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"The Christmas Victory" by James M. Becher


Powerful inspirational American Historical fiction novel: 

historical fiction or Alternative history?:

Aside from both being authors, what do the lives of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Mark Twain have in common? The answer: Both of their lives contained terrible tragedies from which they eventually found real hope and spiritual meaning—at least in this novel. Get it to see how.  

This book is about one little sermon called “The Christmas Victory,” and one, even littler poem, called “Christmas Bells,” and how, fictionally, they both may have influenced and given hope to, not only the author of the poem, Henry W. Longfellow, but also his son, Charles, and Mark Twain, whom Charles meets. 

Though suffering tragic losses, these all eventually find hope and spiritual fulfillment==at least in this novel. Download your copy now to see how.(Click "Buy now with 1Click" at the right)  

This book can serve as a means of encouragement and hope to those who may have suffered loses as well as all of us, who may do so at any time in the future.

About the Author
Reader’s favorite award winner James M. Becher writes to help readers find true fulfilment through faith... Born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he was an avid reader in his youth, especially interested in other time periods. In Jr. College, he won second prize in a contest with the Biblical short story, Beggarman-Thief.

A graduate of Clearwater Christian College, and Biblical School of Theology, James was ordained in 1974, and served as assistant or associate pastor or Bible teacher in several churches. He also served in a foreign student ministry, which is where

he met his wife, Berenice from Venezuela. It was there also that he began working on the Biblical novel Of Such Is The Kingdom, based on his prize winning short story, Beggarman-Thief and dealing with some unique seekers who might have lived in the time of Jesus.

In 1984, James and his wife spent a year and a half in Venezuela, where, while

teaching English, he also worked on his second novel, Impossible Journey, a time

travel novel, using different historical periods to point to truth. Upon

returning to the U.S., he completed his Biblical novel, Of Such Is The Kingdom.

It was published in 2003. He then completed Impossible Journey and it was

published in 2005. In 2010, he revised and expanded Of Such Is The Kingdom,

adding a Part III about the early Church.

James has also published, written articles for and edited the bi-weekly ezine,

"Inspirational Success Tips." His articles from the ezine now form the major

part of his self-help book, Principles of the Kingdom.

In November of 2012, he preached his unique "Christmas Victory" message, which resulted

in the writing of his latest novel, The Christmas Victory, A Gem of A Sermon,

All Wrapped Up in a Historical Novel. which was published in 2014. In 2018,

James updated all his books, re-doing the cover of Impossible Journey to reflect

the content, publishing 4 editions of Of Such Is The Kingdom, and adding a

special full-color Christmas Gift Edition pf The Christmas Victory. Then, in

2020, he re-published Of Such Is The Kingdom through WestBow Press, revising it

again, with fact-checking for historical accuracy. And in September of 2020, it

won finalist in the Reader’s Favorite awards.

Visit James online at James M. Becher (author) on AuthorsDen and connect with

him on Facebook ( and Twitter


"The Christmas Victory" by James M. Becher is a inspiring read! The book is about a sermon that is preached at Christmas and also about the poem that became the Christmas song "I heard The Bells On Christmas Day" It is also about lost. This book's setting is Christmas but I believe that a reader would enjoy this book at any time of the year! 

I love that history and fiction is woven together to make the reader believe that the events happened in just the way that it is written. 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Mark Twain are just two of the characters in this story. 

I encouraged all readers who likes inspiring and or Christmas reads to read this book and be touched by the wonder that is Christmas again!

I received a complimentary copy from the author and these opinions are my own. 

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