Friday, September 11, 2015

"Recovered Essence:: How Toxic Relationships Impact Your Inner Child" by Christine A Wilson

Book Descriptions: Love provides the soul with security and guides our humanity. Our relationships, families and the world suffer when we lack the proper foundation on which our lives were to be built. The mind has its own way of doing things when its foundation was not built on the love our essence was created for. In this book, Christine's story reveals how some of us lose the connection with our true identity when early scars created a different map to survive. Our own unfinished business leads us to painful relationships in the search for love to revive the underdeveloped essence. No person plans to enter a toxic relationship but things have a way of coming to the surface for a good reason-to fully heal us. After wrestling most of her life with mistaken value, Christine allows her surrendered will to be led by the Shepherd of her soul, leading to divine connections on her journey to freedom within her essence. Alongside her story, Christine provides essential insights and truths which coach and teach us the process of renewing our minds. The goal: To recover our essence by the power of love from the One who created it.

Author Bio:
Christine A. Wilson is a Certified Life Coach, writer, speaker and co-owner with her husband at Wilson Wellness Counseling, Coaching and Consulting. She was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and presently lives in beautiful Boyne City Michigan. She is the author of Recovered Essence: How Toxic Relationships Impact Your Inner Child. She has certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence and is the founder of the Recovered Essence Program©.

Christine enjoys connecting with people, willing to be raw and real. Her own struggles, insights and victories are what inspired her to write her own story to let others who are in similar situations know they are not alone. While writing Recovered Essence: How Toxic Relationships Impact Your Inner Child, her passion grew to see others realize their value to God and others. She wanted to provide a system to guide people to self-acceptance, clarity and true freedom. The Recovered Essence Program will be an excellent add-on to help people to understand where they are in the process of recovering their true essence and bring them to a place of true peace, love and power. Her heart-centered and passionate approach helps others to see their own story become a meaningful page turner.

In her spare time, she loves boating, motorcycling and biking with her husband and their blended family of six adult children and ten grandchildren whenever possible.

To learn more about Christine and her writing, drop by her website.
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Recovered Essence: How Toxic Relationships Impact Your Inner Child can be purchased on Amazon in Paperback or Kindle version. 

My Review: "Recovered Essence: How Toxic Relationships Impact Your Inner Child" by Christine A Wilson is a book that has good points to remember on forgiveness and unforgiveness and how that void in your heart isn't filled until you let the One that created us fill it with His love and purpose.  To be honest, this book isn't what I expected it to be but after reading it, I can say even though I have a problem getting into it at first, I found the book to be helpful and I believe it could be helpful to someone in a toxic relationship, which I think if we are honest with ourselves, we all have at least one relationship, be it a friend, parent, or other relation, that is toxic to our soul!

I did find this book to be a little more text book style than I like to read but again if you applied the principles and ideas presented in this book,  you will learn to not need the toxic relationships to make you feel worthy of love.

The author explains how our past leads us into these toxic relationships and how these scars if not dealt with causes us to choose unhealthy ways to survive which then leads into more scars to deal with.

The author shares her own personal story which I think is good as it shows, she knows the things she is sharing and writing about works!

I am giving"Recovered Essence:: How Toxic Relationships Impact Your Inner Child" by Christine A Wilson four stars!

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