Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"BEYOND THE ATTIC DOOR" by Tracy Del Campo

Book Description

 June 13, 2014
The year is 1925, and the nation is at odds as the “trial of the century” approaches. Mr. John Scopes, a schoolteacher, has been arrested for teaching evolution. Creationists and evolutionists are debating the existence of God and the authority of the Bible. Many believe religion may be doomed.

Meanwhile, eleven-year-old Lulu and her seven-year-old brother, Buddy, are visiting their grandmother in the Missouri countryside. On a dark and stormy night, they sneak into the attic workshop of their uncle, a brilliant scientist and inventor, and suddenly find themselves on a harrowing journey through time.
Join Lulu and Buddy on this incredible adventure filled with history, humor, and hair-raising excitement, as they discover the meaning of faith: Beyond the Attic Door. 
My Review: 
"BEYOND THE ATTIC DOOR" by Tracy Del Campo is a short book , only 87 pages but it kept this reader's interest  from the first page.

  Tracy del Campo uses Biblical History and actual history to write an adventure about proving that God actually does exist.

  Lula and Buddy along with their uncle and father are transported to the time of Noah and the ark.

 Their adventure kept me turning the pages because I just had to know what happened next.

The only thing I didn't like about this book was it was too short but that is because it was written for all ages, I think my granddaughter who is ten would love this story and I am giving her my copy to read!

This story was written well and easily read and it is like a chapter book. 

This isn't part of a series yet but Tracy Del Campo told me that she is currently contemplating writing a sequel, which I would certainly want to read as I can picture lots of adventures that Lula and Buddy could have with Biblical stories!

I encourage parents to get"BEYOND THE ATTIC DOOR" by Tracy Del Campo for their children and read it together and use it to discuss Biblical Truths.

I was given a copy of the book for an honest review by the author. I am given"BEYOND THE ATTIC DOOR" by Tracy Del Campo five stars!

Really hoping there are more books about Lula and Buddy and their adventures!

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