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Author Spotlight With Rachel Skatvold and GiveAway

Introducing Author Rachel Skatvold

Rachel Skatvold is a Christian author and stay-at-home mom from the Midwest. She enjoys writing inspirational romance, devotions, encouraging blogs. Rachel has just finished her first series, the Riley Family Legacy Novellas and is now working on the second book in her new Hart Ranch Series. Other than writing, some of her hobbies include singing, reading and camping in the great outdoors with her husband and two young sons.


1.Where did you get your inspiration for your characters? Grandparents, relatives etc… 

Some aspects of my characters’ personalities are inspired by family members or people I admire. For example, the grandfather in my most recent release, Escaping Reality was inspired by my own Grandfather. He wasn’t a fisherman like the character  in the story but reflected his strong faith in God and enjoyment of the simple things in life.

What book do you WANT to write but know you never will?

My nieces have requested that I write a mystery someday, but I’m not sure if I could do that genre any justice, since I’m used to sweet romances. However, you never know what the future could hold!

Do you set a plot or prefer going wherever an idea takes you?

I usually do set a plot and make an outline, but sometimes the characters take over and the plot changes.  In the end I’ve decided that it’s important to make an outline but keep it flexible and not be afraid to go with a good spur of the moment idea.

4.Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?

I love to read! As a busy mom I don’t get as much time to sit down and enjoy a book but when I do get some free time I enjoy historical fiction and sweet Christian romances. Two of my favorite authors are Stephanie Grace Whitson and Karen Kingsbury.

5 Over the years, what would you say has improved significantly in your writing?

I would say my ability to create details in scenes has improved. I hope to make the reader feel they are actually in the story, so this is an area that always has room for improvement.

6 Does a bad review affect your writing?

Bad reviews do sting sometimes, but I try to just look at it as an opportunity to reflect and grow as a writer.

7 How can readers encourage you as an author?

Authors love to hear if someone has loved their books! One of the best things readers can do is leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. Even just a few simple sentences can brighten an author’s day and help other people discover their books.

8 Tell us about your writing style, how is it different from other writers?

I enjoy writing sweet Christian romance with some suspense mixed in. My books often have cliffhangers at the end of chapters that will keep the reader wondering what will happen next.

9  Is writing the only job you have?

No, my main job is being a stay-at-home mom . We are a homeschooling family, so being a mom and a teacher at the same time keeps me pretty busy. Sometimes it is challenging to find time to write. However, God has blessed me with two wonderful little boys to care for and I think it’s the greatest job in the world.

10  Is there any thing else you would like to tell us about Rachel Skatvold?

Yes, thank you for asking! I’m exciting to announce that the sequel to Escaping Reality will be released early next year. Chasing Embers will focus on Logan’s younger sister, Belle. She has always dreamed of taking over the family ranch but will have her world turned upside down when a fire threatens all she holds dear and a past love returns out of the blue. Readers can find out more about the Hart Ranch Series on my website listed below.

Her Latest Book: 

Fame gave her a reason to hide. Can anyone unlock her guarded heart?

Reality star ADDISON LEWIS had the perfect life in LA. Or so she thought. After her fiancĂ© betrays her she’s left with one option. Escape. But is anywhere safe from the relentless paparazzi?

LOGAN HART is caught off guard when a mysterious young woman becomes stranded at his family’s ranch. Past heartbreak makes him reluctant to let anyone close, but the city girl’s amusing antics draw them together.

While two lonely hearts collide and secrets loom on the horizon, could God be orchestrating something miraculous behind the scenes?

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