Wednesday, November 6, 2013

"A Christmas Gift For Rose" by Tricia Goyer"

"A Christmas Gift For Rose" by Tricia Goyer" gets 5 stars from me!

This book is more than a simple Amish Christmas story. It is an Amish story and A Christmas novel but so much more it is a story about life and the power of love.

  I read this book because it was the book for an online book discussions in two Facebook groups. I was surprised that it was so inspiring to me! I read  most of this book in one setting!  I learned lessons that I am going to try to remember in my own life. Things such as faith and trust and belief in yourself and the ones you love is so much more important than what your community or others are telling you! Another lesson from this book is not everything that seems bad is (Rose learns that and realizes that she has the best of two worlds).

It is war time and Rose's boyfriend Jonathan has enlisted to help the English.  Rose struggles with feelings that something isn't right about herself.

She has decided to ignore her feelings for Jonathan and listen to the community and their distrust of him.

But then Rose learns a secret about herself and learns that God is the one we should listen to and things aren't always the way they appear to be.

This is a story of love and trust. This story makes the reader believe in the power of pure love for one another.

I highly reccommend this book to everyone, whether a fan of Amish fiction or not, because I don't think the basic for the story line is really Amish but one of love. Yes, I keep pointing out the love in this book because it the love that is in plain throughout this book.

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