Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"A Tendering In the Storm" by Jane Kirkpatrick

"A Tendering In the Storm" by Jane Kirkpatrick gets 4 stars from me!  I gave it 4 stars because parts of it was slow reading but enjoyed the book. These books are based on a true story.

"A Tending in the Storm" is the second book in the Change and Cherish Historical series. My review for "A Clearing in the Wild is on a different post (May 9, 2013). " A Tending in the Storm" picks up where the first book leaves off.

This book is written in both Emma and Louisa (wife of the colony's leader) point of view.

Emma is a strong willed woman and has dreams of having her own home.

Emma is left a widow after Christian's drowning accident. She then discovers she is pregnant with her third child. She tries to hold the family together. It is hard for her , remember they are apart of a colony that Emma doesn't want to be a part of it.  And she blames the colony life for Christian's death.

Emma's makes a choice to marry Christian's cousin Jack to keep her son Andy. But she soon learns that  was not a wise choice. Emma has to face many challenges in this book, such as illness of both her son and herself. Her new husband is a mean guy.

 Emma is forced to make another choice that she doesn't like to protect her 4 children. Yes she has a child by Jack.

I was surprised by the people who helped her escape Jack's.

Her choice is to go back to the colony, but she learns that maybe it wasn't always like she thought it was.

Emma's story is continued in "A Mending at the Edge"

I see Louisa as a different sort of person since reading her words, than I did in the first book. I had her pictured as a cranky person but she really did what she did because she believed in her husband and tried to help to help the colony.

I am going to start reading "A Mending at the Edge" and see what happens to Emma's and her children.

I hope to learn that her oldest son Andy fulfills his dreams and becomes a doctor. I also hope that Emma sees her parents again. These are dreams that are mention in this book but not fulfilled yet.  So I will close this review so I can read the third book and found the answers to my questions!


  1. Fantastic review Debbie!

    Judy B

  2. Debbie,

    I so appreciate your faithful commitment to review faith stories. You always lift up and encourage. I was blessed to read your thoughtful comments for Jane Kirkpatrick's "A Tendering In the Storm" and will mention the book to readers who enjoy a series of books.