Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Hidden Mercies" by Serena B. Miller

"Hidden Mercies" by Serena B. Miller gets 5 stars from me."Hidden Mercies" by Serena B. Miller. This is a book that has a lot of issues covered in 348 pages, and I didn't found a single page boring. This novel kept me turning the pages to see what was going to happen and I wanted something to happen and I can hear the ones reading this review right now asking "Did it happen like you want it to?", yes it did but not in the way or as soon as I wanted it too. It took an unexpected twist to turn out like I wanted but it was that twist that made the outcome so much better.
    When Tobias Miller was 17 he smashed his cousin's car into a tree killing his brother, only four hours before his brother was to be married. Tobias rans away and leaves his Amish life behind and joins the Marine. Twenty seven years later Tobias (now Tom) returns to make amends. This story is about shame and homecoming and forgiveness and unconditional love.  This story covers issues such as marital troubles, a teenage girl sneaking out at night and getting into something that is frightening that turns her life around, and some much more.  One of the issues covered in this novel surrounding a bishop's daughter had me crying! The issues in this story are real life issues even through the book is fiction!
   I can honestly say that I believe this is the best Amish novel that I have read, even through I have liked and still like all my favorite writers, I think this story will stay with me for a long time. If you take the time to read this book I believe you will agreed with me!
   This book is the second Amish book Serena has written for Howard Books. Her first book "An Uncommon Grace" is on my To Be List.  She is also planning a third book "Fearless Hope".