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"Sailing Out Of Darkness" by Normandie Fischer Book Tour and GiveAway

sailing out of darkness
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About the Book

Book: Sailing out of Darkness
Author: Normandie Fischer
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Release Date: February 25, 2017 (2nd Edition)

Young woman walking on water
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Love conquers all? Maybe for some people.

When Samantha flies to Italy to gain distance from a disastrous affair with her childhood best friend, the last thing on her mind is romance. But Teo Anderson is nothing like her philandering ex-husband or her sailing buddy, Jack, who, despite his live-in girlfriend, caught her off guard with his flashing black eyes.
Teo has his own scars, both physical and emotional, that he represses by writing mysteries—until one strange and compelling vision comes to life in the person of Sam. Seeking answers, he offers friendship to this obviously hurting woman, a friendship that threatens to upend his fragile peace of mind.
But not even sailing the cobalt waters of the Mediterranean can assuage Sam’s guilt for destroying Jack’s relationship and hurting another woman. Soon the consequences of her behavior escalate, and the fallout threatens them all.
Sailing out of Darkness is the haunting story of mistakes and loss…and the grace that abounds through forgiveness.
Awarded: Aspen Gold, Selah, and Maggie Finalist 2014 (1st edition)

My Review: 
"Sailing Out Of Darkness" by  Normandie Fischer is one book that I liked but at the same time I didn't like, I think it is because of the themes included in the story. The themes are divorce, though it is just mentioned as three of the characters are divorced and the others themes are guilt and suicide and sex without marriage and cheating.  Ok, if you have read this review up to this point you might think I don't want to read it but I beg you don't make your choice whether to read this book based on this paragraph because "Sailing Out Of Darkness" by  Normandie Fischer is also a book about how Sam learns to forgive others but mostly how to forgive her self.

"Sailing Out Of Darkness" by  Normandie Fischer is the fourth book in the (Carolina Coast ) series and like always I have read all four and I am going to say something that I normally don't, but, it can be read as a standalone and enjoyed.  Though, it mentions a few characters from the other books, it is a complete separate book. 

I must say that towards the end of the book I was really sad because of the scene described. I think it has a valid point in the storyline but I must also warn my blog followers that are depressed and suicidal to be aware that this in the book.  

This book is also about a second chance at love.  Teo is my favorite character because he is someone who knows what he wants and goes after it.

The character that is my least favorite is Jack because he is, well, I guess I have to say it, a character that most of us knows, one that won't admit his faults and one who doesn't change even after a tragedy happens. 

I think this book has a couple of lessons we all need to heed to, which is learning to love ourselves and forgiveness is really important for us and we don't have to be perfect for God to love us. The main lesson I believe from this book is that we really need to listen to others and that we all need someone at times and we are all dealing with issues. 

I am giving "Sailing out of Darkness" by  Normandie Fischer five stars. 

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. These opinions are my own. 

About the Author
Author PhotoNormandie Fischer is a sailor who writes and a writer who sails. After studying sculpture in Italy, she returned to the States, graduated suma cum laude, and went to work in the publishing field as an editor. She and her husband retired from cruising Pacific Mexico on their 50-foot ketch, Sea Venture, to care of her aging mother and enjoy her two grown children and her grandchildren. She is the author of six books: Becalmed (2013), Heavy Weather (2015), Twilight Christmas (2016), Two from Isaac’s House (2015), From Fire into Fire (2016), and Sailing out of Darkness (2013 and 2017).

Guest Post from Normandie Fischer

In Sailing out of Darkness, the female protagonist longs for something, anything that will validate her after her husband leaves. She’s propelled into such an emotional wasteland that she becomes vulnerable to what seems a safe friendship.
It isn’t. And so she flees to Italy, but the repercussions of her actions continue to affect her and others—as consequences are wont to do.
After my divorce, hurting women seemed to flock to my vicinity. (Either that, or suddenly husbands in the church were leaving in droves.) These were abandoned women, angry women, women searching for love in the wrong places. I wasn’t in any shape to minister to them as I too was struggling at the cross, but that period helped me understand how woefully ignorant and unprepared many church goers are when it comes to hearing the cries of the hurting. I know of two women (to whom I dedicated the book) who actually killed themselves because no one listened or reached out a hand when they needed it.
The process of divorce and healing taught me about grace in a way that I’d never fully internalized. I’d ministered and counseled for years about the Love of God. I’d preached and written about it, but part of me, the part that needed healing, still held on to the idea that I had to be perfect to be loved by God and by man. I knew better, but the heart and the head weren’t working well together, especially during my years of living with an alcoholic husband and during divorce recovery after he left. As I wrote about Sam’s guilt and helped her find peace, I think new pieces slid into place for me as well. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate us from the love of God. And that’s probably the most powerful message we have to share with this hurting world.

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