Wednesday, June 7, 2017

"In His Eyes" By Stephanie H. McGee Review and An Interview!

Book Info: Her heart sought shelter. Her soul found home. 

Ella Whitaker rescues a newborn from the dying arms of a woman of ill repute and at long last she has someone to love. In need of a wet nurse, she arrives at Belmont Plantation just as Federal soldiers demand to speak to the owner. Thinking quickly, Ella masquerades as a Yankee officer's widow in order to have a roof over her head and a home for the child.

Major Westley Remington has dedicated his life to serving his country. The Civil War has divided his family, torn his thoughts of glory, and left him with a wound that may never heal. Westley returns home on medical furlough to settle his father’s estate at Belmont Plantation, only to find his home is being run by a fiery and independent woman—one many believe to be his wife. Now he is faced with a conflict he’s never been trained to fight, and one she has yet to conquer.

My Review: 
"In His Eyes" by Stephanie H. McGee is a book filled with twists, not really suspenseful but with a hint of mystery. 

I was drawn into this story from the first page to the very end. I even wanted more of the story after it ended.

This story is about Ella finding out that God was there with her in the hard times, and that she was worthy and was always loved by God.

This story is a love story among unusual circumstances. 

I recommend this story for anyone that likes stories based on history without a lot of history facts being part of the story and love stories and Christian fiction. 

This book also proves that a mother's love is just as strong whether you gave birth to the child or the role of motherhood just fell into your hands.

I am giving "In His Eyes" By Stephanie H. McGee five stars. 

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and these opinions are my own.

Author Bio: 
Stephenia McGee is a wife, mother of two very active little boys, author, and lover of all things historical. Stephenia currently lives in Mississippi with her husband and sons where she writes stories of faith, redemption and life steeped in southern culture.

1 How did you come up with the story line for "In His Eyes" ?
At one of the classes I attended during the ACFW conference last year the teacher handed out notebooks. And I think this is super cool—he prayed diligently over them and God led him to write a from God note in each one. He prayed over them again and then handed them out to the attendees—each with their own note from God. The way people reacted and how each note really meant something to the one who received it was amazing to watch. Mine said, “Use your stories to give others a glimpse of the not yet. This is a season where we will go into new lands and dream new dreams.”

Not too long before that, I had a dream where the colors were unreal and the place was stunning. I must have reread that note a hundred times, it so stirred me. A couple of months later as I began to pray over the next book I wanted to write, those words came back to me, as did my dream of that place of color and light. I didn’t do the things Ella does during her dreams in the book, but the place I saw in my own dream really stuck with me and inspired the story.

When did you know you wanted to be an author and who is your greatest supporter?
I actually went to school to become a veterinarian. On our trips home from college, I would tell my husband about my story ideas. One day, he stopped at a gas station, bought me a notebook, and told me to start writing things down. A couple of years later I went to my first writer’s conference and that’s when I knew I didn’t want to do anything else. My husband was and still is my greatest supporter. If it wasn’t for him, I never would have become an author. He never let me give up on my dream, even when it seemed too hard.

3 Where do you do most of your writing and why?
I do the majority of my writing in my home office because since I write full time, that is “officially” where I go to my job. Sometimes if it is nice outside, I take my computer onto the screen porch to enjoy nature.

4 Do you listen to music while writing and if so what genres?
I always write in silence. I find any noise, even music, to be a distraction.

5 What is your favorite Bible verse?
John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (NIV) This verse reminds me that I have to stay connected to Him daily. When I do, life is fruitful, and when I don’t I feel empty.

6 What is your favorite book that you have read and your favorite author and why?
Oh, that’s too hard! I read so much and in such a huge range of genres that I can’t possibly narrow it down. I honestly can’t say that I have a favorite book of all time because there are so many books out there that I loved.

7 Any future works in progress?
My readers have been asking for a new Ironwood book for quite some time now, so…my next release will be Ironwood Plantation Family Saga book three. It will take place sometime during the 1880s and will feature Lydia and Ruth’s (from The Whistle Walk) daughters. It will release in the fall of 2017. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to keep up with the details if you are a fan of The Whistle Walk.


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  4. Thank you for a great review and interview!

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