Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Redeeming Grace" by George McVey

" Redeeming Grace " By  George McVey is another 5 star book.

"Redeeming Grace"  is the third book in the Redemption Tales by George McVey and I have enjoyed all three and looking forward to the next one in the series! 

Nathan Ryder in a sermon tells the congregation "  Are you aware that God has the right to change our lives without us complaining about it! I am; it's why I continue to wear this badge and to preach the Gospel. Yes, Nathan Ryder is an unusual preacher, one that carries guns and shots his mark every time but he is also a preacher who shows mercy and follows God.

In this book Nathan and Timothy are still hunting for Diamond Dale but a new outlaw comes to town and makes more trouble for Nathan. As if that isn't enough trouble for Nathan, his own father is adding to the trouble and has a secret he isn't telling to Nathan. There is also a lady from Grace's past who stirs up trouble and  Nathan is force to make a choice!  Did he make the right one, only time will tell.

I was surprised at some of the twists this story took but I am can't say I am really disappointed with the ending, it just took me by surprise, and left me with questions. Which is the reason I think I like this series and want to read the next one because it is like a cliff hanger in the movies, we cannot help but want to see what happens next! All the books in this series are like that!

I think everyone should read this series even if they don't like Christian fiction and/or westerns. Anyone that like Christian fiction and/or westerns would enjoy reading Nathan's story.
You should give yourself a treat and escape into the West for a while.

I was given a pdf file  by the author for my honest review!

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