Friday, June 9, 2023

Love's True Calling Epic Book Launch


About the Author

Book: Love’s True Calling

Authors: Lori DeJong

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance

Release date: June 27, 2023

After years of jumping through other people’s hoops to be all they thought she should be, and enduring a tragedy no mother should, self-described “newbie” Christian, Harper Townsend, has finally found her true calling … and her true love. Until it appears that to follow one may mean leaving the other behind.


Adolescent Psychologist, Wyatt McCowan, is beyond delighted to have the-girl-that-got-away back in his life, and his heart. But even as they fall more in love, he realizes that being obedient to God’s calling on each of their lives may pull them apart. She rejected him once in favor of another, which left him hurt and angry. But this time, he can’t fault her for following hard after the God she loves with all her heart, even if it means leaving him once again.WillRyan return to his faith and stay with her in Sweetheart or leave when the election ends?


Book Excerpt

“I’m Dr. Wyatt McCowan, Adolescent Psychologistand adjunct professor. I was Dr. Vance’s assistant while getting my doctorate here at DHU. Dr. Vance’s husband was involved in a serious car accident early this morning, so she asked me to step in for the time being. He’s in surgery now, and there will probably be a period of rehabilitation. So, while you’re stuck with me for the foreseeable future, it looks very likely you’ll finish your semester with Dr. Vance, as I know you would all prefer.”“Not all of us,” Shannon said under her breath, throwing a grin and a wink at Harper.Harper tried to smile, but her nerves practically hummed with tension, like static along an electric cable. Looked like he could be their instructor for a while. She could drop the class, but her parents would think she’d lost her mind. There was no guarantee she’d get another spot next semester since this class was capped at thirty students. One of the perks of attending a small, private college, although she would probably be paying off student loans the next ten years.Her parents’ initial disappointment in her decision to attend a conservative Christian university, instead of the larger and more liberal state school where her college education had begun, waned a bit when she scored this coveted spot with Dr. Vance.


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About the Author

Lori enjoys writing stories full of grace and the redemptive power of God’s love that inspire hope, joy, laughter, and perhaps even touch a soul or two to get to know Him better. She resides in Georgetown, Texas, with her husband and two fur-babies and is the mother of one grown daughter. Love’s True Calling is the 2022 winner of the ACFW Genesis Award for Romance.

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