Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"The Christmas Wish" by Susan J.Reinhardt

“The Christmas Wish” by Susan J.Reinhardt is a five star book.
    This book starts up where “The Moses Conspiracy” leaves off. This book is about Freddie, the little boy that we met that lives in The Shelter.  The characters from “The Moses Conspiracy are all back and more trouble is brewing for the little town of Bird-in-Hand, PA.
  Striker is back in town and wants to get revenge on the ones that spoiled his plans last time. Meanwhile Freddie is being bullied and Norma, his mother, is challenged by the shelter’s 
Director to accept the fact that her husband and Tommy’s father isn’t coming back like he promised.
 There is also “Frenchy” who wants Norma to be his woman. Does she give up on Tommy and accept his offer.
Freddie has one wish on his Christmas list, He wants his daddy home!
Once again John Zimmerman comes to the rescue and tries to find Tommy. Does he find him and in time for Freddie’s wish or as Ellie points out prayers are better. 
Will we found out who Striker is and why he wants to cause all this trouble. 
I really recommend reading these stories in order. “The Christmas Wish” is a great story but since I have read “The Moses Conspiracy” it makes it a little easier to follow. If you want to read my review for “The Moses Conspiracy” go here 
Just remember the giveaway has already taken placed. 
I was given a pdf file of “ The Moses Conspiracy” and a pdf file for the next book “The scent of Fear”. So when I seen this was book was part of the series, I had to get it.

Yes it is a Christmas story and I loved all the surprises in it. This story has all the basis ingredients that a good Christmas story has, love, faith, forgiveness and it has one more ingredient that isn’t usually in a Christmas story, Terror!

I think anyone who likes Christmas and or mysteries/terror stories would like these.


Karen Lange said...

I think that The Christmas Wish is a great read for any time of year! :) Congrats to Susan!

Unknown said...
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Diane Estrella said...

I haven't read this one yet. Thanks for your thoughts and the great review. :)