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“Forgiveness:A Surprisingly Way Forward ‘ by Michael Snuffer @ Mark Henderson. Epic Book Launch

 Forgiveness: A Surprising Way Forward Epic Book Launch


About the Author

Book: Forgiveness: A Surprising Way Forward

Authors: Mark Henderson and Michael Snuffer

Genre: Non-fiction; Interpersonal Relations; Religion

Release date: April 13, 2023

WHY AM I SO MISUNDERSTOOD? I am only trying to do what is right! Of course, I forgive, but I can’t seem to get past the pain. God seems distant. Does he even care about me?

Do any of these questions hit close to home? It may surprise you that the underlying cause is often hidden unforgiveness. Our closest relationships, emotional health, and perhaps even our faith seem to be crumbling around us, but most of us have no idea that forgiveness is the way forward. If we are honest, we don’t even know what forgiveness is. We may have a vague idea that it has something to do with “forgetting” or “letting go” but would be hard-pressed to come up with a working definition. Worse yet, we have no idea how to practice forgiveness in a way that brings lasting relief from the hurt we carry. Most of us are not trying to hang on to the pain, but freedom is elusive.

Freedom from your pain is within reach! Forgiveness is not a vague, esoteric concept, nor is it a lofty, out-of-reach ideal. Forgiveness: A Surprising Way Forward digs into the biblical definition of forgiveness, tells real stories of real people who have found healing, clears up some huge misconceptions surrounding forgiveness, and teaches us how topracticeforgiveness. If we do not address the wounds of our past, they will shape our future. God has provided a powerful tool to help us find freedom—forgiveness is the surprising way forward!

Book Excerpt

Peeling Back the Onion

On a lot of levels, the spiritual application of this story is obvious. The king represents

God. The servant represents each of us. We are all sinners, right? In fact, each of us has

piled up a lifetime of sins. God’s justice demands payback for these sins. Ultimately, we

have sinned against God, and we are hopelessly in debt to him.

Jesus sacrifice on the cross makes it possible for this debt to be paid. We could never

hope to repay what we owe in twenty lifetimes of good works. Jesus paid for all our debts

on the cross. So, when we ask Jesus for forgiveness, we are forgiven. Like the servant,

God has forgiven a debt we could never hope to repay on our own!

This message Jesus shares with us makes sense. He wants us to forgive others because

God has forgiven us. We ought to forgive others. We understand. It is a good lesson.

But wait, immediately after telling the disciples how this unforgiving servant “was

handed over to the jailers to be tortured,” Jesus made a pretty intense statement



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About the Authors

Mark Henderson received a Masters of Pastoral Counseling, was a licensed counselor, and served as a pastor of counseling for twenty years.

In Memory of Mark Henderson

Mark David Henderson, co-author of this book, passed away from cancer as this book was being finalized. Mark was a loving husband, father, and friend. He touched lives all over the world through his counseling ministry and often said he had a front row seat to God’s miracles. He always made sure the individual knew it was God’s healing, and Mark was simply the servant. His desire was to take what he learned and share it with others, which is the reason for this book.

Michael Snuffer has ministered as a counselor for more than ten years. Mark and Mike founded Equip2CounselTM, a ministry dedicated to providing simple yet powerful counseling tools globally to ministers.

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