Thursday, January 29, 2015

"George's Shorts: 15 Short stories" by George H.McVey

Book Description:  

Most if not all writers get caught up in writing short stories. 
They are a great way to hone the craft of writing. George McVey is no 
exception, when he isn’t writing westerns or fantasy Novels, or putting 
the words of a spiritual warfare booklet on the page, 
he often gets involved in a quick short story challenge or 
flash fiction contest. They are at times a welcome break. 

This booklet hold’s fifteen of George’s short stories and flash fiction entries. 
They range in genre from Christian Life to a couple of spooky thrillers. Some 
are very Christ centered some are just funny little ideas that made the page. 
A few have been featured on George’s short story blog “George’s Shorts” and a 
few have not. Even those that were on the blog have been spruced up a little or 
added to a lot. 

So if you’re looking for a little light reading snack grab George’s Shorts (just 
ignore his screams). No matter what kind of tale your looking for he’s got one 
just for you. 
Want to know the truth about cats and dogs? Try “That little bit of fluff.” 
Wonder what would happen if ninja’s had repulsive technology? 
Then “Repulsed” is the story for you. 
Need to challenge your walk with Christ? Try “The Christian Experiment.” 
Honestly George is a BIG guy there’s plenty in those shorts for everyone! 

My Review:
The very first book that I read of George H. McVey was a Western, and before reading that book,  I was always like I don't like Westerns and I am not going to read them. Well after reading his book my mind was changed. I am not sure if I would like other westerns but I definitely like his Westerns.

I said all that in the first paragraph to say this,"Well George H. McVey has once again made me rethink my preferences and and dislikes with the stories in his book "George's Shorts: 15 Short stories". This book has Sc-ifi and Fantasy and Romance and Christmas stories. Though I liked some of the sci-fi stories in this book, I am going to have to say Sci-fi isn't my favorite, but at least I might be able to tolerate it a little more!

Some of these stories have a little bit of George's real life in the stories and I have to say that some of these stories have me a little disappointed that they ended so soon. I know they are short stories but when I was reading them, I forgot that fact. 

My favorite stories in the book  are "Sowing and Reaping" and " The Christian Experiment" which are stories about Christian Life.

Remember the story of Johnny Appleseed, well you just got to read how he became Johnny Appleseed. I promise you haven't heard it told like this.

And to be quite honest there was one that I didn't like at once because it was about terrorist but it was not scary or anything, it was just to close to reality and I want to escape when I read.

But I recommend this book for just 99 cents to anyone that wants to see what these different genres are and you might just end up saying "I think my mind is changing it thoughts on these genres". Yes I have to be honest and say Christian and Christian romance and True Amish genres are still my favorite but Variety is the Spice Of Life.

I am giving "George's Shorts: 15 Short Stories by  George H. McVey five stars!  He kept my interest in Sci-fi.

I was given a copy for a honest review.

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