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"Crazy About Alaska" by Shannon L. Brown Book Tour and Give Away

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About the Book

Book title: Crazy about Alaska
Author: Shannon L. Brown
Release date: June 30, 2017
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
Can she trust love?
Holly has her eye on a handsome state trooper. Not on her boring, oh-so-serious, former professor, Adam.
Having her toes curl when she’s near Adam must be ignored.
Holly just wants a great dad for her twin girls. She’s going to find one, write a novel to fulfill her dreams, and create a happy life.
Falling in love isn’t part of her plan.

My Review: 
"Crazy About Alaska" by Shannon L. Brown  is the third book in the (An Alaska Dream Romance ) series. This story can be enjoyed as a standalone but I am glad and I recommend that you read the series in order that they were written, just to get the full family setting because this series is about three sisters and Alaska.

"Crazy About Alaska" is a clean romance.  Holly and Adam both have secrets. Ok. I have to say I can understand and forgive Adam's secret that he doesn't want to share with Holly, I mean he hides this secret from everyone. But, I know other readers aren't gonna  to agreed with me on this fact but I really don't understand Holly wanting to keep her secret from her suitors.  I mean, her secrets are a little more known and involve others.  I hope wanting to know what these secrets are encourages you to read this book. 

The ending to this book, no not a cliff hanging, makes me wonder if more books are coming. I would so read them. I like reading continuing family sagas.

I mentioned that Holly keeping her secret was hard for me to understand but even with that I  really liked her, a single mom trying to support her twin girls and her pie distressing sessions  made me hungry.  Oh, when I read that Holly has the same birthday as me, I think she became my favorite character, I know weird but we readers like to connect with the characters we meet in books, right? And I am happy to say I like all the characters in these stories, well not two of the men in Holly's life and that made it easy to see the reason for Holly to keep her secret hidden.  

I encourage you to pick up these book/books and get to know the Harris family and Alaska.
I think you will really enjoy them. Oh, did I mention a few lol scenes and the obvious matching plots in these books and the sparks that fly in each of these books, these couples ( in each of these books don't like each other at all at first. ) 

Ok, I have to say my favorite scene is in the "Marrying Alaska" novella. I am going to add this post from my Facebook page, just to show what I mean. " These books about Alaska just keep getting better and better, I have read the first two and the free one you can download by signing up for the newsletter and I am reading "Merrying in Alaska" and in the third chapter  the main character chooses a weapon, what weapon I know you are all wondering, it is the weapon of choice for generations of women " a cast iron skillet".  Well if you are asking yourself why does she need a weapon for, get a copy and read "Merrying in Alaska" or even better read the entire series. "

Definitely five stars!

I was given a complimentary copy by the author and Celebrate Lit. 

About the Author

ShannonLBrownWriting books that are fun and touch your heart
Even though Shannon L. Brown always loved to read, she didn’t plan to be a writer. She earned two degrees from the University of Alaska, one in journalism/public communications, but didn’t become a journalist.
Years passed. Shannon felt pulled into a writing life, testing her wings with a novel and moving on to articles. Shannon is now an award-winning journalist who has sold hundreds of articles to local, national, and regional publications.
Shannon was born and raised in Alaska so she enjoyed writing the books in the Alaska Dream Romance series. “The Feather Chase” was her first published book and began the Crime-Solving Cousins Mystery series. The eight-to-twelve-year-olds in your life will enjoy this contemporary twist on a Nancy Drew-type mystery.
Shannon lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her professor husband and adorable calico cat.

Guest Post from Shannon Brown

Open Doors
When a character opens the door and steps from her world into mine, writing about her is easier. Holly Harris in Crazy About Alaska is a real estate agent, and I was once one. I’ve driven clients around and shown them houses only to have them go a different direction. My husband and I bought a new house a few years ago, so I have tales to tell from that experience too. (Readers may think the purple shower is made up. Think again.) I chose to bring a college professor into her life as a love interest. I’m married to one.
Some of myself always finds its way into a story. Sometimes, it’s just something I might like to do. Holly’s sister Jemma rehabs furniture in Falling for Alaska, book one in the series. The idea for her business came while I was watching HGTV’s Flea Market Flip. Taking trash and making it beautiful sounds like something I’d like to try. Jemma also dislikes coffee and drinks tea. (Here I am again.) But she is not exactly me. She’s cooking challenged, and I’m a good cook.
Does the story become about the author when she inserts herself into it? Reality is only a fun fraction of the book. Holly has two men vying for her affections. That never happened. (It might have been fun if it had!) She also has five-year-old twins. I never experienced that.
By far the most challenging of the sisters in the series was Bree in book two, Loving Alaska. She’s a doctor, and my knowledge of the medical profession comes from sitting on the exam table, not from doing the exam. I spoke with doctors I knew and brought her to life. But Bree isn’t all made up either. She despises being in nature, especially camping. I’ve camped on a frozen river, beside a lake after canoeing or boating in, and many more places, but I’m with Bree and hotels are greatly preferred. There I am in the story again.
Reading the books I’ve written helps you know who I am. I’m a woman with a big imagination who enjoys bringing stories to life. Oh, and that slightly sarcastic sense of humor you may notice with Jemma and Holly? That might be from me as well.

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  1. Thank you for the review. Blessings

  2. I love books set in Alaska since it's unlikely that I will ever go there. I'm looking forward to reading this!