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Spotlighting Alicia G. Ruggieri With 2 Giveaways

Author bio:
Alicia G. Ruggieri is the author of the Depression-era A Time of Grace series, as well as the Arthurian-based novel The House of Mercy. A native Rhode-Islander, she and her husband make their home now in the Midwest. She savors a good cannoli, a refreshing hymn-sing, and thick, old books. Come over and chat at:

What started you on your writing journey?
Reading with my mom from a very young age really birthed a love of stories and words in my heart. I’m so thankful for the many hours she spent reading good books to my sisters and me – everything from Homer Price to Eloise to The Little Mouse, the Red, Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear. As I grew up, stories sprouted in my mind, and writing came naturally from that.

Where is your favorite place to write?
My favorite place would have to be a local coffeeshop about twenty minutes from my house. However, that is by far not my most productive place to write – I get sidetracked from my work by all the interesting conversations around me ☺ - so I have to save that place as a special treat for once-in-awhile. Usually, I write at my desk – boring, but more productive! Haha!

Favorite books?
This is so difficult to answer because there are really wonderful authors in so many genres, and I like a lot of genres! But, for fiction, I’d include: Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis, Sir Gibbie and its sequel Donal Grant by George MacDonald, A Voice in the Wind and An Echo in the Darkness by Francine Rivers, North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, Daniel Deronda by George Eliot… To be honest, there are so many good ones, it’s hard to pick just a few!

What keeps you motivated as a writer to persevere?
When I get discouraged in my writing, it is usually because I have my eyes on the wrong thing, rather than on Jesus Christ and furthering the Gospel. The Gospel is why I write – to encourage fellow believers to stick to the path of their faith and to point non-believers toward Jesus Christ. I have to remind myself that I write for the King of Kings only, ultimately, and if I plod away faithfully at the task He has set before me, He is pleased and that’s all that matters in the end, when all else fades away.

You write mainly historical fiction. What kind of roadblocks have you encountered in your research?
I like this question because I recently came across such a “roadblock.” In my research for the current novel I’m working on (more about that below), one of the characters – who is a real, historical person – is given a couple of different birthdates by different sources. After looking through many different sources and finding that some disagreed with each other, I decided to go with the primary document in the case: the Family Bible account. In my historical note at the end of the book, I will mention this. So that’s one example of how I try to handle roadblocks.

What are the “stages” of your writing?
Often I have an idea that I kind of chew on for a long while – sometimes for years. I’ll write down little snippets or notes as they come to me, but I mostly just let the story idea rest. As God leads me to, I eventually fit ideas into my writing schedule and give it to Him, continuing to pray that God would work in and through me, that He would direct me as I plan and as I write. Then, before I start a “real” draft, I often will write down all the ideas that I have for the story, as well as anything I know right off the bat that I need to research, and review that. After that, I start plotting/planning, working my way from what is essentially a one-sentence summary of the story to a much longer and more developed plan. I do this almost exclusively with pen-and-paper; using a computer at this point is not as productive for me. Both before and during this stage, I am researching; that continues through the actual writing as well. At last, I begin my real rough draft, which I normally type. Sometimes, a lot will change between the planning/plotting and the finishing of the actual rough draft, but usually the big picture remains the same. After the rough draft is done, I send it off to the wonderful beta readers God has blessed me with, and then there’s revising, editing, and so on before the book can be published.
Of all your characters, which one is most like you?
Oddly enough, the character Jemima Sudbury in my middle-grade series is the most like me, I think: a booklover, fairly bold but not extroverted, fiercely loyal, loves animals. Because she’s so much like me, her character comes very easily for me to write, which is nice! ☺

Do you have a favorite character that you’ve written?
Oh, but wouldn’t it be cruel to all my other characters to choose a favorite? ;-) One of my favorites is Ben Picoletti in the A Time of Grace books. I love how God’s redemption triumphs in this wounded-yet-often-wounding-others young man.
What one thing that most readers don’t know about you?
I was an Irish stepdancer for years and loved it – even though I am not even 1% Irish. ☺ This form of dance is so full of vitality and joy.
Can you give us a glimpse of what you’re currently working on?
I would love to! Right now, I’m finishing up a rewrite for A Holy Passion: A Novel of David Brainerd and Jerusha Edwards. This novel has been in the works for perhaps four years total, from first idea to what it is now, and I can’t wait to share the remarkable story of this 18th-century pioneer missionary and the young woman who cared for him. My hope for it is that folks who have never heard of Brainerd will become as intrigued by his life and the diaries he left behind as I have been – and that they will be inspired to give, as he did, all that this earth had to offer in exchange for heavenly treasure.
                                             Book Spotlight
A Time of Grace: The Complete Series ~ Now as a 3-in-1 box set!

In 1930s Rhode Island, the Picoletti family has never known true hope, joy, or peace. But when God moves a neighbor woman to stretch beyond her own pain in order to help them, remarkable things begin to happen…
In The Fragrance of Geraniums, fifteen-year-old Grace discovers that, in the midst of life’s hardness, God provides amazing mercy and love.
In All Our Empty Places, formerly-abused wife and mother Sarah must find where her true worth and sufficiency come from.
In A Love to Come Home To, rebellious son Ben obtains a father’s love from the man he least expected to show it and realizes that real freedom can only come from forgiveness.
Lyrical and sensitive to the aching heart, A Time of Grace – The Complete Series affirms that God delights in being a stronghold in times of trouble; that He renews His mercy every morning; and that He will work every bitter thing together for the good of His children




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Ben is my favorite character too. There's something endearing about watching the broken become healed.
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