Monday, September 6, 2021

"The Book of PSALMS in Rhyme:" by Brendan Conboy

The Book of PSALMS in Rhyme:

 POWERFUL, POETIC, RHYTHMIC, RHYMING PSALMS... A fresh expression to ignite your soul.

The Psalms are so powerful. They were written to be sung or read out aloud. This rhyming version is a joy to hear and it was such a blessing to work on. My prayer is that it is also a great blessing, to all that read and hear it - Brendan Conboy.

Here Brendan read some of his rhyming version here:

About Brendan Conboy

Brendan is a popular Christian author living in Stroud, England. His first published book, The Golden Thread is his biography and tells how he grew up living in fear, with an alcoholic father. It explains how he became a school bully, then turned the pain inward, harming himself. He bacame a Christian at the age of 26 and God blessed him with the skill of writing (rap songs at first)

Brendan has spent much of his life supporting young people, as a youth worker and a charity developer, but now spends most of his time as a creative. As well as writing, he makes films, is a spoken word artist and a public speaker.

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"The Book of PSALMS in Rhyme:" by Brendan Conboy is a collection of Psalms with a modern day portrayal. I have no trouble reading these poems. Most of the time I don't like poetry because I am someone that really doesn't like symbolic and imaginative words. I want the meaning to be clear from the beginning and these poems are just that. I read the book straight through. I have the ebook copy but am really thinking of getting the print copy and keeping it in my purse for those times when I need a quick reminder that God is with me, I really like Psalms 23 in this book. 

I recommend this book. I think the little illustrations and a few personal testimonies add to the enjoyment of the reading of  this book.  

This book should not take the place of the Bible, just use this book as a helper to understand the Psalms better

I received a complimentary copy from the author and these opinions are my own.

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Brendan Conboy said...

Thank you Debbie, for your wonderful comments. I am so pleased that you enjoyed it. I also keep referring to it, but then I do love the Psalms.