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"The Imposter" by Suzanne Woods Foster Book Tour and Kindle Fire Give Away

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A heart once deceived should not be easily fooled again . . .
Katrina Stoltzfus thought she had life and love all figured out: she was going to marry John and live happily ever after. But as her plans crumble before her eyes, she struggles to face an uncertain future. When a widow asks for help starting a new business, Katrina quickly agrees. She needs time to heal her broken heart, to untangle her messy life, to find a purpose.
What she doesn’t need is attention from Andy Miller, a farmhand who arrives at the widow’s farm just when help is most needed–and who always seems to say the right thing and be in the right place, at the right time. Is Andy for real or too good to be true? She’s been deceived once before, and she isn’t planning on experiencing it again.
Suzanne Woods Fisher is an award-winning, bestselling author whose most recent novels include Anna’s Crossing and The Inn at Eagle Hill series, as well as nonfiction books about the Amish, including Amish Peace and The Heart of the Amish. She lives in California. Learn more at and follow Suzanne on Twitter @suzannewfisher.

Guest  Post from Suzanne Woods Fisher
If you think you have a pretty clear idea of what an Amish bishop is like—stern, authoritative, patriarchal?—have another think. David Stoltzfus in The Imposter is warm, kindhearted, a reluctant farmer, and quite attractive!
Sound like an unlikely character for an Amish novel? Maybe so, but David Stoltzfus is modeled after a bishop I met, years ago. This real-life bishop might be the most intelligent, thoughtful, spiritually sensitive, and well-read man I’ve ever met. We spent a morning talking Bonhoeffer in his Spartan living room, warmed by his woodstove.
I wanted to present the character of a bishop that best represented this man I’d grown to admire. So when it was time to create a proposal for a new series, I suggested ‘The Bishop’s Family,’ starring David Stoltzfus who was loosely based on this particular bishop.
Very loosely.
David Stoltzfus is a handsome, widowed father of six who runs a local bulk food store. His children are surprisingly nonconforming, outspoken, and fiercely protective of their clan. The real-life bishop is a farmer, happily married with four independently minded children, and looks…well, to be candid, he looks a little like Benjamin Franklin.
But here’s what they have in common: they both love to read, they love their families, and they love the work God has given them of tending a flock.
The Imposter begins as David Stoltzfus moves his family to Stoney Ridge for a fresh start, a new beginning. Things don’t start off well: his eldest daughter, Katrina, faces a crushing disappointment, his prodigal son Jesse has a bent for troublemaking, and then David realizes something fishy is going on in the little church.
A new life awaits the Stoltzfus family, but not the one they expected. Or wanted. But they are needed in Stoney Ridge, each one of them. Even Jesse. J
I hope you’ll feel as though you’ve made some new friends as you get to know David and his children. One thing I can promise: this bishop’s family will surprise you.
Happy Reading!
Warmly, Suzanne

My Review: 
My first thought after reading "The Imposter" is I am never going to be able to write a review that is going to really say what I think about this book so I will just say "It is wunderbaar," which means wonderful in Amish terms. 
"The Imposter" by Suzanne Woods Fisher is the first book of the series ( The Bishop's Family ). I cannot wait to read the second book "The Quieting". There is an excerpt from "The Quieting" at the end of "The Imposter" but no I didn't read this excerpt because it would make the waiting so much more harder. 

"The Imposter" is an Amish novel but I believed any reader of Christian fiction would enjoy it and learn new insights on the Christian life or at the very least hear truths they might have forgotten. That is why I read and I imagined that is why most readers read as well as to be entertained. 

"The Imposter"is a novel filled with most things that aren't in the average Amish novel, though that is changing along with everything else in the world but God's love, like a pregnancy out of wedlock and gambling and betrayal. All these things make the novel believable.If you read the "Stoney Ridge Seasons " series by Suzanne Woods Fisher you will recognize some of the characters from that series in "The Imposter" but you didn't have to nor do you need to read that series to get the full story from "The Imposter" as '" The Bishop's Family" series is a completely new series, it just takes place in Stoney Ridge.

Here are a few quotes that are from the book 1."But love can't find a way when hate has a hold on your heart." 2. "One thing I've learned in life, we're all just a few choices away from becoming just about any kind of person. Good or bad."  
3 . "But I've learned that there's far more to the Christian life than getting it right. There's living it right. Living it means working through the ordinary stuff." 4. "Why is it that here, coming to church,is where I feel such shame?" "Maybe that's what's supposed to happen," Andy said thoughtfully. "A few weeks ago your father said that part of coming to worship is to bring our shame to the altar." 

I hope I have persuaded you to read "The Imposter" by Suzanne Woods Fisher and if you aren't already a fan of Amish genre, this book just might turn that around! Suzanne Woods Fisher is a great author to try if you are looking for a new to you author and what is a better way to try a new author than with a new series.

I am giving "The Imposter" five star (I am sure you already knew that right).

I was given a copy of the book by Celebrate Lit and the author for an honest review. I was not required to give a favorable review, these opinions are mine
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  1. Hi Debbie! Thank you so much for your review for "Imposter"--I can't tell you enough how much I appreciated your comments about reading it even if you aren't an Amish fiction fan. Oh...that meant so much! SO much! Grateful to be a part of your blog, Debbie. Warmly, Suzanne