel was this great, what are her other books going to be like, I can only image.  I also really like the cover for this novel. This was one book that I had a hard time finishing, wait it isn't for the reason you think, it is because Life kept interrupting my reading time, such as phone calls and I was babysitting but I picked up this book every spare moment I had and another reason I had a hard time finishing this book was because I just knew that when I was finished it, I would want more and I was right, I want more. 

"More than she Dreamt" is a novel that shows that when we put our trust in God, even though in our humanness we think things are going wrong, in the end He makes things right and we are blessed beyond our wildest dreams.

"More Than She Dreamt" is a novel filled with sorrow and hope and redemption.  

Yes, there is a character that as a reader I wanted to reach into the book and literally slap him until he was  my idea of what a man should be especially one that was supposed to take care of others who had no one else.  There is also a woman that doesn't know when to give up till she is literally forced to.

I adored the children in this novel, they made this reader laugh out loud a couple of times.  My favorite character in "More Than She Dreamt" has to be Grandma Gwen because I tend to like stories where grandmas are heroes maybe because my grandma was my hero.  

"More Than She Dreamt is a story of hope but it is also a clean love story. 

I really recommend "More Than She Dreamt" by Sandy Mauck to every reader who wants to  read a book that isn't all about life is good, but one that has real life struggles and the characters have to overcome trials as we real people do.

I was given a copy of "More Than She Dreamt" by Sandy Mauck by the author and Celebrate 

lit for my honest review as part of this book tour.  

I am giving "More Than Dreamt" five stars. 

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To celebrate her tour, Sandy is giving away a charming keepsake box filled with some Rose Arbor themed prizes. Enter here:


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Grace Livingston Hill also! I have quite a few of her books on my bookshelf.

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Wonderful book.

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